6 Minute Workout for Truck Driver Fitness On The Go

Regarding travel and being a truck driver making sure you have time for some driver exercises to stay healthy is critical to your well-being.

No gym is required for this workout!

If you have a body, you can do this workout for truck driver fitness on the go!

6-Minute Workout For Truck Driver Fitness On The Go Routine:

Set your timer for 60-second intervals and get ready for a fun and easy 6-minute driver exercise routine.

Bodyweight Squats: 1 minute as many as you can

1. Step your feet wider than your hips.

2. Bring your arms up in front of your chest or hold something heavy.

3. Slowly sit back into your hips and heels the first time you squat.

4. If you are sitting on your knees, try stretching your calves first.

5. Every time you come up to standing, squeeze your glutes and legs together

6. OPTIONAL: When you come to standing, press your arms or weight overhead for a shoulder workout and a bit of cardio!

Triceps Dips: 1 minute as many as you can

1. Find a bench or chair or use your truck step with a towel placed on the step if your hands are sensitive.

2. Turn around and place your palms (fingers facing you) onto the step or bench.

3. Step your feet out a few paces.

4. Slowly lift and lower your body by bending your elbows.

5. Keep your elbows tucked tight into your body, do not let them flare.

6. You can let your body sit at 90 degrees at the hips or try to keep it straight like a plank

7. Repeat as many as you can for 60 seconds.

Driver Exercise Walking lunges: 1 minute as many as you can

1. Find an open space where you can walk forward.

2. Place your hands at your hips to keep them square or hold weight, water bottle, or dumbbell in each hand at your hips for added challenge.

3. Begin to step forward in a long stride.

4. As you step forward, lunge with the front knee and drop your back knee towards the ground as best as you can.

5. Do what is comfortable.

6. Repeat this for 60 seconds challenging your stride each time.

Dumbbell rows: 1 minute for each arm, as many as you can

1. Grab your dumbbells, water bottles, duffel bag, hammer, or whatever you have of weight.

2. Place one hand onto the truck step, bed, bench, or chair.

3. With the other hand, grab your weight.

4. Hinge forward, so your body is at an angle from the hip, does not round the back.

5. Drop your weighted arm and let it hang.

6. Turn the palm to face inward.

7. Begin to pull the weight up towards your shoulder and keep your shoulder tucked tightened inward.

8. Lower the arm down.

9. Repeat this on each side for 60 seconds.

Heel Lifts: 1 minute as many as you can

1. Standing tall, find support if your balance is poor to put one or both hands on.

2. Stand with your feet either parallel or your toes slightly turned out.

3. Keep your body long and tall (like pulling up through the crown of your head).

4. Lift your heels as high as you can.

5. Then lower them.

6. Trying not to rock on your feet or hinge the hips forward.

7. Squeeze your glutes as you rise and lower.

8. Do as many as you can for 60 seconds.

Driver exercise does not have to be complicated or challenging; find space for or fit into your busy schedule. Try doing just one of these moves for seven days and see how you feel. Try incorporating another move-in each week after that. Or try to incorporate them all into your driver exercise routine at a time of day that works best for you. No excuses you can do truck driver fitness on the go.

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