Banarsi Gharara

The beautifully and precisely woven Gharara from the sacred city of Banaras or Varanasi has certain attention. Whatever the reason, the fabric has an unquestionable position in the fashion world. It can be the Banarsi Gharara rich culture and history or the overflowing reality of its themes and decorations.

Celebrities have worn the renowned fabric on numerous occasions over the years, including exquisite white Banarsi Gharara for the most recent Celebrity wedding and intricate and royal red Banarsi Gharara for receptions. Here is just what you need to understand about the renowned Banarsi Gharara if you share the fascination and awe for Banarsi outfits.

The origin of the iconic Gharara

Since the Mughal Empire, Ghararas have been adorned with exquisite zari work, thread, beads, rhinestones, pearls, and zardozi work. It looks amazing with the purest precious metals decorations. The Mughal dynasty’s queen used to wear the traditional Ghararas often in royal meetings and other occasions. These Gharara were embellished with pure diamond and gold embroidery to showcase the richness of the royal family. Soon then, it became a traditional outfit after the Mughal era. Women started wearing them on holistic occasions and in marriages.

As the Gharara represents royal and premium fashion, the women now frequently dress in comprehensive designed Ghararas for wedding rituals, celebrations, Mehendi, and other formal events. This is due to how popular Ghararas have become.

Ghararas were historically worn and shown solely during weddings and other special events. But the Gharara evolved through time, and softer, more relaxed forms appeared. Thanks to contemporary topics and techniques, it now has a wider audience.

How is a Banarsi Gharara different from Sharara?

Professionals have streamlined below the fundamental characteristics of a Banarsi Gharara for those still who don’t recognize the distinction between a sharara or a Gharara. A Gharara is made up of a brief or mid-thigh-length kurta and a pair of broad pants that sort of collect at the knees and flare outward at the bottom.

On the other hand, a sharara comprises a pair of broad pants flared from the belly to the bottom and a long or mid-thigh long kurta. On one of the considerable and significant instants of your life, you may wear this attire to highlight your curves and show off the feminine queen in you.

Now that you know the difference between the Gharara and the Sharara, you must confuse yourself and end up buying the Sharara. Most people with confusion about the outfit end up buying a different one. The bottom of the pants is the major distinguishing factor. If you are in a store buying the Gharara, look for the kurta to find the difference.

The diverse sorts of Gharara that you can discover

To appeal to today’s sophisticated and fashionable modern women, designers have modernized classic Gharara designs. You may wear it to your Sangeet ceremony, Haldi ceremony, or other celebrations because it is a flexible garment. Numerous new trends and fashions emerge throughout the year and during each wedding season. These remarks rank among the most popular ones of 2022, without a doubt.

When selecting a Gharara, there are numerous diverse classes to pick from. Whether it is for your marriage day, your Mehendi ceremony, or even the Haldi, you can discover several designs. Each of these days, a Gharara pattern will make you appear stunning and attract attention to your fashion statement. Here are some of the most suitable and widespread Gharara design interpretations on demand. Look through this abundance and decide which appeals to you.

Lucknowi-style Gharara

Although more conventional in style, Lucknowi Gharara’s designs are adaptable to be fashionable. Essentially, this is a wide flared bottom pant with rushing at the knee to make the flare more dramatic and enormous. The greatest outfits for Lucknowi Gharara patterns are short, leg tunics or waist-length blouse designs. You can fashion it with or without a dupatta for an Indo-western appearance.

The Lucknowi Gharara patterns frequently use Gota work, floral motifs, and soft, flowing textiles as embellishments. The pastel Lucknowi Gharara, which has modest gold threads or Gota work, is among the most popular wedding fashions nowadays.

The Chatapati Gharara

The Chatapati Gharara patterns are broad flare bottom pants, just like the Lucknowi Gharara styles. These, however, have a straight flare from the waist downward. The designs of Chatapati Gharara are more voluminous, and they could even resemble an extensive skirt worn underneath a tunic or a kurta. They can be simple or printed with Gota, thread, or even mirror work, and thicker, richer fabrics are typically selected for them.

Most individuals use long tunics instead of dupatta when wearing Chatapati Gharara patterns for an easy-to-wear appearance. You may wear this attire to all of your marriage ceremonies with ease. However, as seen in the image above, you may also wear the dupatta pinned over your head with a genuine bride.

Where can you discover the most suitable Banarsi Gharara?

India’s metropolis, Delhi, has developed into a hub for wedding shopping. It should go without saying that you can get the most cutting-edge and exquisite Gharara patterns. The online platforms are also one of the most well-known locations that provide a large selection of Gharara designs. 

It is the location to go to if you want to try on various Gharara patterns that will precisely complement your unique style and make you seem utterly ethereal. It is a regal outfit that dates back to the era of the Maharajas and the Begums, and wearing it to the wedding just enhances the royal feel of the festivities you have described in such exquisite detail.

In addition to suits, Anarkalis, and even lehengas, some establishments sell Banarsi Gharara designs. However, there are some that specialize in the retail of this regal ensemble for brides-to-be.


Wrapping up, these are a few knowledge that you must know about the Banarsi Gharara. Now that you know the facts and insights, you can now better buy a Gharara for any occasion you want.

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