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In today’s digitalized world, many music platforms have emerged where listening to music has been everyone’s daily routine. Spotify is one of the most known in the music industry and a music platform where one gets the freedom of promoting creations that could be visible to everyone through the app, making it easy for the artist to connect with the audience listening to design daily. In this article, we will know how much Spotify pays per stream for the music created by the artist.

Due to recent pandemic conditions, there have been no live shows which have paved the way for emerging of music platforms where the artist could promote their creation where he would get paid off properly for design which instills confidence in him and helps him to create more and more of product which people like to hear and play every day.

SPOTIFY is the new generation’s digital music platform that provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from different artists worldwide.

Advantages of Using Spotify:

The main advantage of using Spotify is its access to great content available for free to users who can use it just by registering it.

Spotify is available to the user in two versions of which one is the Free version another one is Premium version of it. The second version of Spotify requires payment of a monthly subscription fee. The free version has advantages for users because it helps them stream music at no cost. To enjoy its Premium services, users must avail themselves of the offer and enjoy the benefits. Also, Premium listeners bring more money per stream than free version listeners.


Spotify is such a music platform that it mainly focuses on audience-grabbing artists. If an artist can buy the hearts of millions of people through his creation, then Spotify greatly helps the growth of that artist from zero to millions. This greatly benefits the artist as for an artist, the primary motive for streaming on music platforms is to grab more and more people’s attention and aim for his growth in the audience-circulated musical marketing industry.

From being an independent artist to one signed to a major label, all are using some other music platforms to stream their musical creation. Still, the most-used platform is Spotify which helps the artist deliver his creation directly to the audience, which they can experience and enjoy.

Spotify does not pay the artist directly for their flowing streams; instead, the artist has to publish his creation through a musical distributor in Spotify. Through that distributor, the artist gets paid off for his flowing streams.

Spotify has a great feature in which the artist’s music stream has access to valued info in which the artist could see how many people have listened to the musical creation he created, and it gives an idea of improvement.


Coming straight towards the point about how much an artist does earn per stream.

It depends on many factors. Every country does not pay the same amount. In inclusion, Spotify doesn’t pay artists a percentage based on streaming rates; instead, it is based directly on the agreements made with labels or distributors.

As mentioned earlier, Spotify has two different versions: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, due to which the royalties are various. The free version is free for all users, but the premium one has no ads; it asks for a monthly fee, so royalties are divided from the net amount collected from ads and Premium subscription fees. Compared to the free version, the Premium version of Spotify offers better royalties when premium users stream music.

While listeners from the US pay $0.0039 per stream, Portuguese listeners will pay $0.0018.Royalty rates vary from country to country, which is different.

For an artist to earn more through the creation, they need more flowing streams to obtain more money through that creation.


The content rights owners are paid based on the charges, which are subject to the percentage of productions from free and premium users. So higher the percentage of streams or Premium users, the higher the royalty rate and vice-versa.

Royalties are the amounts that an artist earns from the musical streams, mainly distributed from the net revenue earned from ads and Premium subscription fees.

The artist is paid every month. When Spotify endows the artist, they tally the total number of musical streams for each artist’s songs, determining who owns each piece and who distributes it. First, the Copyright holders are paid, then the distributor or music label to which the artist contacted is born, and finally, the artist is paid. 

The music industry is the only industry that is continuing to grow at a rapid speed. Spotify is at the vanguard of creating the music world for small to prominent creators. It allows one to excel in a music career. It is a site for millions of listeners. It’s great for promotion, growth, expansion, and exposure. Spotify has been a powerful way to get the right audience and stand unique from the crowd. Everyone now knows how artists are paid, even how much. A belief must be kept working with Spotify as Spotify respects every user, especially artists. Spotify has thought better to the best of everything in the music zone. Enjoy your Spotify with all happiness, a stress-free zone, and a relaxing zone. Thus for all organic creations, Spotify is the backbone for giving them their best.

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