Do you know that wireless Microphones are an integral component of any audio setup, whether professional or amateur? Do you also know that wireless mic prices in Pakistan vary substantially depending on various circumstances?

Here, we are going to look at some of the important elements that influence wireless microphone prices in Pakistan. This will help those who are looking to purchase these integral tools.

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The brand name is the first and most obvious factor influencing microphone costs. Well-known companies such as BOYA are known for manufacturing high-quality microphones. Though, it might come at a high price. Lesser-known companies, on the other hand, may provide more economical solutions. However, they may sacrifice quality for the price.


The type of microphone is another factor that influences microphone pricing. There are distinctive modes of wireless microphones offered by Khawaja Photos. Each model comes with their own set of characteristics and specs. These makes them suitable for a variety of applications. BOYA Condenser microphones, for example, are often more expensive. On other hand their counterpart BOYA dynamic microphones are often affordable. They are more sensitive and provide higher sound quality. BOYA Shotgun microphones are more expensive than other types of microphones. They are highly directional and provide higher sound quality.

Quality of construction 

A microphone’s construction quality is also an important component that influences its pricing. Microphones constructed with high-quality materials are expensive. Also, those constructed with precision engineering are typically more expensive. This is an exception of those constructed with lower-cost materials. High-quality microphones are often more durable, and able to take greater wear and tear over time. Furthermore, even in harsh situations, they are more likely to provide constant and high-quality sound.


The level of demand for a certain model influences microphone pricing in Pakistan. If a specific microphone is in high demand, the price may rise. This is because manufacturers can charge more for a popular product.  Also, retailers may boost the price to capitalize on the product’s popularity. For example, take a popular performer using a specific microphone on stage or in the studio. This can influence fans to purchase the same microphone, causing demand and prices to rise.

Availability and distribution 

The distribution and availability of microphones in Pakistan can also affect prices. If a specific brand or model of the microphone is hard to come by in Pakistan, dealers may charge a premium. This is to compensate for the extra effort and cost of importing it. Similarly, if a specific microphone is only available from a few stores, pricing may be higher due to a lack of competition.

Specifications and features 

Finally, a microphone’s characteristics and specs can influence its pricing. Microphones with additional functions, cost more than those with fewer features. Additional features might include polar patterns or built-in filters. Similarly, higher-specified microphones are often more expensive. They usually have a higher frequency response or a lower self-noise level, than those with lesser specs.


If you have wanted to know the mic price in Pakistan, then know that numerous factors influence microphone pricing in Pakistan. These include the brand name, microphone type, and build quality.  Also, it includes demand, distribution, and availability, as well as features and specs. When shopping for a microphone, it’s critical to keep your needs and budget in mind. Look for a microphone with the features and characteristics you require while remaining within your budget. Dealers such as Khawaja Photos have a large selection of BOYA wireless microphones to pick from. So, you’re sure to find one that fits your demands and budget. I am sure you will not miss anything that satisfies your needs.

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