How Do Translation Management Systems

Using a professional translation management system can really change the localization project management game for freelancers who have to work with diverse clients. Managing multiple translation tasks at the same time could be daunting for translators with limited resources. Having a TMS tool can really help freelancers manage large-scope translation projects more effectively.

If you want to reduce your translation management hassle, then you better get your hands on a reliable translation management software. These tools come with different features and functionalities that can ease your translation management journey. Let’s find out the top perks of using TMS software for freelancers and Localization Management Platform.

Benefits of Translation Management System for Freelance Translators

Professional translation management tools are designed to make your translation management quick and easier. The following are key benefits of using a TMS tool for your translation project management.

Get Away with High Volumes of Translations 

Independent freelance translators have a hard time coping with growing translation demands as they increase their customer base. To get away with the large volumes of translations, they should have robust translation software in place. These tools would generate quick translations too without compromising the quality and accuracy of the original text. Using a translation tool or a localization management platform supports the translators finish their tasks on time without missing any deadlines. Moreover, they can easily maintain the quality of their translations through in-built quality assurance tools. These tools inside TMS perform automatic quality testing on all translation files. During this testing, the system eliminates all the errors and mistakes from translations. Now, the translations are also in a more optimized version, and it takes relatively less time to proofread and edit.

Handle All Projects from One Place 

Managing multiple translation projects simultaneously is a big hassle for translators. It could mess things up and make it much more difficult for the translators to pay undivided attention to each project. There should be a system in place that would allow translators to have a clear vision of all projects. With a Language Service Providers, everything is well-organized with streamlined processes that make it much easier for a freelance translator to do their best.

A TMS is one place from where you can manage all translation projects, and there is no need to switch between different platforms. Moreover, it would save a lot of time and effort, and freelancers can easily get hands-on large-scale localization projects.

Easily Outsource Excessive Workload 

You bid on different translation projects, and now you have 3 clients who want you to handle their translation projects. It is a lot of work, and you better not overcommit it if you can’t manage it. And, you don’t want to lose any clients either. This is the case when you want to have the whole cake and eat it too, you better have some outsource resources that you can look up to when things get out of proportion. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing your excessive workload to a third-party service provider. Or you can also get other freelance translators on board to collaborate on a translation project.

This way, you will get to work on different translation projects and build your profile as a freelance translator. So, make sure you always have some good resources on speed dial on whom you can rely when the workload is high.

Manage Workflows and Strict Deadlines 

A freelancer is a one-man army that has to get things done single-handedly. It is indeed a lot of pressure to continuously deliver the best work to the clients on time. For the successful accomplishment of a translation project, you have to develop an optimized workflow where everything is well organized. It will also eliminate confusion, and things will flow more smoothly. With professional translation management system, freelancers can optimize their translation workflow and get complete control over their projects. Moreover, delays and missed deadlines could be a major red flag for your client that can spoil your reputation in the market.

Translation management tools can help you prioritize your translation task in a way that you can finish everything on time. Moreover, delays can result in task rejection from the client side, which would only waste your precious time and efforts.

Easy File Management and Storage

Managing the translation documents appropriately and saving them properly could be challenging. File management is quite complex when you are relying on traditional project management methods, where everything is done manually. With a translation system, you can automatically store files without any manual involvement. You don’t have to worry about saving the file and avoid any redundant data. A professional Translation Management System also ensures that there is no duplicate data on your system that can lead to confusion. So, it not just properly manages your documents but also deletes the extra versions of the same files to keep things sorted.

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