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We at Tax Tiger understand that each tax issue that comes through our business is as distinct as the person facing it. The resolution process may differ based on the specific situation. With this understanding, it is that we provide assistance that is precise, effective, and designed to help you save thousands. Since the beginning of Tax Tiger in 2002, the founder and chief executive Kathy Hill has kept her promises to herself, her team, and her customers by giving individual care and ethical advice to every client. With this to remember, Tax Tiger continues to fight back against the IRS and build lasting relationships with its clients. We will be discussing more about tax relief attorneys in this blog post

Navigating through the maze of tax relief isn’t an easy endeavor. In Particular, you must understand the function and importance of an attorney for tax relief. Tax relief attorneys specialize in IRS tax dues and work closely together with the IRS to ensure you get the best possible resolution. The information the tax relief lawyer can draw upon is vast and important in ensuring you get the most effective outcome for your tax matter. Apart from the obvious reasons to hire an attorney for tax relief, they might also require some form of protection from the IRS. IRS tax lawyers can ensure you are not intimidated, savage, or in the dark by the IRS Tax Tiger. Tax Tiger will aggressively represent you.

Tax Tiger has a staff of knowledgeable, expert, educated, and skilled IRS tax lawyers who will analyze a case keeping your specific circumstances in mind. In addition, tax lawyers know the specifics of tax dues relief and how to avoid the most common tax mistakes and pitfalls. There are more than 70 000 pages of tax code within the United States alone. That means it’s difficult to understand the individual’s situation without someone on the team who has spent an entire career learning about these laws. Tax Tiger offers only the most skilled, current, and knowledgeable tax relief attorneys. He will collaborate closely with you and an experienced team to ensure clients receive the most favorable outcome. A personal approach, ethical business practices, and expert advice from the most effective IRS tax attorneys are keys to making Tax Tiger a thriving, efficient, and successful business.

Tax Tiger services the entire United States from office locations in Austin, Texas; Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota; The San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego (Carlsbad), and Sacramento, California. For more information on how Tax Tiger can help, contact us by using our contact form and filling out our easy online form.

The most experienced tax lawyers know that the IRS can take an account in your banking institution, collect your salary, and then sell your possessions. The tax attorneys of The Strom Law Firm will intervene on your behalf and place your tax problems and IRS debts in limbo while we analyze your situation to determine the best solution to your tax issues.

Tax Relief Lawyers We represent individuals as well as small companies who:

They haven’t filed their tax returns.

Are you facing an IRS tax audit by the IRS?

They are facing the possibility of being seized of their assets by the IRS

They are currently being investigated as criminals

Are innocent spouses of someone who has been in legal trouble. IRS

Have received an IRS levy notice

We will address your tax issues and help to:

Stop the garnishment of your wages

stop a bank levy or the foreclosure proceeding

Remove any tax lien

We can eliminate interest and penalty charges. If criminal charges are filed, We can help.

Criminal tax fraud defense

Based on the circumstances of your particular situation, there could be several options to get debt relief. We’ll work to pay off your tax debts with the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue at a fraction of what you have to pay.

Structuring Repayment in conjunction with the IRS

Non-collectible Status: If you do not have the additional earnings to cover tax debts and you need your entire salary to pay all your living expenses, you could be qualified to see your loan as non-collectible.

If you are eligible for non-collectible status If you are eligible, the IRS will stop your payments for a time, allowing you to recover and support your family.

Installment agreements: If you want to conclude the installment arrangement, it is necessary to be able to provide your IRS with financial reports and other financial documents that prove your financial situation and capacity or the inability to pay. The amount of the tax repayment and the time the payments are made will be contingent on the amount you owe to the IRS.

IRS Debt Reduction Aid

Since we are discussing tax relief attorneys. The IRS isn’t want to let you know that as a taxpayer, you might be able to pay your tax bill in a lesser amount than what you are owed.

We can assist you in determining whether you’re qualified to:

An offer that is a compromise

An IRS penalty reduction

Penal abatement

a tax lien or tax levy release

DO NOT talk with SC Department of Revenue Investigators.

Many of our clients say they have spoken to investigators because they believe they don’t have anything to conceal. If confronted by an investigator, you should contact an attorney for the criminal defense to discuss how to move forward. Don’t believe you are allowed to discuss the matter with the investigator. While your intentions might be right, your actions could be twisted and result in being arrested and additional charges.

Tax Relief Options

The search for options to reduce tax burdens can create anxiety in your daily life. The longer you put off taking action to tackle your tax issues, the more severe they will become. Tax debt could make you liable to levies, garnishments, and lien while the debt is compounded by accruing interest and penalties.

Our expert tax lawyers can assist clients with their IRS tax-related issues in the Strom Law Firm. You might be able to be eligible under the IRS Tax Relief program.

