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Artificial Intelligence is the biggest revolution of technology. The pervasive application ability of artificial intelligence makes it an essential need for the growth and development of business organizations.

This amazing technology has enhanced the performance of digital marketing functions. Artificial intelligence-based applications and tools have made the work of digital marketers easy and more professional. AI is found to be compatible with digital marketing functions. Today I will discuss Top 6 AI tools for Digital marketing with you guys.

6 Top AI Based Tools For Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has widened the scope of digital marketing and content writing. Through Artificial intelligence-based tools, the huge burden of digital marketers and content creators decreases. Let’s see 6 top AI based tools for digital marketing:


The most useful, reliable and popular AI based tool for digital marketing is Grammarly. Today Grammarly is used by everyone because it is the most user friendly and professional writing assistant. Grammarly can help digital marketers in creating error free, unique and professional content for the advertisements and promotion of their products and services. The spell checker and plagiarism checker feature of this AI based writing assistant is a very handy, useful and creative tool. Through Grammarly you can create optimized content which can get high ranking on search engines. Grammarly extension can help you in working efficiently and diligently without thinking about errors and mistakes. 

  1. MURF AI

Murf AI is a text-to-speech AI based tool which provides professional voice over facility. This AI based tool provides a realistic text-to-speech facility. Murf AI has a library of 100+ voices in 20+ languages. Murf AI is being used in various fields of profession like E-Learning, YouTube, Success Podcast, Audiobooks, Commercialisations, Video games and many more. The voice over facility of Murf AI is very useful and 

Through Murf AI you can match the timing of your videos and your voice without errors and loopholes. The user interface of Murf AI is very user friendly. Digital Marketers can use this amazing text-to-speech tool for creating effective and reliable advertisement campaigns for the promotion tier products and services.


Another useful and creative AI based tool or digital marketing is Pictory. Pictory is an AI based video creation and editing tool. Pictory helps in creating audio and video in error-free synchronization. It also helps in gennaio subtitles for your video. Digital marketers rely on videos for the effective digital branding of their products and services. Pictory is an ideal tool for creating professional and wonderful video content for the promotion of your products and services. 

Pictory helps you in creating SEO friendly videos. AI helps you in creating content in 20+ languages, which can help the digital marketers to create their promotional videos in 20+ languages. Highly useful for creating great videos for marketing.


One of the popular SEO tools which is very essential for digital marketing is Squirrely. Squirrly is an AI based SEO tool that helps in performing effective and efficient search engine optimization of your website. Squirrely is an AI based tool for your WordPress site, which uses AI technology for ranking your website faster. It is a very great SEO tool for analyzing your website’s performance on search engines. This tool also conducts data driven research for your wordpress performance.


LandBot is an AI based Chatbot tool which is a very ideal chatbot for digital marketing. Conversational marketing is a very essential form of digital marketing. For conversational marketing we need a good chatbot. Landbot is a very potential tool for lead conversion, data gathering and social media communication. Give comparative answers also. Chatbots have a direct relation with lead generation and revenue.

Landbot also helps in framing conversational strategies. Landbot is a very handy tool for a digital marketer.


Designs.AI is an AI based image creating and editing tool. Design Ai is an ideal tool for creating and editing your images for your website. Creative and beautiful images attract a larger audience to your website. Through creative images of your products and services you can attract more customers for your advertising campaigns. Design AI is a great choice for a digital marketer to use AI technology for creating images and pics for their websites. Designs AI is a reliable tool for digital marketing. Creating a creative image is the need that is fulfilled by this amazing tool


Digital marketing tools are the need of today’s business marketing function. Without digital marketing you can-not get fast and desirable results for your organizations. This amazing technology has enhanced the performance of digital marketing functions. For effective and efficient digital marketing, you need a useful technology called Artificial intelligence. You must use the best AI based tools for your digital marketing functions.

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