TikTok Influencer Marketing: A Guide To Help You Get Started

What are the ways that brands can advertise on TikTok?

TikTok provides businesses with a range of ways to connect with new viewers. If you’d like to create TikTok videos element the marketing strategies and interact with the 689 million people who use TikTok, There are a variety of options you can choose from:

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  • To view advertisements: Top view ads show on the top of the feed for users when they first sign in to the application. These are full-screen video ads with audio that may be up to 60 seconds long and can autoplay without clicking first.
  • In-feed advertisements: In-feed ads are videos shown within the feed of a user while they browse through the “For You Page.” These ads are typically cheaper than ads with top views, which are automatically displayed in the middle of the feed, but they’re more accessible for users to skim past.
  • Advertisements with branded hashtag advertisements: Branded hashtag ads entail creating “hashtag challenges” for your brand. Influencers or users make videos that showcase the brand’s products in a specific format; they post the videos with a particular hashtag you design. Users can then search for the hashtag or click it to search for other videos posted within those same hashtag challenges.
  • Advertisements with Branded Effects: Branded effect ads allow companies to design their filters for TikTok. Users can then apply the filter on their videos and promote your brand.
  • Ads for brand takeover: Brand takeover ads occupy the most prominent ad spot on the platform. They are instantly displayed to users once they log into the application. Brand takeover ads cover the user’s screen for a short period before switching to the in-feed videos. This guarantees that TikTok users will be able to see at least an initial couple of seconds in your commercial before bypassing the ad. You can also buy TikTok views with YTpals.

Sample Style Guide for Brands to Give TikTok Influencers

  • Make your unique videos. Video clips that are meme-style or lifestyle showcase (insert the product) in any funny and unique way you can imagine!
  • Present your style through TikTok’s latest trends and effects. Have you seen a trend that has been popular recently? Find a way of incorporating (insert your company’s name) to the.
  • Create (insert items) into the world lively, fun, and quirky.
  • Make sure you choose high-end, appealing designs that will entice viewers to stay on the show throughout.
  • If the packaging for the product is included in the footage, its logo must be readily evident.
  • When (insert product) is mentioned on the screen or appears in the film in the video, it should be obvious.
  • Don’t include any distinct third-party logos or trademarks or music, art, or architecture unless you have permission. Suppose people with identifiable names are featured in the content you develop to promote this event. In that case, you represent the person you are using their consent to display them and that they are aware of how the content can be utilized to benefit your brand.

Collaboration with Influencers on TikTok

One of the best methods to use TikTok to enhance your company’s marketing plan is to partner with TikTok influencers. TikTok influencers can be described as TikTok creators who help promote companies or brands to their followers. Having an influencer with a vast and active number of followers is a fantastic option to boost conversion rates and boost your brand’s visibility. But, with that being said, it is crucial to collaborate with influencers who can market products in a manner that can bring about significant engagement.

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