effective way to draw a duck step by step

You can create a duck using a similar bird sign system. To do this, you need to tauten a teardrop-shaped body and a long neck with a square face on the neck. Create a three-sided mouth, two expressive eyes, and spider web-shaped feet. 

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Then draw the wings of the bird. This bird looks exceptionally funny, considering it has unusual body tones.

Instructions for drawing the duck

Step 1

Carefully draw two small ovals for the duckling’s eyes. Draw carefully from the start so that if you make a mistake, you can get rid of it. Where you get the suitable shapes, darken the lines. Draw two small circles in each eye to create a glare. Hide the insides of the duck’s eyes, but don’t cover up the small circles of glare.

Step 2

Define an upward boundary for the front of the duck’s head to the left of the eyes. Slightly fold the top edge of the line to one side.

Step 3

Below this line, define another folded edge for the cheek. Fold the line to one side to form the base of the duckling’s head.

Step 4

High above the duck’s eyes, draw a pair of three-sided tips for the feathers on the head.

Step 5

On one side of the eyes, draw a long, curved line to the bottom of the duckling’s head. This line should practically meet the left line at the base. This line should be away from the eyes to show that the head is turned slightly.

Step 6

Draw a shape under the eyes that is like an unpredictable oval for the nose. Gently pull the duck’s beak to get the right shape. Once you get the correct account status, darken the lines. The left half of the snout should be a narrower and longer piece than the right side. The lower part of the beak should be evenly curved, while the upper part should have a slight flare.

Step 7

On the lower right half of the head, draw a comprehensive, curved line for the duckling’s sunken wing. Make the left side a sharp piece for the collapsed wing tip.

Step 8

Under the head on the left, draw a curved vertical line for the front of the duck’s body.

Step 9

Draw another folded vertical line on the right side, sharpening the tip of the duckling’s tail.

Step 10

Draw a series of short, folded, and leveled lines on the base for the water surface.

Step 11

Use a pen or marker to cross the lines to make your duck drawing durable. After inking, discard any pencil marks with an eraser.

Last Step

Edit your duck drawing with crayons, markers, or crayons! Use yellow for the body. Use orange for the duck’s nose and blue for the water. Remember to stop the video after each move to draw at your speed.

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