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There is a lot to love about Ash Vale located in Surrey within the borough of Guildford, UK. If you are thinking about moving to Ash Vale or just exploring the place over the weekend, you can check out some tourist spots that might interest you.

But before you can go there, you need to have a plan or itinerary to guide you through your journey to Ash Vale. You don’t even have to worry about places to live because this location has a wide range of houses you can choose from. You can take advantage of the amazing cycling and hiking routes offered north of the Surrey Hills Area.

If you want the ambiance of the countryside, then Ash Vale is a potential option for you to venture out in this part of Guildford. 

Why live in Ash Vale

Travel Convenience

The main reason for its popularity in the UK is the travel convenience, unlike any other destination. That said, there are different transport services you can use to travel to any point of choice. For instance, you can get to Aldershot, Farnham, and Guildford from the Ash Vale station very quickly.

Aside from the rail service, you can opt to ride the bus going to Aldershot, Camberley, and Guildford, among other stops.

School Proximity

If you have a child who wants to go to school in Ash Vale, you will find one that should suit your preferences with a range of schools available for all ages. For example, the Ash Manor School caters to 11-16 year-olds as the main secondary school in the area.

Local Shopping

At the center in Ash Parish, you can experience the ease of buying groceries from a small local shopping area. That includes café service, Chinese takeaway, fish and chips, furniture dealers, kebab houses, and pharmacies. A few pubs are also available for those who love to enjoy a few pints of ale.

Accessible Amenities

You can take advantage of the services of a local doctor in Ash Vale. Likewise, the Ash Center is a community building that hosts events, clubs, and the Ash Parish Council.

Nearby tourist places in Ash Vale

Although Ash Vale is just a small town near Aldershot, it has some of the most scenic locations. But Ash Vale is not so far away from the top attractions in the UK either. So, there is a possibility that you can visit the place from these locations.

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Here are the top tourist places to visit in proximity to Ash Vale. 

1. Winsor Castle

This tourist destination is located on a hill on the south bank of the River Thames, which is 40km from London and about 25km from Ash Vale. See for yourself the group of granite buildings, magnificent as initially built.

2. Buckingham Palace

This is the place of the royal family as well as the administrative headquarters of the UK monarch. Buckingham Palace is often the center of royal hospitality and state occasions. 

3. Westminster Abbey

One of the most important landmarks of London is Westminster Abbey which was built in 960 A.D. and was rebuilt several times. Currently used in the Houses of Parliament, it has a unique architectural and historical significance. It has been included in the list of world heritage sites.

4. London Eye

You shouldn’t miss this attraction when you visit London which was built in 1999 also called the Millennium Wheel. It is considered the largest Ferris wheel in the world facing the Big Ben clock tower and the Parliament House.

5. British Museum

A world-renowned museum that exhibits various cultural relics is what the British Museum is all about. If you like to visit popular tourist places in the UK, this is quite difficult to ignore.

6. Farnborough Museum

The Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum has a rich history being the birthplace of the British aviation industry. This is also where the Royal Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1908 and the first powered flight took place. This is just 3km from Ash Vale, an ideal place to visit for tourists like you.

7. Hampton Palace

The Hampton Court Palace is not that far away from London and close enough to Kingston. Just 30km away from Ash Vale, you can take a look at the activities performed by the staff as they walk around and restore some historical activities.

8. Basingstoke Canal

There are lots to do along the Basingstoke canal, including the basic cycle, kayak, paddle, and walk along the area to unwind and feel the blissful environment to set your mind and body in full sync.

9. Legoland Resort

The Legoland Windsor Resort is just one of the amusement parks or theme parks that you can visit when you are in the UK near Ash Vale. Just about 22km from the town, you can see the awesome construction of over 20 million Lego pieces built over 3 years. 

You can see the miniature size London showcasing some top attractions like Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London to name a few.

10.  V&A Museum

If you can’t get enough museums when in London, you should visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is one dedicated to art. It showcases art installations aside from paintings. It is arguably the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design.

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