Top 10 Life Hacks That Every College Student Must Follow

Being a college student may sound fun as you get independence. You will also gain some time to reflect on your own actions. But with that freedom, you will also have some added responsibilities. These responsibilities involve managing finance, preparing study schedules, and more. In short, you’ll slowly step into the adult world. 

 However, such things can initially overwhelm you. So, if you’re wondering how to manage your study habits and finances, read this blog and use these top 10 hacks to make your college life worthwhile. 


Buy/rent used textbooks and sell last semester’s books

You can identify many of your college peers doing the same thing; it is equally important to have textbooks as your own. However, if there are books that you think you’re going to use once or twice, rent them from somebody else. 
If you still want your own textbooks, consider getting them from cheaper options. For example, you can try buying second-hand or used books from friends, wholesale booksellers, or online websites. 

Take advantage of student perks

As a student, individuals can access free or low-cost resources on campus or off. For example, in some institutes, students can get low-cost tutoring appointments. In addition, some academic websites, online streaming platforms, restaurants, and recreation centers offer student discounts. All you need is to carry your student IDs. These discounts can let you avail of these recreational benefits at lower costs, which help maintain your budget. 

Use budget-maintaining tools

It’s an excellent way to practice financial habits early as it can result in you having multiple benefits in saving money in college. Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a cash envelope wallet, a budget can help you plan your current and future financial goals. Some prominent tools you can use for budgeting are Mint and Good Budget.   

Always pay bills on time

You must have skipped a round of bills to pay and wasted the money on something insignificant. Most individuals think that it could be easily compensated in the next month. However, that’s not the case. Such bills often add late fines and other penalties that increase the payable amount. As a result, clearing such pending bills can be a little overbearing. 

For instance, if you have a credit card or mobile recharge bill, pay it off as quickly as possible. Paying bills on time can provide you with an enormous sense of organisation. You can also prevent yourself from financial stress and last-minute payment headaches. 

Share your rent

There are countless benefits to sharing rent with others. Apart from rent money, you can also split the payment for related utilities or internet packages you decide to use. If you’re sharing an apartment with friends or strangers, you can also plan joint meals and then split the cost of groceries. Even if living with your family seems a cheaper option for you, go for it. With such ways, you can maintain a healthy financial budget to save money for your future goals. 

Create a deposit account to earn returns through your savings account

Most students start banking by opening a student or savings bank account. But do you know that your savings account can help you to earn interest on saved money? Well, it is possible! You can create a recurring or fixed deposit account. With such accounts, you can make your savings safer and smarter. 

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Follow a proper study and task plan

A great way to ensure you track all your studies, requirements, and daily tasks is to plan. A plan allows you to see how you spend your time and ensure that you set aside enough time outside your lectures to complete assignments, study for tests, review and retain your learning. Moreover, planning lets you organize your tasks. 

Whether you’ve to finish a paper or go to a concert, you can plan your tasks and divide the time accordingly. Now how can you make an effective plan? You can simply use planning tools like Mavenlink, Float, or Toggl Plan to keep your planned tasks on your phone. Otherwise, you can go old-school with planners and journals to make effective plans. 

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Find affordable travel plans

As a student, you cannot dedicate your breaks to studying or making money. Therefore, you need some breaks to release your academic stress, find inspiration and get some good time for your soul. However, you don’t need to look for expensive options for a spring getaway. Instead, you can search for affordable places nearby or look for cheaper plans to travel abroad. Moreover, you can try travelling in groups or with travel organizations. These travelers can ensure you get a fulfilling experience.  

Minimize consuming coffee and alcohol

A culture of caffeine dependency is now rampant among university students. Aside from caffeine, students even consume alcohol and tobacco for stress-relief. However, if you set your priorities straight, you will understand how significantly you can save money by reducing these habits.  

Instead, try healthy alternatives such as walking or signing up at your campus gym. Such ways can keep your mind healthy as well as save money.   

Sell things that you don’t need

Most students have a habit of impulse buying that makes them buy things that aren’t relevant. And you don’t want to add more chaos to your room, don’t you? So if you’re struggling with multiple pieces of furniture, old books, or clothing you don’t use anymore, sell them. There are plenty of stores and websites that will allow you to sell old things at reasonable rates.

Furthermore, you can open thrift shops or social media sites to sell clothing, accessories, books, or tech items. Many students need cheap and used stuff as they are all on the same page, looking for ways to save money. Similarly, selling things can give you the perks of earning a side income. 

Parting thoughts,

College life can be a stepping stone for living independently, but it has its share of expenses and added responsibilities. As a result, managing studies and finances can be a little challenging. However, you can easily manage all these aspects by following these above-mentioned tips. These tips will significantly help you enjoy the perks of students and let you face the world of adulting. In a nutshell, you can achieve the best of both worlds of students and adulting with these tips. Good luck!

Author Bio: Diana Shelby is an academic researcher in the UK. She writes various academic blogs and articles for In her free time, she likes to travel. 

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