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Going with a yoga teacher training program is a transformative experience but also an experience that requires both mental and physical commitment. This is especially true if you are thinking about doing yoga teacher training in India, the motherland of yoga. Whether you are planning to enroll in the best 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, a 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Kerala, or a certified yoga teacher training program from countries like Bali, Thailand, or Nepal, there are certain prerequisites that you can look into before signing up for the program. The question is how to know whether you are ready for the intensive curriculum of a 200 hour or a 300 hour yoga teacher training. Well, this is what we are here to discuss. We have underlined the top questions that serve as a guide to whether you are ready for a yoga TTC or should you rather give the basic practices more time. So, go ahead and ask yourself these. 

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Yoga Teacher Training

Have I explored the yogic practices long enough?

This question comes in the mind of several yogis aspiring to join a yoga teacher training program and it is good to question so. Directly going for a yoga teacher training program without practicing yoga at all might not be the best idea as a yoga TTC is a mentally and physically demanding program which works wonders for the ones who have been practicing yoga for at least 2-3 months. Yes, we are not taking years, but a few months of prior practice is surely recommended. Most importantly, is your heart and mind open to absorbing the curriculum of a yoga teacher training program? 

Am I Too Old or Too Young for Yoga Teacher training? 

Yoga is probably one of the rarest body sciences that can be practiced at any age and body type. It does not matter whether you are young or old, overweight or underweight, if you are devoted and emotionally mature to adhere to the process of yoga teacher training, you are more than ready for it. Whether you want to teach yoga or just practice it on a serious level, do it whole-heartedly and there would be no dearth of positive outcomes of a yoga TTC program. 

I am an Introvert. Is a Yoga Teacher Training Program Meant for Me?

Yoga teacher training is an experience that helps you crawl out of your comfort zone with ease and blend with the environment while remaining unmarred by it. Whether you have aspired to become a teacher or not, a yoga TTC certainly offers you the skills and expertise to confidently take extensive classes with proper demonstration and theory in sync. Teaching a class can make anyone anxious or nervous. The best part about these programs is that the teachers here guide you to become the best version of yourself and explore the other facets of your personality. The rest is up to you. If you feel that you are not ready to become a yoga teacher, then you can focus on becoming the best yoga practitioner there is. 

Do I have the physical and mental agility to become a yoga teacher? 

We have been bombarded with all types of assumptions about yoga teachers and one of these assumptions is that teachers who can demonstrate rubber-like flexibility and, or display the strength and balance of a superhuman, are the best kind of yoga teachers. While these traits are certainly beautiful to have, these are certainly not what makes a great yoga teacher. There is a lot that goes into the making of a great yoga teacher. Being physically agile is good, but more than that, it is important to have the right intention. If you have the intent to teach yoga and are willing to do so with an open heart and mind, you are on the path to becoming a great yoga teacher. Just abide by the curriculum and yogic discipline with dedication, there would be no stopping you. 

Is Yoga TTC Only Meant for Those Who Want To be Yoga Teachers?

Yoga teacher training opens the doorways to transformative experiences and leads the yogis to become serious practitioners and teachers. Whether you intend to teach yoga or not, a yoga TTC is recommended for you if you have the intention of going deeper into the world of yoga. 

I’m Pregnant. Is it okay to join a Yoga TTC?

During pregnancy, it is best to avoid a yoga teacher training program as the curriculum can be too intensive for a woman in her prenatal and postnatal stages. Once you have made a full recovery after childbirth, you can join a yoga TTC. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Once you sign up, it is possible to feel too worked up at times while the other times are just too mesmerizing. To keep the journey smooth, it is important that you devote enough time for self-reflection and also remind yourself from time to time about the reason why you joined a yoga teacher training program in the first place. Whether it is about the urge to choose a healthy, deeper purpose in life or is it the motivation to help others experience the magic of yogic science, it is important to keep coming back to these reasons for self-motivation. Let these thoughts and the overall experience you gain during the program be your guide toward mental, physical, and spiritual upliftment. 

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