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There are many options for readers looking for tech news. The first place to start is TechCrunch. They have a huge database of start-up information and honest reviews of consumer tech products. Another great site is Cnet, which has a huge database of free software. Boingam is one of the top technology news sites. If you want a quick update on what’s new in tech, you can follow them on Twitter.


If you’re looking for an exciting and informative blog about the latest gadgets, then you need to subscribe to Boingam, a tech news site with the unique blend of futuristic tech and fun. The site has a great collection of short videos and the scoop on the newest smartphones, gaming systems, coffee makers, drones, and science news. There’s also a forum where you can interact with other readers.

The website is multilingual and caters to the needs of the tech enthusiast. It reviews new products, reviews new internet portals, and covers the latest apps. It also covers news and events from various Giants in the market. It boasts of more than seven million monthly visitors and focuses on the latest gadgets and technology. Its articles are easy to read and will help you make informed buying decisions. Gizmodo also features a variety of other interesting articles, such as tech and science news.

This website covers a variety of topics, including technology, science, design, and social trends. The site has articles about gadgets, social trends, and technology policy, and also has a blog, which allows readers to comment and discuss the latest news. Founded by Peter Rojas in August 2001, Gizmodo has grown into a worldwide media empire. It also offers reviews of wearables, drones, and smartphones.


While Boingam is known for covering entertainment and technology topics, it also has an established category on tech news. This global media site focuses on the importance of digital innovation and technology. You can find a wide range of interesting articles here, from new smartphone features to changes at Facebook. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments, Mashable is the best site to go to.

The success of Mashable is due in large part to the style of the articles, which are concise and easy to read. Originally, Pete Cashmore was the only author of the site, and he became overworked by writing articles on a daily basis. So, he hired an editorial staff and increased his output to seven to fifteen articles per day. Now, Mashable is one of the top sites for tech news and has over two million monthly active readers.

In addition to its technology-focused content, Mashable has branched out into other topics, including social media and life advice. This enables it to cover topics that are relevant to The Connected Generation. Moreover, its content is well curated. Thus, Mashable is a good source of technology news. It has an ever-growing community that grows every month. In fact, Roberts is now the Director of Marketing and Communications at Mashable, a hire that has proved to be a big boon.


VentureBeat is one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to technology news. Their content is geared towards entrepreneurs and innovators, and a daily dose of tech news will keep you up to date on the latest developments in the industry. They also host business and technology events, such as the annual CES technology conference, which brings together some of the world’s most influential tech people. The website has been around since 2006, and is now regarded as the most authoritative source of tech news.

Founded in 2006, Boingam covers transformative tech news and innovation. With a unique blend of deep context, VentureBeat covers a range of technology trends, including social, enterprise, health tech, cloud, games, and mobile. In addition to its daily newsletters, VentureBeat also publishes themed industry events, and its content is useful for investors, as it focuses on cutting-edge start-ups and the latest trends in tech.

Another source of tech news is The Verge, which is owned by the Financial Times. Its snarky newsletter is worth reading, and the investigative reporting is remarkably solid. It was once banned from consumer tech site Engadget because of its controversial reporting, but today, The Verge publishes useful tech analysis and industry scoops. Its website is also available in several languages, including Chinese and Japanese, so you can read articles in your native tongue.


Gigaom is one of the best tech news sites out there, but it is no longer around. Founded in 2006 by Om Malik, a former Forbes columnist, Gigaom was a leading source for technology news and analysis. In addition to its news coverage, Gigaom also maintained a market analysis arm and offered paid reports on tech companies. However, it closed abruptly on March 9 after it could no longer meet its financial obligations. Gigaom’s owner, Om Malik, has since become an independent columnist at Fast Company.

In the months before it shut down, Gigaom raised $22 million in venture funding. However, it failed to meet its financial obligations because its business model was based on a combination of industry research and events. Moreover, subscriptions were not able to scale up enough to pay for the events. However, the Gigaom content library, website, and events will be around.

The shutdown has caused a lot of disagreement among its employees. Some say the company was too poorly structured and could have paid off with more money and patience. Some employees at Gigaom say the company could have paid off if it had kept its research department running. But it’s difficult to gauge what will happen now that the company has ceased operations. The best way to determine whether Gigaom is still the best tech news site is to read the articles and follow its business closely.

Term Sheet

TechCrunch Disrupt, October 18-20, San Francisco, will feature Mandela SH Dixon, CEO of All Raise, Kevin Liu, General Partner of Black Ops, and James Norman, CEO of Pilotly. While understanding a term sheet can be complex, it can have profound implications on future investment rounds, who sits on the board, and the fate of a company. To that end, we’ll dive deep into the terms that affect startups.

Putting cryptocurrency on your term sheet can raise eyebrows in the UK, where company law prohibits this practice. However, a similar situation has occurred with Tesla, which saw its $1.5bn Bitcoin investment soar to nearly $2bn on its balance sheet. For startups, this approach may be beneficial in a variety of situations, and could ultimately lead to a larger valuation. Here’s how to incorporate cryptocurrency into your term sheet.

While the use of cryptocurrency is relatively new, it is becoming more popular among entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, crypto companies often need a Term Sheet to raise funds. This document outlines the non-binding terms of an investment, including the company’s valuation and voting rights. As a startup founder, it’s important to understand the expectations of your investor and know that surprises can occur. While you’ll likely have few surprises with a well-known venture capital firm, a new corporate investor may cause some unforeseen complications.


If you want to read up on the latest technologies, then Lifewire is the right place to start. Its content is full of expert advice and practical tips. The website attracts more than 20 million monthly visitors and employs over 80 technology professionals. In addition to delivering news about the latest gadgets, Boingam also offers product reviews, how-to articles, and tech-related advice. Boingam also includes videos, which are extremely popular among tech lovers.

Aside from technology news, Lifewire also offers tutorials and tips on how to use and repair different types of technology. The articles on Boingam cover everything from streaming, gaming, and networking to mobile phones and laptops. No matter what your interests are, there is an article to fit your lifestyle. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about being cheated by phony tech news – you’ll get all the relevant information in under 30 seconds!


Boingam‘s team of experts is made up of experienced writers and editors. Its News Editor, Kyree Leary, manages the site’s breaking news and features and runs a newsletter called Tech Today. Before joining Lifewire, Leary was a tech journalist for Futurism and the Portable Gamer. Throughout her career, she has written for various publications and websites, including TechCrunch and ThePortableGamer.

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