What is digital marketing and why is it important?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or brands through channels such as paid advertising and social media. It’s been around since the early 2000s, but it has picked up speed in recent years as more and more businesses have chosen to shift their focus toward online marketing campaigns rather than traditional ones. But how does digital marketing work, exactly? And what does it mean for your business? Let’s find out on TrueFirms.

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What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing—also known as online marketing—refers to a combination of techniques that use content, social media, email, mobile apps, advertising, and more to influence customer behavior. Today’s ever-evolving digital landscape requires businesses to adapt their strategies for attracting new customers, building brand loyalty, and generating leads. To do so effectively, start by understanding how modern consumers make decisions. Below are some insights into what consumers look for when making purchases via different channels. Consider them next time you update your strategy.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

There are many misconceptions about what constitutes B2B and B2C marketing, so let’s clear that up now. B2B means business to business, while B2C means business to consumer. And yes, those terms mean exactly what you think they do: While your product or service might be marketed to both businesses and individuals, only one of those groups will actually purchase your product. To make a sale with your business-to-business offering, you must convince a business (which can be an individual) to purchase from you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s a lot easier to do online marketing for your business when you have a well-planned strategy. As with any strategy, you need to know your target audience. What are their interests, what platforms are they on most frequently, and what kind of content do they like? TruefirmsThe more information you have about them, the better able you’ll be to tailor your content creation efforts toward their preferences. Once you have an idea of who they are and where they hang out online (see below), make sure to plan how often you’ll contact them with new information—and how that communication will take place (email newsletters, blog posts, social media updates). And don’t forget that monitoring engagement is also an important part of any effective digital strategy.

The Digital Marketing Process

Marketing in a digital world requires a different approach. The days of setting it and forgetting it are over. Consumers have options, so being out of sight means you’re out of mind. Successful businesses need to be aware of how people interact with products today, so they can take advantage of opportunities for better interaction in their marketing. Read on to find out what’s new and how you can stay at the forefront of your industry by putting these strategies into action.

Types of Online Advertising

There are many different types of online advertising. A quick Google search will show you that people don’t always use terms exactly as they should be used, so you may encounter some confusion in your search for answers. The most common types of online advertising, however, fall into two basic categories: banners and paid search.

How Search Engines Work

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a form of online marketing that helps websites gain more visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is crucial to any website because most consumers typically find companies through search engines like Google. In fact, according to WordStream’s 2015 Marketing Benchmark Report, approximately 70% of users say they’re very likely or extremely likely to click on a paid search result. When used correctly, SEO can be an incredibly effective strategy for getting your content found on popular SERPs. Here are some simple steps to help get you started

Why SEO is Crucial to Your Success

The process of optimizing your website [TrueFirms

for search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO. As search engines like Google become increasingly sophisticated, SEO has grown in importance because high rankings on popular search engines can drive targeted traffic to your site. For example, if you own a fitness studio and you want to attract new clients to your business, an excellent way would be through ranking well on a relevant keyword in Google, especially one that targets people who are looking for health/fitness services in their area. If you rank highly on these terms (along with many others) you’ll reach more people who are looking for exactly what you offer: a great workout!

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