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Anklet (Ankle Bracelet) Sizing Information

It is easier than you think to size your anklet correctly. The easiest way is to use a string or a tape measure, focusing on the circumference of your ankle above the ankle bone. You can simply wrap a string around your ankle several times, then measure its length with a ruler or tape measurer. 

Ideally, there should be a 1/8 distance between each wrap (at least 4-5). Using these measurements, you can easily calculate your US ring size using our chart above. For example, if your string measures 24 inches long and has 5 wraps around your ankle, you will need a 10 (71⁄2- 8) anklet bracelet.

1. How to measure ankle size without measuring tape

ankle size can be determined without tape using a non-stretchy string, piece of cloth or paper. To do so, take a bit of line and wrap it around your ankle. Then measure your string against a ruler or measuring tape. 

This will give you your proper ankle size. The most accurate way is to wrap your ankle with a cloth or use a cloth measuring tape; you’ll get an even more precise measurement. Plus, getting measured in person at jewellers can help ensure you buy jewellery that actually fits! If you still prefer not to measure yourself, ask someone with similar feet and ankle size to yours.

2. Consider the type of ankle bracelet you wish to buy

When deciding on the type of ankle bracelet you wish to buy, you would have to allow for extra length that comes from the size of the beads. This can be confusing if you are not used to adding up your measurements, but it will make your buying process much more manageable. Since each bead is a little bigger than what you measure with a tape measure, you must consider these differences when shopping for anklets.

If you have considered your ankle size and added it to your wrist, you will better know what kind of bracelet will fit well. Since beads tend to grow with size, you must also remember when making your purchase. If you buy beads at an outlet or department store, ask a clerk or sales associate if they can measure different anklets for you. 

You can even take measurements yourself if there is no available employee present who can help. Anklet sizes will vary depending on your shopping outlet, so make sure they fit correctly before purchasing anything. Some outlets may provide better sizing opportunities than others. But remember, there are always returns!

Tips for Getting the Perfect Anklet Size

1. Give an allowance

Fashion is not really my thing, and I’ll be the first one to admit it. So, when shopping for anklets, I’ve always just picked them up at the nearest mall or chain store. However, more often than not, these stores sell the same anklets at the same prices for each size (i.e., $20 for any ankle that fits into a 5-inch anklet). 

But what if you’re looking for something better? That’s where online sellers come in. And while many claims they specialize in anklets and bracelets—I’ve found that most only have one or two sizes of each type of jewellery. This seller on Etsy, however, is different.

2. Allow for physiological changes.

Some people should allow for a little extra room on the inside of their ring to accommodate any swelling that might occur. Let’s say your suitable ring finger measures a size 7.0 but will swell during the day to 7.5; you should try on rings in sizes 7 and 7.5 to see which one best fits your finger while allowing space for swelling—and then buy it! And when travelling or exercising (those tend to be prominent causes of swelling), consider making sure you have some ease built into your ring size if possible.

3. Ankle bracelet length extenders

This jewellery accessory allows you to wear ankle bracelets and necklaces that are just a little too short. You may have come across length extenders for necklaces, but did you know that your local big box store also has them for anklets? Just take any old chain or clasp and attach one of these simple clasps—it will extend your bracelet by two inches or more. < Don’t forget – a pretty ankle bracelet is an affordable way to add a pop of color (and sparkle) to your look!: If you’re looking for extra sparkle on your feet, check out chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are almost always made of rhinestones, so they have their own unique sense of glamour.

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