Our tax lawyers can offer the following options to help you resolve tax-related issues:

Offer in Compromise

The IRS will not wish to inform you that as a taxpayer, you might be able to pay off your tax debt in a lesser amount than what is due. A compromise offer is a contract that you sign with IRS. It is a way to settle taxpayers’ legal obligation to pay what they owe to the IRS. Tax lawyers from The Strom Law Firm can help determine if you are qualified for the offer to compromise. We’ll do our best to make an offer of compromise that is just a tiny fraction of what you are owed. We will discuss more about tax relief attorneys in this article

The IRS allows these types of offers in compromise:

Doubt regarding responsibility – When the person who owes the tax can demonstrate that there’s doubt regarding the amount of tax that the IRS claims you owe.

Doubt regarding collectability If the debtor can prove that it is unlikely that the tax due ever is fully paid.

Effective Tax Administration, The debtor is not arguing that they are owed the number of claims they cannot pay. Rather the bargaining is built on the argument of public policy that it will cause economic hardship or be unfair. This kind of exemption is generally utilized when a person has a disability, a long time illness, or when Repayment of the debt through possession of the property is a way to make it impossible for the taxpayer to afford the essential living expenses.

Penalty Abatement

If you have a debt to the IRS, you may be compelled to pay penalties and interest on the debt. Penalties can be overwhelming and turn a manageable debt into a tense and uncontrollable one. Penalty Abatement is a policy developed by the IRS that permits taxpayers to get their tax penalty reduced or eliminated. To be eligible, you need to have a valid reason and demonstrate that you failed to complete an income tax return or settle the tax you owed. If you’re innocently married, took advice from an expert in taxation, were suffering from health issues, or have an adequate justification, you could be eligible for a penalty reduction.

Wage Garnishment Bank Levy and Lien Releases

The IRS is a formidable source of power and may seize your assets, including your salary and any money you hold in your account. If you cannot cover your daily costs, such as your rent or mortgage or the cost of your car, we can help obtain the tax levy or tax lien lifted.

Unfiled Returns

If you’ve earned a profit that you have earned, you need to complete your income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service. Many people don’t submit income tax returns due to different reasons. Our tax attorneys can assist you in the case of tax returns not filed.

The IRS keeps all forms W2s 1099s, Form W2s, and 1098s that are filed for the benefit of the individual taxpayer for six years. Our company can assist in the preparation of any tax returns not yet filed through the collection of details from your tax archives from prior years and also by reviewing the bank’s records and any other documents related to finances. Taxpayers must submit tax returns to keep interested from accruing.

IRS Audit Representation

Our tax lawyers can represent you in an IRS audit. The IRS could audit you any year and decide that you owe more than what you paid for. If the IRS examines you and discovers issues, it will likely review you again in the next two years.

IRS audits can be complicated and time-consuming. Our tax attorneys can assist you in reviewing the entirety of your paperwork and representing you before the IRS to ensure you are treated with respect. We will try our best to get a favorable outcome for you. If the IRS finds that you owe more, we will be able to represent you in this process to seek a possible resolution of the tax debt.

Payroll Tax

If you run (or have operated) an enterprise with workers, you are likely liable for tax on payroll (Form 941, also called Employer Withholding Tax) to the government. It is essential to be able to pay the taxes as well as try to settle any dues as quickly as you can. In the event of not paying these taxes, it could result in you having to pay penalties and interest. If taxes continue to be unpaid, the IRS may seize your business’s properties and demand it be shut down. Even if the business has been closed but not closed, the IRS will still pursue you personally to pay the tax. This can result in financial difficulties both for yourself and the company.

The IRS is adamantly pursuing enforcement of the law on payroll taxes. Suppose you’ve been unable to pay the tax Contact our tax attorneys immediately. Tax lawyers will assist you in getting back on track and help you resolve tax problems immediately.

The status of the non-collectible is changed

If you don’t have the additional income needed to pay off tax debts and require your full paycheck to pay for all your essential living costs, you might be qualified to get your debt classified to non-collectible status.

If you are eligible for non-collectible status, In this case, the IRS will suspend your payment for a certain period to allow you to recover and help your family.

Installment Agreements

An installment agreement allows you, the taxpayer, to negotiate an arrangement with IRS to make a series of smaller, less manageable payments toward your tax obligations.

The amount you pay and the length of time you will pay will depend on the amount you owe to the IRS. To negotiate the installment arrangement, you have to submit an IRS with financial reports and other financial documents that prove your financial situation and capacity, and inability.

Do not wait until the interest and penalties that you have to pay the IRS keep rising. Get in touch with the IRS tax resolution lawyer through Strom Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation. Strom Law Firm, LLC now for a no-cost consultation on ways we can assist you in getting your IRS debt to the side.

Be aware that filing the income tax returns through IRS IRS does not mean the same that filing one at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. South Carolina Department of Revenue. There are two distinct procedures and require a separate procedure.

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