Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman Temple

Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman Temple is located in Tamil Nadu. The name itself tells that, this Amman protects the fetus of all pregnant women who prays to her.  The Amman cures all infertility-related problems, helps the woman to conceive, and blesses the trouble-free safe delivery.

God Sri Mullaivana nathar blesses for good health and prosperity.


Sri Mullaivananatharswamy and Garbarakshambigai Amman temple,


Papanasam Taluk,

Thanjavur District.

Pin code: 614 302.

Route to this temple:

Thirukarugavur is situated 6kms from south of Papanasam, a town between Thanjavur – Kumbakonam main road. The nearest railway station is the Kumbakonam railway station, which is connected to places like Chennai, Bengaluru, Thirupathi, and Kollam. It is 21 kms from Thirukarugavur.

History: (Thalapuranam)

The specialty of Goddess Arulmigu Garbarakshambigai

 In ancient times this place is surrounded by jasmine forest. At that time two sages named Gowthama and Gargeya lived here and the couple named  Nidhruva and Vedikai stayed in the same ashram and rendered service to the sages.  The couple had no children.  The sages advised them to worship Sri Garbarakshambigai. The couple did that with intense devotion and their prayers got answered. Vedikai got conceived.

During her later stage of pregnancy when she was alone she got suffered from the strain of pregnancy. At this moment, a sage by the name of Sri. Urdhuvapada came to her abode and asked for alms. She could not respond to the sage’s request.  Without knowing her condition, the sage got angered and cursed her. It affected her fetus got disintegrated and descended.  Vedikai got worried and prayed to the  Goddess intensely.  The Goddess appeared before her, protected the fetus, preserved it in a sacred pot until it developed into a male child, and presented it to the devoted couple. The parents named their child ‘Naidhuruvan’.

The couple was happy.  Vedikai prayed to the Goddess to remain in this place and protect women and their fetuses as she had done in her case. The Goddess accepted her prayer and remains here as ‘Garbharakshambigai’ and protects and blesses all pregnant women. Due to this fame, this place came to be known as ‘Thirukarukavur’. The couple who longed for a child came and prayed that god is blessed with children

Here we can find the pond named Ksheerakundam.  When  Vedikai prayed goddess to feed her child  Naidhuruvan, answering her prayers  Goddess sent ‘Kamadhenu’ the divine cow to this place to feed the child. Kamadhenu scratched the earth in front of the temple with her hoof and milk came out in plenty from the ground and it formed into a ‘Milk Tank’. This tank is named ‘Ksheerakundam’

From that day on the couples who visit here for the child are blessed with children. The goddesses bless the pregnant woman to have a healthy safe delivery. 

 God Sri Mullaivananathar:

Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Sri Mullaivananathar’ and blesses for good health and prosperity. The Linga is SWAYUMU, it means Self Manifested. When the  Linga was found in the Jasmine forest (mullai vanam),  it was made up of ant hill mud and overlapped with jasmine creepers.  After that, the Linga is named Mullaivana nathar. Even today everyone can see the impression of jasmine creepers.  To protect the Linga, the liquid abhisheham is not performed.  Instead, the  Linga is merely pasted with  ‘Punuhu’ during valarpirai Pradosham. People who are suffered from incurable skin diseases come to this place to offer ‘Punugu Chattam’ to the Lord and get themselves cured of the diseases. 

Festivals celebrated:

1) Pradoshams

2) Vaikasi Brahmotsavams

3) Aadi Pooram

4) Navarathiri Kolu

5) Navarathiri Theppam (Float festival)

6) Thirukkarthigai

7) Karthigai Somavaram

8) Margazhi utsavam (Thanur month)

9) Aarudhra Dharisanam

10) Mahashivarathiri

11) Panguni Uthiram.

