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I know it is an old and boring question to ask but still are you an android lover or an apple enthusiast. I preferably like the android as I think it is simple and easy to use. 

Though iPhone users will say that it is indeed more easy to use apple gadgets but still all about preferences and habits. I am comfortable with android most of the people in my circle also prefer android. 

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But it does not apply to my kids. Of course, just like the tech generation of today, they have to do anything that makes them feel like they are different from their parents. 

Yes, it’s true. Another truth is we might have tried the same at our age but thankfully there is no record except in the mind of our parents and their random bitter conversations. Otherwise, we are good. But not with this generation. They are obsessed. 

Smart Phone & Social Media Apps

Now in the start when smartphones were new and social media app usage was not that much cooler, it was relatively easy to handle the smartphone’s problems. 

With time things started getting complicated. Humans started depending so much on the android or smart technology that and social issues rate got high. 

The right way to use smart technology is to take the middle way out that avoids extreme dependence and obsession. Of course, teens can’t control themselves so we take the help of technology to keep a leash on their usage and the dependence on smartphones. 

Spy app for android is the latest addition in our lives that has made parenting a little easier for me.  Here is a simple guide for worrying parents out there who are feeling helpless in front of tech kids. 

For Screen Obsessed Kids:

Now when it comes to today’s kids one thing is pretty common all around the world. They love all sorts of screens. They are practically growing up with them so it is pretty natural for this affiliation. But apart from that, there is no denial of the fact that too much dependence is not healthy for them. 

  • If just checking the statistics of US teenagers, roughly 9 hours of the day are spent on the screens.  

The spy app for android offers excellent features for facing screen obsession among kids. The screen recording feature let the user know about the real-time activities of the teen screen. The  screen reports also tell a lot about the period spent on the screen

For Kids Who Like To Wander:

The location tracker feature reports the real-time location of the target with accuracy. You can even mark safe and restricted zone on Google Maps as well. 

For Curious Kids:

The camera bug feature gives remote control of the front and rear camera of the teen android or iPhone gadget to the parents. That means you can remotely check their surroundings and activities whenever you want.

For Kids Who like To Explore:

Internet is the best thing to explore but what if the exploration crosses the limits. No need to worry about that as the OgyMogy spy app for android let the user know about all the browsing history in detail. 

You can check what kind of web content is frequently visited by your kid and if it contains any triggering stuff or sexual content like porn etc. With the spy app, parents can even block any content from the target browser by using the web filtering feature. 

For Game Addicts:

All sorts of games and apps are available on the app store and there is no proper monitoring, particularly for teenagers. Specially for the mulitpalyer games in which multiple players play at same time, also can have text & voice chat. 

Any one who has access to the smart gadget can install the app.  OgyMogy spy app for android is best in the sense that it allows the parents to check the list of the app installed on the kid’s phone.   

For Shy Kids/Loners:

If your kid does not share much with you then maybe it’s time to use the mic bug feature. It let you listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices. Maybe you will find something that is not appropriate to your kid at his age.

For Social Media Lovers:

The list of social media monitoring features can help the parents to monitor every newsfeed activity and post of the social media activities of the kids. 

So, the OgyMogy parental control software is the best spy app if you want to counsel your daughter who is in a wrong relationship or want to keep an eye on your kids online activites.

Try now the OgyMogy spy app for android, parental control feature and enjoy digital parenting. 

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