YouTube Short Videos: Tips to Make These Videos Hot!

What is a YouTube Shorts video? Are short video clips able to be made monetizable on YouTube?

YouTube is the top video-sharing platform. It also launched YouTube shorts at the beginning of this year. YT Shorts is similar to Facebook and Instagram Stories. It’s a video in short form that can be produced with an app called YouTube. YouTube Mobile App.

There is a Shorts YouTube Version of the TikTok application. Vertical videos are recorded as long as 60 seconds and appear on YouTube’s search results. Follow the article to find out how to make YouTube Shorts and its additional advantages.

Let’s first look at how to improve your video to be suitable for YouTube Shorts.

The ideal aspect ratio is for YouTube Short Videos.

When creating them, ensure you use the proper aspect ratio. i.e., 9,16 for vertical formats. This can assist YouTube in classifying video content in the category of Shorts automatically.


While making Shorts sure that you should trim your videos to not more than 60 seconds, YT has a limit on the length of its videos. This can help you optimize your videos to a more efficient method.

YouTube Video Shorts: The hashtag for YouTube Video Shorts

When writing descriptions and titles of the YouTube Shorts, make sure not to add the hashtag #Shorts at both locations. Although it’s not mandatory, this step can help your shorts be featured on YouTube’s Shelf; that’s part of the YouTube Shorts section of the app.


In the ideal scenario, on YouTube, creators customize their video thumbnails to make them appealing to viewers. Most of the time, YouTube Clips selects a random frame of your video to be the YouTube thumbnail. However, you can modify it with programs like Canva. Thumbnails can increase the rate of click-through and will lead to an increase in views of your content.

We’ve come to an end with the blog. If you have ideas for new methods to add to this list of strategies for optimizing YouTube Shorts, Let us know via the comments. Learn more about how to create YouTube Shorts through our step-by-step guide. Have you realized that optimizing YouTube Shorts can help increase your YouTube channels’ revenue and value? You can also get free YouTube subscribers for your short videos with SubPals.


Once you’ve figured out how to make YouTube Shorts videos trending, start making shorts to boost the reach of your YouTube channel. YT shorts will undoubtedly assist you in gaining the exposure you require to increase traffic to the visibility of your YT channel.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is a YouTube Shorts video?

Answer. YouTube Shorts is like reels available on Instagram or TikTok videos that are 60-second videos.

Q2. How can I locate shorter YouTube videos?

Answer. It is a collection of short videos, and it is possible to watch them via YouTube. YouTube application. It’s accessible on your homepage or your watch screen.

Q3. Can short videos be monetized via YouTube?

A. Even if you do not belong to the YPP, you could be eligible to monetize for short videos on YT. This platform comes with the capacity to pay 100 million for shorts on YT and will produce the short videos that receive the most exposure.

Q4. Why is it that my YouTube shorts not receiving views?

Answer. The most common reason is that the viewer does not like the YouTube shorts. Therefore, you should play around with your content.

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