Solid Surface Worktops In Hockley

If you want the best Worktops material, then consider solid surface worktops. It can withstand high temperatures without losing its modern style, durability, and value. The kitchen and bathroom worktops made of solid surfaces are the most standard option that boosts attention. 

Somehow, it is perfect for vertical and horizontal surfaces. But if you want to maintain the quality, then find a solid surface worktops factory showroom in Hockley

Did you know solid surface worktops have many benefits, such as?

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Personalized appearance
  • Minimal cost
  • Trusted manufacturers

What Makes Solid Surface Worktops Unique?

Many homeowners personally prefer a worktop that has a solid surface. So there is no such hassle while doing their work. However, buyers interested in something other than laminate worktops but still want a cheap worktop generally choose solid surface materials. The following are some attraction of choosing solid surface worktop:

1. Seamless splicing

    One of the best things about worktops made of solid surfaces is joine together without visible seams. Using bonding glue, the seam may be made so invisible that the Worktops seem sophisticated.

    2. Superior in both physical and visual appeal

      Meanwhile, a solid surface worktop seems natural and cozy. The smooth, attractive surface is soft to the touch and visually striking. However, you may find different colors and designs.

      3. Durable and reusable

        Because of their durability, solid surface worktops are a favorite among many homeowners. If your solid worktop is broken, then you can quickly repair it. However, this is different from the case of other materials. And this is the main reason many homeowners prefer to choose solid surface worktops.

        4. An impermeable coating

          The high resin material provides guarantees that it will be completely porous-free. Thus, solid surface worktops don’t call for periodic sealing, unlike genuine stone counters. Solid surface counters won’t absorb messes because they are impermeable. This facilitates their care and upkeep immensely. Their resistance to germs, mold, and mildew is due to their non-porous surface. Those who value ensuring their family’s health through healthy eating would appreciate this feature.

          5. No discoloration

            Solid-surface counters have the advantage of never fading in color. This is because the surface is non-porous and does not readily accept stains or spills. Solid surface Worktops don’t degrade or seem worn after repeated usage.

            6. The ability to flex under heat pressure

              Unlike stone or wood, solid-surface counters may be molded into virtually any form. Because of this, they are perfect for use as Worktops in kitchens, baths, and other high-traffic areas of the house. Solid surface counters can withstand heat, making them resistant to damage from hot pans and other kitchen objects. It is important to note that quartz is not a material that can be bent by heat.

              7. Resistant to fire

                It is not common practice to heat solid-surface counters. Only in the improbable event of a fire should the solid surface Worktopss be sanded and repolished to eliminate stains. It’s a job that any homeowner with an orbital sander and some fine grit sandpaper can handle. In addition to its non-porous quality, the solid surface is also waterproof, making it an ideal material for the Worktops of a washbasin in a bathroom.

                8. Simple to keep

                  There is no need for specific cleansers or treatments when cleaning solid-surface. To keep them looking beautiful, you must wipe them down with a moist towel.

                  Why Do People Demand For Solid Surface Worktop Rather Than Others?

                  Most individuals are always on the lookout for the ideal Worktops material. However, there is no such thing as a perfect Worktops material; each has its pros and cons. Your ultimate decision should be based on how well various options meet your everyday demands.

                  Here are the most common types of worktops:

                  Stainless steel worktop

                    While stainless steel worktops can’t be broken no matter how they’re used, their lack of look is an evident drawback. It may easily be scratched by something sharp, and repairing such damage can be a hassle. Furthermore, stainless steel Worktops steel plates are not thick so they will bend and bulge under sustained heat.

                    Fabricated worktop from natural stone.

                      As the name implies, natural stone Worktops are crafted from stones found in nature. Making them appear more prosperous and more varied in color and texture. In addition to being more rigid and resistant to everyday wear and tear, natural stone Worktops also have a longer expected lifespan.

                      Wooden worktops 

                        Sturdy hardwood Worktops will offer a cozy feel to your kitchen while showcasing the wood grain’s natural beauty. Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that it is appropriate for use in preparation and eating areas where there will not be much grease or extensive interactions with water.

                        As soon as you see that sauce or juice has been spilled on it, wipe it clean. It should not be used as a cutting board or have anything hot placed directly on it. More so, it requires routine grease sealing maintenance to prevent scratches.

                        Can You Install a Solid Surface Countertop Yourself?

                        People who wish to make their solid surface worktops free from scratch need help to track down the necessary components. This is because a legitimate business has been granted permission to sell quality components. 

                        Meanwhile, installing the worktop yourself is hard, so you must seek professional guidance. But sometimes, if you have enough guidelines or training, you can install it yourself. 


                        Solid-surface worktops are long-lasting in style and need minimal time to care. They are stain and bacteria proof because they lack pores and visible seams. They are tough, resilient to impacts, and simple to maintain. Scratches may be sanded and polished out when you have a quality worktop. Also, it is simple to keep clean. 

                        Their primary benefit is that they are nearly as long-lasting as popular alternatives like granite, marble, and quartz. So, find out the best solid surface worktops factory showroom in Hockley. If you want to buy a solid surface worktop, choose Solid Worktops.

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