Dharshan timings: 

Morning: 5.30 am to 12.30 pm

Evening: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Pooja offered:

Blessed Ghee for pregnancy

The couples need to get ghee from the counter, light 11 ghee lamps, and do step smearing (padi mezhuguthal) in sacred Ambal sannadhi and pray for their child. After returning home the couples should buy half a kg of ghee and mix it with the sacred ghee offered from this temple. The couple has to take a teaspoonful of ghee before going to bed for the next 48 days. Women should avoid this during their periods meanwhile the men can continue. Couples can also recite the mantras from the book given by the temple. This is a belief that is witnessed by the experienced by many.

The persons who are not able to visit the temple directly also can get the ghee prasadham through the post or courier. And have to follow the same procedure.

Castor oil prasadham for easy delivery

A pregnant woman in the third trimester has to obtain blessed oil from this temple. The woman doesn’t need to come in person while her husband or any family member can come and obtain the blessed oil. The oil must be applied to the lower abdomen of the woman during pain. We advise the woman to recite the mantras meant for safe and trouble-free delivery 

Punugu sattam

As  Sri Mullaivananathar Swamy is swayambu so there is no abhisheham is performed. Every Valarpirai Pradosham (the eleventh day after the new moon)  Punugu sattam will be performed. This Punugu prasadham is distributed to the devotees who suffer due to incurable skin diseases, cardiac diseases, and surgery. Devotees can get this prasadham through the post and courier.

Abishegam (Sri Garbaraksambigai Amman)

Abishegams are performed in Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman every Monday to Saturday: 8.00 am Abishegams are not performed during the evening, Sundays, and on Festival days. Pre-bookings are made for abishegams. Devotees are expected to be present 1/2 hour before abishegam. Delay causes discomfort to other devotees.


“Annadhana is the best form of dhana”.  This temple is located in a remote village, where quality mid-day meal is unavailable to the devotees who arrive after a long journey. Therefore the temple administration provides free mid-day meals to 100 persons daily.  The benefitted devotees offer a donation for the annadhanam as it gives prosperity and happiness. 

Kattalai Archanai

Kattalai archanai is one type of archanai which is being done on a particular date or star, which the devotee prefers. It is done for a particular period (minimum 1 year) or a lifetime. You have to spend a stipulated amount for the period you wish to do archanai. Prasadams will be sent to you on monthly basis. Pregnant women opt for kattalai archanai up to their pregnancy period.  

Navakodi Ghee lamp

 People who pray for pregnancy, are said to light up eleven lamps (one for Sri. Vinayagar, one for the Lord Mullaivananathar, and nine for Almighty Sri. Garbarakshambigai) and who pray for safe delivery are advised to light 5 lamps (one for Sri. Vinayagar, one for the Lord Mullaivananathar and three for Almighty Sri. Garbarakshambigai).

Sandana Kaapu:

Sandalwood paste plays an integral part in rituals and ceremonies in the Hindu religion. It gives a cooling effect to the mind and soul. Therefore devotees offer Sandalwood paste smearing (Sandana Kaapu) to Goddess Garbarakshambigai to bless their wish. The Sandana Kaapu pooja is offered on Friday evenings. The cost is Rs.5000 for both Indian and overseas devotees and you are requested to contact the temple office for the date of booking.

Thanga Thottil:

This is performed by the couples who are blessed with a child and safe delivery. The child is placed inside the golden cradle and circumventing the Amman praharam to thank the goddess, couples are allowed to take the videos and pictures of this event to witness the glory of Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman. It costs 550 rupees and pre-booking is available for this.


It is a kind of thanksgiving offered by the devotees.  Placing the child on one plate of the weighing scale and balancing the other with goods is called Thulabharam. We accept all kinds of materials like Ghee, oil, food grains, fruits, currency coins, gold, silver, etc in Thulabaram.

Earboring and Tonsure prayers:

Ear boring, Tonsuring head of children are also doing here. Devotees are advised to contact the temple office to ensure the availability and arrangements.

Contact Details: 

Website: –

Phone: – +91 8431673680

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