Triund Trek

Triund is one of the most famous trips to go north at the end of the week from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is maybe the most straightforward Himalayan trip to do all alone.

With stunning perspectives on the Kangra valley and the snow-shrouded Dhauladhar ranges, it is likewise extremely pleasant.

Triund is the ideal objective for those looking for a problem free taste of journeying in the Himalayas. The journey should handily be possible north at the end of the week.

The path to Triund is short however steep. The lofty ascension is very much repaid by invigorating strolls among rhododendron and oak trees. There are likewise different warblers in the timberlands along the path which make it a birdwatcher’s pleasure.


Thinking of it as’ a simple journey and with the easy openness from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj, there are countless travellers who go this trip, making it hard to partake in the serenity of the put and can become busy on top during the ends of the week or Christmas season. Encountering the magnificence of this trip during the weekdays is better.

The town of McLeod Ganj (otherwise called little Lhasa) likewise accommodates an excellent chance to encounter the lively Tibetan culture.

Triund journey is a short and simple journey to the Himalayas, which makes it an ideal end of the week trip for fledglings. The journey begins from Mcleodganj. The town of Mcleodganj gives an excellent chance to encounter the dynamic Tibetan culture. The trip takes you to the cloisters, petitioning God banners and you get a brief look at Buddhism. Triund is at a height of 2880m offers interesting perspectives on Dhauladhar Valley on one side and Kangra valley on the opposite side

List of chapters 

Very much like you, we love journeying! Furthermore, this is a trip we’ve recorded exhaustively to assist you with doing it all alone. Drop-in remarks toward the finish of the page assuming you want any assistance! You will get all the data expected to do the Triund journey all alone.

To explore through the documentation effectively, utilize this part of chapter by chapter guide:

What to Watch out for

  1.  Trail Information
  2. GPX File for the Trek
  3.  Best Season to do Triund journey
  4. Step by step instructions to Reach Triund Trek
  5. Troublesome Sections
  6. Step by step instructions to get Fit for the Trek
  7. Temperatures on Triund Trek
  8. Things to Take for the journey

Authorization, Water Sources and other better insights concerning the journey

Close by Places to Visit after the journey.

Explorer Tips

On the off chance that you wish to in the middle of your trip, you can remain at certain facilities given at the Gallu Devi Temple.

On arriving at Triund, you can camp there, or you can likewise remain at a guesthouse given by the Forest Department.

Pack you own water and high energy food, as the expense of these things increases as you arrive at the top.

Make certain to convey a parka as the weather conditions can change from muggy to a deluge extremely quick.

Begin the journey promptly in the first part of the day so you can return around the same time. Try not to travel around evening time and make certain to convey a light.

Convey a little clinical pack with you in the event of crises.

The journey is respectably difficult, but on the off chance that you have breathing issues, make certain to counsel a clinical expert prior to undertaking the trip.

What should be done

Partake in the grand perspectives from the top at Triund toward the finish of your trip.

Gorge on some newly fermented tea and sound snacks along the trip, keeping yourself rejuvenated and your faculties solid.

You can set your tents and get comfortable for the most lovely setting up camp insight of your life at Triund.

You can go through a day in Mcleodganj, taking in the outside air and visiting tranquil attractions like the Bhagsu Falls and the Bhagsunah Temple. 

Best Time to Visit

The high slopes of Triund ought to be kept away from during the outrageous cold weather months that experience weighty snowfall, in particular January and February. The best opportunity to visit such a high height, particularly on the off chance that you wish to partake in the wonderful journeying choice, is from May-June and October-November. The rainstorm months make the journeying trail outstandingly hazardous and unsteady, thus you should abstain from visiting Triund during this time.

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