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In today’s world, ninety percent of house buyers have reported that they search for real estate through the internet, and the conventional real estate window display consisting of property listings continues to be a common sight. People finding a new place in the real estate market to reside cannot help but look and stop, particularly in walkable cities such as Boston, Chicago, or New York. But what if this blog tells you that if real estate agencies equip every real estate window with a digital screen, they will lure many house buyers.

Utilizing digital screens to show content, such as properties listing, is known as digital signage. All screens would work, from professional monitors to consumer televisions. To broadcast their content on a real estate display screen, real estate agencies must attach a unique media player to that screen and use a web-based dashboard accessible on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to carry out the management of their content on that screen. Real estate agencies do not need to replace their printed listings with digital signage fully. Nevertheless, as real estate agencies show their clients how to properly use the square footage they can afford, they need to do the same with their window displays. This blog highlights why every real estate agency should equip its real estate window displays with digital signage.

It makes real estate agencies easily and rapidly update listings.

Real estate movement takes place rapidly, meaning that property listings should be consistently updated. The listings play the role of estate agent supplies for real estate agents. 

Updating them rapidly to imitate any changes real estate agencies guarantee that their prospective clients see the most current and accurate details. With printed property listings, it could be difficult for real estate agencies to update them. In many cases, real estate agencies need to update them manually or even take them down and replace them with new ones. That requires a lot of time, printer ink and paper they can be utilized otherwise. 

Digital signage is much simpler and faster to update because of online content management. Real estate agents must log in to their dashboard, change their content, and tap update. Real estate agents could easily edit, remove or add listings, letting them keep up with all changes in pictures, availability, and prices. What’s more, real estate agents could do this remotely through a device connected to the internet, even if you are not near the screens.

Real estate agencies could display interactive content apart from listings

Real estate agencies must not restrict themselves from showing property listings in their estate agent displaysand they should not do that. In other industries apart from real estate, digital signage could show different kinds of content that are dynamic and interactive.

  • Social media

Real estate agencies can show their recent Instagram posts or posts containing their chosen hashtag. They could request their clients to utilize a specific hashtag whenever they share their new house’s pictures, and then show a feed on their real estate agency’s display screen of every hashtag posted by their client. It is an excellent method to show that real estate agencies are satisfying their real clients.

It lures more foot traffic.

As we discussed in the start of this blog, a lot of people will look and stop at property listings personally. In walkable cities such as New York, digital signage is an essential source of leads. Backlit paper listings are very appealing, but sixty-three percent of people have reported that digital signage lures their attention. It also keeps their attention, as whenever real estate agencies show slides of property listings or the rest of the content, people want to keep viewing and check what is coming up later on the screen.


Your window displays might look excellent currently, but you can make them much better by equipping them with digital screens. These screens would maximize your space and save time. They will also represent your real estate agency well by making it seem visionary, cunning and modern. This will help you increase the revenue, profits and market share of your real estate agency in an impressive way.

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