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A logo is a symbol or identification tool used to promote the recognition of a business or product. It can either be an abstract design or might include text.

Using a logo for a barbershop is very important to building trust in clients and recognition.

All men visit barbershops. They are always afraid to commit a mistake. They are afraid to get a bad haircut. The logo helps to dispel doubts of the potential client. It shows that your barbershop is a wise choice. The logo is usually placed on flyers, on social media, or just outside the entrance to your establishment.

Typically, a barbershop logo includes images or pictures of scissors, combs, or rubber bands. Sometimes they place photos of happy people with beautiful and nice hairstyles. Do not forget about the name of the hair salon for recognition. It should be written in an elegant font that is easy to read and remember.

Why is the need for a Barbershop Logo?

The logo is the first interaction a barbershop has with its potential clients. Whether they see it on the window of the shop, on a business card, or the internet, it must intrigue them. A logo should impress the masses so that potential clients become paying customers. A logo also plays an important role in encouraging regular customers to be loyal to the barbershop.

There are many reasons why a logo for a barbershop is important.

  • First, it creates a good first impression to attract new customers.
  • Second, it creates a brand identity and encourages brand loyalty.
  • Third, clients remember the business better if the barbershop has a good logo.
  • Fourth, it distinguishes one barbershop from the barbershops in the area.

The Significant Fundamentals of a Logo Design of a Barbershop


A logo is an essential part of branding. Branding includes a consistent style, color scheme, and font for all things related to a business. Whether using printed business cards, a website, social media, or something else, the branding style selected should be the same.

The branding gives a potential customer an impression of what the barbershop stands for. It also provides consistency, so customers can recognize the shop at a glance. The logo is the first part of the brand that customers observe.

To design a barber logo that is in conformity with your brand. You need to decide what branding style you want for your business. Then, you can proceed to design a logo to fit the style of branding.

Appeal to the potential customers

The most appealing logos are not the ones that are the flashiest. They are the ones that resonate with your potential audience. A barbershop is where men go to get their haircut and their beards shaved. The logo design should appeal to that section.


A logo can have icons, drawings, or even text. The icon should represent the services that the barbershop provides and also reflect its environment. For example, barbershops in urban areas will have a different logo design than those in suburban areas.

Most used barbershop icons include:

A man with a beard

A skull with a beard

A razor



The barber pole

A mustache

A popular barber logo is a vintage custom logo with bold letters and curves.

An important thing to keep in mind when designing a logo is that the icon must be versatile. It appears on the internet, in profile pictures, and printed form. The icon you choose should be easily resized. It should look clear no matter where it appears.


If you want to include text in your logo then choosing the right font is important. A barbershop is a place that provides service to men and boys and the font should reflect that. A good rule of thumb is to use a font style that people can read at a glance.

Some good fonts to use for the logo include:

  • Calibri
  • Helvetica
  • Clarendon
  • Candida

Sans-serif fonts are more modern in style and would fit well with a barber who offers high-fashion hairstyles. A more vintage font presents a more classic look and thus is better suited to a traditional barber.


The color scheme of a logo is a very important aspect. The color of a logo does more than just provide an aesthetic appeal. Colors create an impact on the emotions of humans.

Here are the effects different colors create on people:

Yellow and orange – playful and energetic.

Purple – royalty

Red – evokes excitement and energy

Black – formal and elegant

Gold – luxury and pampering

Common colors that are used in barbershop logos are black, white, red, and blue. Some barbers use a black and white design to denote elegance. Black and white are also good colors that are displayed on a window. Other barbers use colors like white, blue, and red to use in their designs associated with barbershops.

Some aspects to keep in mind while choosing a barbershop logo color scheme are:

  • Make sure the color scheme of the logo of the barbershop reflects its personality and represents your brand.
  • Remember that your potential customers are men so choose a color scheme that appeals to that target audience.
  • Decide how you want your customers to feel when they look at your logo. Research and choose the colors that have psychological effects on people.
  • Restrict the color scheme to two or three colors.
  • Never allow the colors to overpower the logo. They should complement the logo and be relevant to the design.

Keep it simple

The most important thing about a logo is to make it memorable and recognizable. A complex logo becomes hard on the eyes and hard to remember. Customers should be able to recognize your logo as a trusted brand in the hair-cutting industry. Simple barber logos accomplish that purpose.

The best logo design in the world is simple and uncomplicated. For example, the Apple logo and the McDonald’s logo are very austere. These logos are very simple, straightforward, and easy to remember. A simple logo design makes your barber shop logo versatile, and timeless.

Create a distinctive logo design

The goal of a logo is to stand out from the competition and create its own identity. When creating a design for your logo, ensure that it is unique and distinguishes you from other barbershops.

Few examples of designs – Barbershop Logo

Krasimir barber

Barber Shop Logo

Borough Barber

Barber Buds

Hell’s Barber Logo

OBOB Barbershop

Woodman (barber shop)



Vienna Barber Shop

Hillside Barber Shop

Rocketman Logo


Barbershop “Borodach”


TB Barbershop

The Sharp Razor

Razor King Logo


Abalvi Barber Shop

Old Train

The Flying Barber Shop

Lighthouse/barber shop

Final Words

A haircut is all about style. It helps people look their best and feel confident. A barber’s logo should have the ability to reflect that. A good barbershop logo creates trust in customers and establishes a barbershop as a trusted business.

The logo should complement and highlight the brand of the barbershop. So while choosing icons and colors for the logo, you should make sure that they relate to the overall aim of the brand. Use icons that appeal to the target audience and resonate with them. Make the selected text in your barber logo readable.

Above all, make sure to keep the logo simple, memorable, and distinct from the competition. By following the barbershop logo design fundamentals, you can create an attractive logo that pulls customers and encourages brand loyalty.

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