Why is Flutter Considered The Best Tech of All Time

There are thousands of mobile devices and applications surrounding us. Billions of smartphone subscriptions have been made worldwide till now. Moreover, the apple app store and google play store alone hold around five million mobile applications available. The mobile application market is constantly growing, and this is exactly where most startups and developers put in their efforts.

So, it is justified only that the mobile app developers are always looking for faster, cheaper, and simoker ways to launch their product to market. The efficiency of the tools plays a crucial role in the process of flutter app development. In general, the tools determine how fast they can put the product in front of the customers, whether it is programming languages, app frameworks, or software development kits.

Let’s explore Flutter’s immense growth in popularity and the features that make the platform advantageous in the industry.

But first, let’s get a glimpse of some basic knowledge of what flutter is.

What is Flutter?

Introduced by Google, flutter is a free and open-source SDK for cross-platform mobile app development. It has a single platform-agnostic codebase and helps flutter app developers build scalable and high-performance applications with engaging user interfaces for iOS and Android. Flutter relies on a library that includes pre-made widgets, making it simple for individuals with limited experience in programming to build their mobile applications swiftly.

Speed up and simplifies the development process

With a number of different features, flutter makes cross-platform mobile app development faster and simpler. Since flutter makes it possible to develop cross-platform applications with a single codebase and UI engine, it helps reduce the overall effort required to produce different versions of applications for iOS and Android.

Flutter has an extensive widget where the developers have access to different functionality, which reduces the overall cost. Hot reload, one of the most prominent features of Flutter, helps in implementing changes to the code much faster. This further allows the developers to view the change effects in real-time without altering anything as such.

So, with that said, flutter app development can be considered an excellent choice for enterprises and startups. As a result, the time to market and application updates take less time in general. Lastly, flutter is the optimal choice for building and releasing MVP applications.

Deliver a quality user experience

For the ultimate success of the mobile application, it is important for the website to have an attractive, well-designed, and functional UI. Furthermore, flutter provides an outstanding user experience. Moving on, flutter has a built-in widget catalog that focuses on delivering visually compelling and high-performance application elements.

Building UIs from basic to complex interfaces with different components is a lot easier with flutter. Considering the direct compilation of native code, there will be no requirement for intermediate code interpretation steps. When compared to other cross-platform development applications, such as React Native, flutter can eliminate additional processing steps that reduce performance that further making it noticeably faster.

Easy to learn and use

Flutter is comparatively easy to grasp, whether or not you have much development experience. For developers working with other languages such as Python, C#, Java, or different object-oriented languages, getting ahold of flutter and dart will be easy. That is because dart is syntactically and structurally similar to other languages.

Additionally, for anyone with less development experience, Flutter has an expansive widget library that makes it easy to develop applications without writing extensive code; many platforms use Flutter to build applications without coding. Developers can find information through various means, such as forums, blogs, and many other communities.


Developers who are planning to launch any app in the market know how important it is to have versions for both platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. As per reports, Android holds more than 70% of the market share, whereas iOS holds around 27% market share.

If you are planning to build on a single native platform, you might miss out on a large part of the market, limiting the application’s potential success.

On the other hand, it could be costly and time-consuming if you choose to develop separate native applications.

Flutter app development can be considered a simplified cross-platform development. Instead of writing different codes for native platforms, developing cross-platform applications with flutter becomes easy. Flutter’s user interfaces are platform-agnostic, unlike Xamarin and React Native.

Scales efficiently

With a flutter, it gets easy to increase the user base or add features for an application without disrupting anything about the application. With Google’s firebase application on the backend, the scalability of the application is guaranteed. Firebase provides real-time database updates that usually help in ensuring that the data can sync quickly to among the clients. More about firebase, it minimizes and optimizes the amount of updates necessary to sync, which suggests that adding functionality does not negatively impact performance.

Furthermore, flutter app development provides an outstanding user experience. Moving on, flutter has a built-in widget catalog that focuses on delivering compelling and high-performing application elements.


Considering the high usage over the past few years, the market share of flutter is growing at a high pace. This justifies that flutter is here for a long time, and the platform’s popularity will only increase. Furthermore, flutter’s power and simplicity, it has proven to be the best choice. Businesses are continuously choosing Flutter over other different frameworks. Undoubtedly flutter has grown to be the most appropriate choice for businesses looking to build attractive cross-platform applications in a cost-effective budget. All in all, flutter enables the developers to build beautiful applications that are great in robustness and performance.

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