One of the most significant queries that hit anyone planning a move is “When to do it?” Many sources might answer this question with “it depends.” Of course, it depends on you, your needs and when you wish to move. However, there is also a particular time to carry out everything smoothly and efficiently.  

In today’s time, we often plan everything before executing. May it be our career, family, or children, we do not go by without a plan in mind. Similarly, if one plans to move, it is essential to know when to do it. 

In this blog, we have jotted down some of the best times to execute the packing & moving process. Provided that your move is not on an urgent basis, the points below will help you understand when to move & why:

The Best Season

Indeed, when we talk about relocation, it highly depends upon your preferences, capacity and decision. But, there is also a perfect season to do that. 

Various hurdles can come your way when you’re planning. If you decide to move within the months that suit the process in the best way possible, you can make it more seamless. 

  1. Autumn: 

The fall time is the off-season time, so there may be a lot of cost-cutting. You may get services and home and renting facilities at the most affordable and reasonable prices as it is the off-season. Settling-in the autumn time can be much more effortless as it helps you get the best deals with several options to choose from. 

  1. Winter: 

In the winter season, the demand is the lowest. This is because the people often show disincentive in moving through this time of the year. And hence, it is the cheapest time & packing & moving companies have more flexible schedules due to lesser demand.

Although, you might have to take some precautions if moving with children. 

  1. Spring: 

During the Spring Season, the time is not as harsh as the winters. People like to ‘hibernate’ and take some time off in the winters due to the chill. However, the springtime makes them come out and enjoy the surroundings and the blossoming nature. The demand is still lower in this season. Hence, it is better to decide and shift at the right time before the market rises again. 

  1. Summer: 

Summer is the peak time where the demand is the highest. Most people prefer relocating in such weather. The Mobility Sector mostly has its schedule packed up, and the storage space is also primarily entire. Hence, it is better to locate before or after this time anywhere between September & April. 

The Best Month 

Keeping all the factors in mind, the best months to relocate are September to April. 

During this time, the demand is relatively lower than in the other months. The seasonal condition and the flexibility in Mobility Sector’s schedules are also favorable. You are not likely to find any constraint in planning your shift. The storage facilities and the packing & moving services of your mobility partner will also meet your expectations. 

The Best Week 

The best time of the month to move is in the middle of the month. 

Many people think that waiting till the end of the month is good. The time to plan and understand the process will be easily accomplished. And the Mobility Sector would finish all the pending shipments till then. But, this is not so. The Relocation Companies remain the busiest through the end of the month. 

On the other hand, the Moving Companies remain busy at the start of the month because they have several leases to sort and put various relocation plans into action. 

Therefore, the best part of the month is the mid-week when your mobility partner is neither too idle nor too busy to meet your shifting demands. 

The Best Day/s

We understand that your time means a lot to you, and you plan to do it all as per your preferences. However, there might be a loophole in the whole process that you’d want to fix. For example, most people prefer to relocate during the weekends. This is because they’re busy with work, school, or other regular engagements on the weekdays. 

However, it is the weekdays that are best for you to relocate. This is because the Mobility Sector remains mostly exhausted with shipments at the seasonal time and especially towards the end of the week. In such a case, they have the most flexible schedule for moving you and your goods in the working days. 

So, the best days to relocate are Mondays to Thursdays. 


The most important fact is to understand the functioning and demand of your mobilizing partner. If the schedule is flexible at a point, then that particular time is the best to make your move happen. For example, the Relocation Industry’s market brings the highest demand from April to September. Hence, you prefer to plan your activity when the order is sleek. 

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