Top 10 Leading Icons in 2022 NFT Marketplaces Development

The changes in the digital world are exotic and humbling. The riots that NFTs create in the world of blockchain are remarkable. As far as the digital world is concerned, 2022 was a blockbuster year, supported by NFTs and NFT Marketplaces. This NFT craziness is increasing day by day. Its growth is shocking as much as people are showing interest.

NFT Marketplaces are another heuristic technology emerging with the growth of NFTs. As important as it is to create an NFT, we should focus on the marketplaces that will implement it. Many of the NFT Marketplace Development companies are at the forefront today but the question is which one is better. Here is a detailed review of the best NFT marketplace development companies in 2022.

The Era of NFT Marketplace

NFTs have gained popularity and progressed in recent years. These crazy art and videos have managed to reach great heights. Their growth is not limited to these past times but conquers the future as well.

This flourishing technology has spread vastly in the digital world, almost in anything and everything. NFT marketplace development services play a great role in the growth of the tech industry. The process of the NFT market has brought many NFT development companies to the floor as they have special skills to work differently from one another. Many celebrities have gained huge traction and adventure with their NFTs.

Investing in the NFT marketplace is a wise thing to do. Its future is secure and promising. So thinking of building your own NFT marketplace? So where to start is a big question. Here we list the top 10 NFT marketplace development companies that have demonstrated their willingness to do the best NFT marketplaces in recent years.

How to select the best NFT marketplace development company for your project?

Choosing the right partner is a very risky task and when it comes to the digital industry there are more competitors on the line. Developing an NFT marketplace is an admirable idea as the feature is clear and promising on its way, but choosing the right development service company is a question mark. Here we list some points that will help you to choose the best one.

  • Agreeable and obedient company approach
  • Those who finish the work at reasonable rates
  • Experienced and expert in different domains
  • The marketing value of the company
  • Gross revenue and success rate of the company
  • Others’ feedback and opinions about the company
  • Annual business development and revenue

The prominent NFT marketplace development companies:

1. BlockchainX Tech

BlockchainX Tech is one of the best NFT development companies that excel in helping customers worldwide by providing the best solutions for their business. BlockchainX is an initiative to help blockchain and crypto startups create groundbreaking software solutions. The company aims to provide excellent services that ensure they meet all business needs.

They have been in the field for more than five years and have an excellent supporting team with them, and by providing a satisfying experience to their customers to achieve their goals. Projects like Ekta, Eatzila, NFT Marketplace, DEX, DeFi Launchpad,  and Portfolio are all some of their outstanding notables.

2. Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is one of the leading NFT companies looking to serve clients with state-of-the-art NFT development services and is present in the crypto world with impeccable services for many industries. They work on several platforms like Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), smart contract development, digital wallets, blockchain development, building DApps, and various blockchain-based solutions.

They are globally working and have companies in the USA, UK, Canada, and India. The blockchain platform they used behind their success is Ethereum, Azure Blockchain, Corda, Open Chain, STARTIS, and Stellar. Their decentralized process and highly commended customization feature in every development are automated.

3. Webisoft 

Webisoft is an NFT development and maintenance company. On top of that, the company offers consulting and marketing services to raise brand awareness. Websoft makes an online NFT marketplace for multiple domains.

They have a set of skilled software engineers who employ a lot of technologies from Python to Django. Styllar is one of the most successful products of them released in 2022.

4. Sparx IT Solution

Sparx IT Solutions is one of the best NFT development companies working on blockchain technology. The end-to-end development service offered by the company is results-oriented, catering to several domains like sports, digital art, gaming, music, fashion, and real estate. Apart from that, the firm creates NFT marketplaces for celebrities also.

The company was founded in 2010 and started marketing services such as social media marketing, telegram marketing, community management,  reputation management, growth hacking, NFT listing, and many more.

5. Pixbit Solutions

Pixbit IT solutions is a frontrunner in the field of NFT, crypto, and blockchain. This company’s excellence in these fields with the quality of delivering high-quality solutions within a stipulated period.

Some of the amazing services include Android App and iOS App Development, E-commerce App Development, Social Media App development, and so on, which will keep upward with the latest trends. We can consider It one of the best NFT Marketplace Development Companies of 2022.

6. Applify

They started their innovative journey in 2014. Applify is a leading product development agency, a one-stop shop for all NFT marketplace development in the market. With deep experience in building mobile and web solutions, Appliify also provides IT consulting services, helping enterprises to plan, implement and generate profits for digital transformation strategies.

Starting their successful journey in Punjab, India, Appliify today has many success stories to tell across their US, UAE, Singapore, and London offices.

7. Turnkey Town

TurnkeyTown, a frontrunner in blockchain development is one of the leading NFT marketplace development companies.TurnkeyTown has deployed many projects in the market and is known for excellent websites and applications. Cryptopreneurs can look to them for events featuring their respected tech stack, which keeps them connected to the crypto community. TurnkeyTown has taken the lead in providing NFT development services to entrepreneurs who want to venture into the crypto field.

NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Development Services, NFT Gaming Platform Development, Discord Marketing Services, Binance Clone, etc are some of their exotic services.

8. Boosty Labs

Established in 2017, Boosty Labs is a Ukraine provider of NFT marketplace development services that also specializes in making Fintech, Blockchain, and Cloud storage. Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, the firm has offices in Germany, Newyork, and London.

Viktor Ihnatiuk (Managing Partner) and his outsourcing team of industry experts tackle several projects. They have a vast experience in blockchain solution delivery, the company has experience in building AI, VR, and AR software. In addition to UI/UX design, programming, and quality assurance, Boosty Labs consults with startups and enterprises on how to achieve their business goals using the latest technologies. Furthermore, the software experts assist clients in preparing the technical specification and outlining a roadmap for project implementation.

9. Kellton Tech Solutions

Kelton Tech Solutions is an Indian provider and constantly evolving digital end-to-end solutions for the company.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Kelton can provide you with a dedicated development team or the expertise required for your expansion.

They are utility-driven, results-oriented, and driven towards seamless and continuous growth. Their major products like Kellton4Media, KLGAME, Optima, and tHRive are mind-blowing.


In the blockchain world, INORU is one of the best NFT development companies that excel in helping customers worldwide. The company aims to provide excellent services that ensure they meet all business needs. Since 2006, customers have always been INORU to develop unique applications. They always combine skills, creativity, and technology with customer ideas.

They are well known for their outstanding product development in web game development. INORU extends its versatile decentralized solution with DeFi, NFT marketplace development,  IDO Launchpad development, Crowdfunding solutions in Web3, and much more. 

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