Unique Flowers For Anniversary

There’s no denying that classic red roses are one of the most romantic flowers. Well, at least that’s what we’re conditioned to believe, thanks to Hollywood! But if you are really bored with the clichéd idea and want to express your love in some unique and special way, we have got you covered! Here in this article, we have explored a bunch of love flowers that scream romance!

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Want to know what other flowers are perfect for anniversaries? Then, keep reading! Once you have the best flowers list, get them delivered via anniversary flowers delivery in Raleigh NC.

  1. Stargazer Lily

The stargazer lily is a dramatic and bold choice for anniversaries. They look gorgeous and are available in different shades like white, bright pink, and yellow. These fragrant beauties symbolize a couple’s everlasting love which makes them popular as anniversary flowers in Raleigh, NC. So, if your anniversary is nearing, express your everlasting love for your partner with a bouquet of fresh stargazer lilies. 

  1. Alstroemeria

Get a colorful bouquet of Alstroemeria via fresh flower delivery in Raleigh, NC on your anniversary to make the day brighter and happier. You can also send these pretty little flowers to your dear ones on their anniversary. These blooms aren’t very common for anniversaries. But they symbolize friendship, devotion, love, and strength. Hence, sending alstroemerias can be a thoughtful gift. The flowers are available in purple, pink, dark pink, white, yellow, red, orange, and rust colors. Most alstroemerias are freckled or streaked with contrasting colors. They look beautiful in a bouquet.

  1. Iris

These purple-blue bold flowers can find a way into anyone’s heart. They look exotic and are perfect as anniversary flowers. If your partner loves bold colors, give them a bunch of purple or blue irises. They represent royalty. On the other hand, you can also choose yellow or white irises that look tender and softer. Irises are the symbol of love and trust. They also symbolize hope, wisdom, and valor. Raleigh florists like Avas Flowers can help you get the best iris bouquets for your anniversary. 

  1. Tulips

Tulips aren’t roses but they are equally romantic. These blooms remain high in demand during Valentine’s Day. Tulips mean perfect and deep love. They are the classic flowers that have been associated with love stories for centuries. For their symbolism, Tulips are ideal to give to someone with whom you have a deep and unconditional bonding. The flowers are available in different shades – pink, red, yellow, light yellow, cream, white, and orange and they look excellent in vases and standalone bouquets. So, give a good start to your anniversary morning with tulips flower delivery in Raleigh. Order a bouquet of your choice and get it to your doorstep.

  1. Camellia

Do you know a couple celebrating many years together? Then gift them camellia on their anniversary. The best florist in Raleigh NC can offer you different camellia bouquet options. They represent faithfulness and longevity.

Available in different shades of pink, red, and white, these blooms are one of the prettiest flowers you can gift a couple or even your partner on your anniversary. So, as you can see, there are plenty of options out there as love flowers when it comes to romantic anniversary flowers. Sure, roses are great, but once in a while, it is great to explore other options too. Also, beyond reds, there are plenty of color options as well. Pinks and whites do very well in thi department. Yellow, blue, or purple flower look equally stunning. The best flower shops in Raleigh, NC can help you pick the best anniversary flowers. There are a lot of options to choose from. Pick the best of the lot to express your love and best wishes!

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