What Are The Digital Marketing Trends

When planning your budget and allocating resources with the aim of defining future strategies, it is vitally important to know the marketing trends that the market signals to stay ahead of the competition in 2023.

It’s exciting to think about what’s to come and there’s no shortage of expectations. What high-tech gadgets will appear on the market, what styles will become popular, and what music will stick in everyone’s minds?

If you’re a business owner or running a business, you’re probably most curious about the upcoming changes in the field of digital marketing. While some fundamentals remain the same, there are some digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2023.

Remember that digital marketing is constantly evolving. What’s popular one minute may be irrelevant the next. As a result, you need to have a firm understanding of any changes in the industry. Check out some tips for staying on top of things below!

Branding will remain at the top

You can’t have a business without a brand, because when consumers check out your products or services, the next step in their decision-making process is to research your business (Google it) and learn more about its owners. Try to answer the following questions:

  • When the visitor or his client accesses your site, what will he find?
  • Do your social media profiles show what you do, who you target as a client and why?
  • Is your private brand aligned with your business aims?

If the answers are a resounding “yes” then you’re ready to stay ahead of the competition and on track for people to recognize you and your brand when they see it. That’s why you need to be present in the digital and physical world, consistent with your messages online and offline, and active in the places your audience frequents.

Have a responsive website (look at me saying this again, hammering…) that adapts to the screens of smartphones and mobile devices. Use really relevant content to highlight your brand, but which is easy to access and translates what the target audience wants.

The same applies to social networks. Constant postings, at least 4x a week, with creativity and common sense make all the difference in delivering content for better reach. And set aside some of your budget for paid boosts and ads. Create campaigns that make your brand unforgettable. But always remembering that the consumer does not like to be deceived.

User Generated Content

Building strong relationships with consumers and target audiences is more important than ever. In the past, these relationships were known as word-of-mouth marketing. A small business owner would form a bond with a customer and tell their friends and acquaintances about the business or brand. This recommendation always had and still has a positive impact on sales.

Keep in mind that the internet is the latest version of word of mouth marketing. Whereas earlier, people were limited to the circle of friends and family, Internet users can reach millions all over the world.

Many companies have not yet made room for a practice that refers to referral or recommendation marketing. For this reason, you should embrace user-generated content. But how to do it?

Find trusted customers willing to post about your business or products online. On popular social networks like Tik Tok, this type of marketing is quite common. Seek to approach customers or users who can help with this strategy.

Some examples of user-generated content that will become more popular in 2023:

  • Videos posted by the user on social media where the person is using the product/sharing their opinion about it.
  • Hashtags that will build an online following and entice people to join.
  • Product unboxing (mainly on YouTube channels)
  • Create challenges for customers (share a photo of yourself interacting with a brand) where customers can win a prize.

Several small businesses are already spending user-generated content to their advantage. This will become more important to you if you want to stay on top of digital trends in 2023.

Real-time messages

Personalizing service and sales is the secret to making your customer choose your products and services. You can achieve this by sending real-time messages with your prospect. Various chat platforms can help you get to know your customers better.

One of the most used platforms in Brazil is WhatsApp, which should receive important updates in 2023, facilitating interactions and relationships. Popular for messaging, today it has become one of the top sales and service channels for small businesses and businesses.

Chatbots will continue to be strategic tools to not miss out on prospects and customers who come to you via your website or even on social networks. Try discovering the benefits of conversational marketing.

You can create a personalized sales strategy for each customer using your data from the chat between you and them. This increases the chances of a successful sale, as your customer will think that the product or service was designed exclusively for him.

Video content and podcasts

You must work with the perspective that not all your potential customers or visitors want to read long texts on websites or blogs. However, people are drawn to motion graphics as they provide more information in less time. Therefore, it is ideal to incorporate video-based content into your digital marketing strategy so that the user stays longer on your page.

The videos are captivating and successfully capture the user’s attention. Use creative videos to get your audience to stop and look at your web page. It’s a great way to promote your business by including key selling points in your video. Also Check: Descargar Videos de Facebook

Podcasts, usually recorded on video, can be a viable alternative to publicize your products and services, using themes and content that attract and arouse the interest of users. Try to create relevant content without directly selling your company, but that offers adequate solutions and that people see some value in it.

Seeking partnerships with influencers or companies that already have podcasts in progress can be a good alternative to save resources and also reach your target audience.

Email marketing never goes out of style.

Year in, year in, email marketing remains one of the oldest and most compelling digital marketing trends. The data is there: 82% of business marketers say that using email newsletters is still their top method for brand promotion.

You may have wondered why this method is still relevant when we have more functional and practical communication options on social networks and messaging apps.

The main reason is that content often does not reach people through networks, as it is highly filtered by platforms that limit organic reach to favor ads. However, this is not the case with e-mails, because with a low cost they transmit their message directly to the user without the threat of being ignored due to privacy and filters.

Try to use triggering tools that offer ready-made or customizable templates to facilitate marketing management, as well as monitor metrics and perform tests. Never abandon email, it remains a traditional and effective trend for lead relationships.

The data for efficiency search

We know that content is still king, but you can’t rely on guesswork when deciding what type and medium of content to produce. To maximize your marketing budget, power your decisions with data. The right metrics help you understand who your customers are, what they want, and how best to reach them.

Nobody likes to throw money away, right? Therefore, align your objectives with consistent data that focus on the proposed strategies. Through the data, you can better segment the desired public, offer a competitive edge against the competition, identify trends and consumption patterns for your sector and achieve more assertive decision-making.


It is true that there are many other trends and innovations that can be applied in marketing, such as Artificial Intelligence (increasingly high), interactive resources and videos on social networks that exploded this year with Tik Tok and should advance in 2023.

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