Swing Trading Crypto

(Description: Swing trading crypto is to stay in positions for short to medium term. They trade cryptos and make efficient investments to make good profits.)

Swing trading is a common trading strategy. Many times traders use it to have profitable trading. It is an ideal strategy for beginners and helps them make successful trades. 

Many of us have come across the term in financial trading. But we hardly have good insight on it. To learn what actually is swing trading crypto and how traders can make the best use of it, we have a short discussion. 

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So, let’s dig in and understand swing trading cryptos. 

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is a trading strategy. The strategy allows traders to capture the price movements taking place in short to medium time frames. The main idea behind a swing trading strategy is to analyse the market swings that form over a few days to weeks time. 

The strategy works best in trending markets. Traders with strong market trends can use the strategy to find the market opportunities and make the best of it. Also, the strategy helps in taking advantage of larger price swings of the market. 

Swing trading can be used with any financial asset such as stocks, cryptos, currencies and commodities. 

There are two types of swings: 

  • Swing highs: It is when the market peaks before pulling back. Traders get a short opportunity to earn. 
  • Swing lows: It is when the market dips and bounces. Traders get a long opportunity to make profitable trades. 

Swing Trading Cryptos

Swing trading in the crypto market tries to capture value differences in the medium size period and generate profit. In trading cryptos traders buy or sell the coins and store them. 

They analyse the market trends, check the swings formed with the strategy and accordingly take their decision. Predictions of the market change are highly significant for a trader and therefore swing trading strategy is necessary to find the swings and make decisions. 

However, with crypto trading there are a few issues traders face. The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market makes it difficult to analyse the swings formed. Many factors affect the price of the coin, thus the value of crypto coins changes drastically. 

Traders can consider the following points before trading crypto coins: 

  • Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and one cannot focus on a single factor to gain profits. Traders require comprehensive understanding of the market to make best use of the swing trading strategy. It is necessary as after that traders are able to understand the interaction of the investments in the market. 
  • High market risk is another factor of swing trading crypto. When a trader plans to swing trade crypto they have to be ready to lose the amount they have invested. Therefore, traders should not invest more than they can afford.

How to make money from Swing Trading Crypto?

Swing traders can have different approaches in capturing the price movement of the crypto coins. Some have a time frame of a few days while others can go for weeks. In this process, they use technical and fundamental analysis to create their trading strategies. 

Technical Analysis 

In technical analysis traders use historical data of the assets, here cryptocurrencies. In the data traders analyse the price of the coins, and the trading volume. With the previous market trends and patterns traders are able to predict the future market changes and make their predictions. 

Fundamental Analysis 

Fundamental analysis is fair market study of the assets. Traders examine the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the market. They can consider the market capitalisation, economic indicators and other fundamental tools. 

It has a complete analysis of the political, social and economic factors of the market. Thus, traders have news and updates of the cryptocurrency market and make their decisions. 

Traders use them to predict whether the asset is overvalued or undervalued for a given period. 

Besides, traders can use various swing trading strategies to plan and execute successful trades. Swing trading has the following strategies: 

  • Catch the wave
  • Buy the pullback 
  • Follow the crowd


Swing trading cryptos is a good idea to trade online. Users can find the best market opportunities and have various tools to predict the market changes. The strategy guides crypto traders to trade in the short term and have multiple profits. 

The crypto market swings can be analysed using technical and fundamental analysis tools. Traders can use them to have market knowledge and make correct trading decisions.

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