Test Case Management

The development of any software or hardware is incomplete without going through the testing process. Testing ensures that the end product is working accordingly and is free of all bugs and errors. Various test cases are written and performed using the right test case management tool to ensure the credibility of the end product.


Test case management is the process of defining the testing scopes and managing test cases to safeguard a high-quality product. It is extremely important to ensure all the tests are done within the deadline without major errors.

The following are various types of test cases written to check multiple elements of the product:

1. Functionality Test Cases

    This test case type checks the functionality of the product; whether the product is working as expected by the users. It is done using the black box testing method, where tests are performed without accessing the product’s internal structure. Functionality tests written by the QA team determine the failure or success of the product.

    2. Performance Test Cases

      As the name suggests, this test case type analyses the performance of the product. It is conducted following a strict set of rules and criteria to determine the performance of the product in the real world. They are mostly written by the testing teams and are automated since one product requires hundreds of performance testing.

      3. Unit Test Cases

        Unit test cases are conducted to check individual units or components of the product. It is done to determine if these units are working as expected by the customers. Since a unit is the smallest testable component in a product, it takes several inputs to produce a single output. This process helps with detecting bugs at an early level of product development.

        4. User Interface Test Cases

          User Interface (UI) Testing helps reveal errors in the way the product interacts with the user, like broken links, grammar and spelling errors etc. This test case checks if the product is working well across different platforms. It is also known as Graphic User Interface (GUI) Testing because it is helpful to validate whether particular elements of the GUI of the product are performing as commanded. 

          5. Security Test Cases

            As the name suggests, security test cases are written by the security team to determine if the product is restricting actions needed to be restrained and is limiting the permission on important data. This is an important type of testing whose primary purpose is to check the authentication and encryption of the product data, such as penetration testing.

            6. Integration Test Cases

              As the name suggests, integration test cases are conducted to determine how different modules of the product interact with each other. It checks if the interfaces between different modules are working well together. Though integration tests are both the developers’ and testers’ responsibility, they are mostly written and conducted by testers.

              7. Database Test Cases

                It is a type of product testing which is conducted to check the database tables, schema and triggers, etc. A product tester writes database test cases using SQL queries and determines what is happening internally in the product. Its main aim is to aid the testers in understanding where the data is going inside the product.

                  Usability testing works on the principle of the real-time world. It is conducted to understand how users are approaching the product. Before user acceptance testing, these test cases are written and conducted by testing teams. Usability test cases provide the testers with high-level scenarios or tasks to accomplish, instead of providing step-to-step details. 

                  8. User Acceptance Test Cases

                    User acceptance testing is conducted by the users and for users to determine the performance of the product right before the launch. They cover all the elements of the product in general, unlike other test case types and are used by the client to determine the smooth functioning of the product.

                    These are different types of test cases that are conducted by testing teams to maintain the reliability and dependability of the product.

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