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Generally speaking, a bedroom is like your retreat from everyday stresses. Needless to say, you’d want to design it in a way that has a positive impact on your physical and mental health. This is meant to be your comfort zone, where you can curl up with a book, watch your favorite series, enjoy your partner’s companionship, or simply spend some quality ‘me-time’. This is that one room in the house that you can truly call ‘your own’. We’ve curated the following design tips that will help you give shape to the bedroom of your dreams!

1. Go for Large-Scale Furnishings:

It goes without saying that comfort can never be compromised. Which is to say, if you can fit a king-size bed in your bedroom, why not? In fact, recent home decor trends demonstrate an inclination towards king beds. 2023 is all about more-is-more, so go all out there and explore oversized furniture, open floor plans, bedroom chaises, and so on. What’s more, designers and furniture stores are anticipating curved furniture to be huge in 2023.

2. Neutral Colors are In:

Neutral tones exude a sense of calm and tranquility, which are must-haves in your bedroom. Who said neutral colors equate to boring interiors? On the contrary, you can spruce up your bedroom with a textured appeal using a neutral color scheme. Orange is yet another color that seems to be soaring in popularity when it comes to new-age bedroom design.

3. Interplay of Layered Textures and Prints

Experimenting with texture has always been in trend, but it can promise more than aesthetic beauty as far as personal spaces are concerned. You want your bedroom to be an oasis, offering a cozy environment and unmatched warmth where you can cocoon yourself, right? Well, you can surely achieve that with textures.

Interestingly, prints and patterns can also achieve similar results. Consult your interior designer to ideate how you can make the most of prints, patterns, and textures in the headboards, wall coverings, bedding, and so on. These will lend a unique personality to your bedroom, making it so much more interesting.

4. Say ‘yes’ to Custom Furniture:

The bedroom is arguably that one room in the house that commands the highest priority. No wonder most buyers opt for custom furniture, as they are extremely particular about how they want the bedroom to look. With custom furniture, you have complete control over materials, shape, and other detailing aspects. If you’re lucky, you might find the perfect furniture in a furniture store to fulfill your desires, but if that’s not the case, you can safely place your bets on custom pieces that will make your imagination come to life.

5. ‘Collect and Curate’ is the Mantra:

Buying an entire matching set for the bedroom is now passe. New-age buyers endorse thoughtful curation, which will help build your dream bedroom over time. Bedrooms should have not only a relaxed vibe but also a personal atmosphere; that can be true only if you deck it up with artsy, meaningful furniture and fixtures. It’s all in the smaller details- they make all the difference when viewed collectively. Consider mixing metals and finishes, hardware swaps, and so on.

6. Focus on Timelessness:

What better place than your bedroom to give a timeless touch to? Home decor experts have observed a shift towards homes that are more sustainable and ecologically conscious. To put it simply, homeowners are settling for pieces that are built to last. You no longer need a complete overhaul to revamp your bedroom. Instead, retain the foundational pieces, and make room for more periphery items. This will create an updated look that has a contemporary feel without losing the craftsmanship and intricate detailing of the original lineup.

7. Don’t Give a Miss to Plants:

Yes, you read that right! There’s no rule book that lays down that you can have plants only in the drawing room. On the contrary, more and more countries are adopting the trend of adding a dash of greenery in their most private zone- the bedroom. Get started with a couple of houseplants, which you can place either on a nightstand, a windowsill or in hanging planters. Though this will need some maintenance, it’s worth the effort, as it infuses a touch of natural beauty, besides a host of physical benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, the bedroom is one of the easiest rooms if you’re considering an overhaul or makeover for your abode. With these tips at your disposal, you just cannot go wrong. 2023 will see these trends getting even bigger, and if you want your bedroom to be a visual delight besides your haven of peace, it’s high time you give these a shot. Once you get going, you’ll discover how even the smallest of bedrooms can be transformed with some creative ideas, knowledge of optimal storage, and some good-quality furniture.

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