what to eat before a workout

If you’re contemplating what to eat before a workout or yoga class or seeking inspiration on the most nutritious food options and eat, then you’re in the right place.

Deciding what to eat before a workout may be more difficult than you think! This is because there is a myriad of options for the foods you can eat to nourish your body, but not all of them are suitable to consume food directly before exercising.

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Fitness and nutrition are inextricably linked. Studies show that exercise or diet by itself does not sufficient for total well-being. Both are necessary to be at your best.

Have you ever gone to the gym or yoga class after eating a massive burrito? This isn’t an ideal situation. A lot of foods can make you feel tired, heavy, or just not motivated to exercise if take them in too close proximity to exercising.

The practice of yoga or any other kind of exercise is about creating a mind-body connection. So when it comes down to what you eat before – and after – exercising is important!

This article will cover:

 What to eat before a workout?

 What to eat after a workout?

The best pre-workout snacks

The best post-workout snacks ideas

The importance of eating mindfully

What to eat before a workout?

Of course, we’d like to avoid the gassiness that is evident due to the burrito incident, and we’d like to fuel to a level that helps us build the strength and endurance we need to continue our workout. 

It is also important to attend to the nutritional requirements of our body in particular following a HIIT exercise and the sweaty Power Yoga class.

Continue reading for suggestions for meals and snacks to eat before and after your workout. 

Take a look at a few that you like and try them!


Try Pre-Workout Snack

Foods for pre-exercise should be light and easy to digest so that they keep you full and not drained. Think fruit smoothies, smoothies nuts, nut butter, etc.

Of course, some prefer to do their workouts early in the morning on the empty stomach. 

But this isn’t for everyone.

According to the University of Delaware, the most effective food to snack on before working out is dependent on many factors, including when you work out, what your goals for training are, the kind and length of your workout as well as how your body is affected by certain foods.

If you need an extra boost to get your body ready before you get to the gym, try this yummy pre-exercise drink recipe here, or choose one of the simple snack options below:

Apples or bananas with almond butter

Protein shake

Hardboiled eggs

Hummus and carrots

A few almonds and fresh fruit

Greek yogurt with blueberries

The cottage cheese is topped with fruits and cottage cheese on the top

If you are exercising or doing exercise later during the evening or during the day ensure that you allow about an hour or two after eating a large meal, so that the food can absorb before eating. This is crucial when it comes to snacks that are high in protein.

What to Eat After Workout 

If you go through sweaty Vinyasa Yoga flow or enjoy an intense exercise, you’ll need to replenish your body’s energy levels afterward.

It is vital to rehydrate to stay hydrated, so make sure to ensure that your water bottle is filled… And bonus points for adding electrolytes! Take a bite or meal that is protein and healthy complex carbs.

Here are some great snack options for post-workout:

Grilled chicken served with rice and vegetables

Tofu scramble, spinach, and avocado

Chia Seed Pudding and berries

Protein shake

Egg and vegetable omelet served with toast

Crackers and tuna or salmon and sweet potato

Simple vegetable soup made of lentils and quinoa, like the one below.

This isn’t an exhaustive list in any way. For more info about what to eat before a workout or after, Read this

Eating Mindfully 

Connecting your mind and body is a vital aspect of any exercise. It helps us be more productive in our daily lives by exercising awareness. Your diet is the same as the food you consume.

In today’s fast-paced world eating is easy when you’re in a hurry.

We are all too aware of eating lunch in the rush or worse, not eating a meal or replacing a meal with an unhealthy and quick snack. However, slowing down and being conscious about our meals and food choices can create a significant influence on our relationship to eating and the body.

Here are some practical ways to take an approach that is more mindful when eating:

Take a moment before eating, take your time before eating and take a deep breath of appreciation

Remove distracting devices such as your mobile or shut off the television

Pay attention to how you feel during and following the meal to help you understand which is the most beneficial food for your body.

Make sure you plan your meals deliberately (and not just pick up whatever is available in the vending machine at the gym)

Best Pre-Workout Snacks: The Takeaway

Deciding on what to eat before a workout doesn’t have to be a hassle. So don’t overthink it. It’s a simple option to improve your body-mind connection with your fitness routine.

The most difficult part of nutrition is changing beliefs about food items that do not serve our best interests. When we change our perspective from seeing food as a source of pleasure to considering it to be the energy our bodies require to be healthy, our relationship with food is improved.

We move and exercise our bodies to build them for the years to come. However, as we said earlier in this article, exercising or nutrition on its own isn’t enough. It is only when we combine the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating habits that we can improve our overall health.

Have any of the workout snacks inspired you? What are your top food items to consume before and after yoga? We would love to hear about it via the comment section below. 

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