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If you are suffering from incontinence, pelvic MRI, or STIs, a well-woman exam is an absolute must. Your gynecologist is the best place to go for such medical concerns. Read on to learn how to find a great doctor in your area. You’ll also learn how to solve a problem with your doctor’s advice on Pelvic MRI.


If you have a urinary incontinence problem, the first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with a Gynaecologist In Patna. A physician can help you determine the cause of your incontinence by asking you about your past medical history, whether you were pregnant or delivered, and any medications you are taking. He or she can also order a urine sample and perform a pelvic exam to detect underlying medical conditions and abnormalities.

Pelvic MRI

The MRI scan of the pelvis helps the doctor diagnose a mass that may be related to a problem with the uterus. In 1% to 2% of cases, the lump may be malignant. The image will show a solid component that extends transmural, and it may invade the surrounding structures. The image may also show changes associated with adhesions and DIE.


Having a problem with STIs? A quick way to solve your problem with a GYNAECOLOGIST is to consult a physician and find a treatment plan that fits your specific situation. There are a variety of tests available, and you will need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. A gynecologist can order these tests for you.

Getting a well-woman exam

Having a well-woman exam is important because it provides a baseline for your health and can help you stay healthy in the future. This exam will include a physical exam, lab tests, and immunizations. The goal is to catch disease early and prevent it from progressing. You should bring a list of questions with you to your appointment. Capital Women’s Care in Chicago offers services for women of all ages and stages.

Pain management

Patients seeking a gynecologist doctor for pain management should be aware that there are several options available. There are several over-the-counter medications that can be used to alleviate pain, while prescription drugs are usually reserved for serious conditions. Many gynecologists also offer paracervical blocks, which numb the cervix before a procedure. This is helpful for patients undergoing IUD insertion.

Male OB-GYNs more likely to subspecialize in gynecological cancers

The ABOG has revised the definition of ob-gyn to include male physicians. However, if ob-gyns do not comply with the new definition, they risk losing their certification. In November, ABOG changed its mind and decided to allow male physicians to specialize in gynecological cancers.

Getting an amniocentesis

If you’re planning to have a baby, getting an amniocentesis will give your doctor the chance to check your fetus and determine its health. Usually, this procedure is done during an outpatient obstetric visit. It involves inserting a thin needle into the amniotic sac. The fluid from the amniotic sac contains cells of the fetus and its genetic information. The doctor will draw a small amount of amniotic fluid from the amniotic sac and send it to a lab for analysis. It can be a short and uncomfortable procedure, but there’s rarely a need for general anesthesia.

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