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Are you new in the field of machine learning? Well, in such a scenario, you must be struggling with where to begin learning machine learning – ML. For everyone who wishes to enhance their machine learning skills and make a career in machine learning entirely, you need to know the best ML language. 

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Today, there are more than 700 different programming languages used globally. Every single language has some pros as well as some cons. henceforth; beginners in machine learning usually find it a tough task to choose the best programming language. 

Having said that, we are here to help you decide Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning. Let us begin with a proper definition of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning can be defined as a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning offers computer systems opportunities to automate/computerize learning. The main goal of the machine learning algorithm is to make predictions based on the data insights. ML is used to identify if a mail is spam and predict what an image is. The ultimate objective of machine learning is to enable systems to learn automatically without human intervention.

What are the Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning?

Among the several programming languages, the most appropriate one for machine learning is Python. To support the statement, most machine learning engineers prefer to use Python for NLP problems. 

Machine learning engineers prefer a machine learning language based on the business type and business model they are working on. Irrespective of the individual inclination towards a particular programming language, we have jotted down the four best programming languages for machine learning.


Python is ranked as the leading programming language for machine learning engineers. Presently, 69 percent of machine-learning developers and data scientists use Python. Machine-learning using python offers a vast library ecosystem to the programmers. That is why machine learning practitioners prefer Python to access, handle, transform, and process data in a hassle-free manner. 

Python can be defined as a high-level, general-purpose programming language. The best feature of Python is it’s easy to use. Moreover, Python’s plain syntax and competency make it popular to learn and prototype.

In machine learning, Python is used in scientific and program-focused areas. Some of the applications of Python with ML are sentiment analysis, natural language processing, etc. Python Package Index comprises thousands of libraries of code, and a maximum of the codes are designed for machine learning. 

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Java is an object-oriented programming language & its syntax is similar to C++. If you are looking for the best machine learning language Java is an option. It is popular as a general-purpose programming language. 

Programmers use Java’s Virtual Machine to design applications that are accessible on any platform. At present, Java is attaining popularity among machine learning engineers who belong to a Java development background.

Java comprises several codebases & the majority of them are open-source tools for big data processing. For example; Hadoop & Spark are written in this programming language. With the use of Java for machine learning projects, programmers find it easier to organize existing code caches.


C++ is an object-oriented operative programming language. Fact be told, C++ is a complex language, but it’s popular in various performance-critical jobs. The machine learning engineers prefer to use this language for creating desktop applications & video games.

Being a low-level language, C++ serves innumerable computer applications. For instance, C++ establishes communication with machines’ native code. The best feature of C++ that remarks its popularity is a low steep learning curve and maximum speed.

If you wonder how C + + is used with machine learning, here is an answer! C++ with ML is useful to handle algorithms and command memory resources at a granular level. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – subsets of Data Science use C++ for analyzing large datasets. 

R is an impressive programming language for machine learning. Programmers use this language for statisticians. The R language is also widely popular among non-programmers. They use it for data mining, data analysis, and statistics. 

Machine learning engineers’ job role comprises executing statistical principles. Hence, it is very crucial to have an R programming language toolkit. Machine learning applications that use a lot of statistical data require an R programming language. R comes with several IDEs, manageable libraries, and tools to represent data graphically. Owing to these features, R has emerged as a popular programming language in machine learning. 

In machine learning, R finds a wide usage, primarily used as a supplementary tool to support other languages. Another popular use of this programming language in ML is to carry out tasks like sentiment analysis.

Machine Learning with Python Course

By now, you are well aware that Python is the best programming language for ML. Its’ high time, you think to enroll yourselves in Machine Learning with Python Course. This course is dedicated to teaching you the basics of machine learning. 

The course of Machine learning using python reviews two main components – you will learn about the purpose of Machine Learning, and you will learn how to apply ML to the real world.

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