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Do you want to upgrade your laptop? If that’s the case, you might want to get rid of the old one. Each year, the technology leaders offer all their tech-savvy consumers new innovations. These innovations come in faster RAM, efficient cooling, a high-performance processor, a larger display, and many more.

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But instead of doing away with your laptop completely, you can recycle it. You can recycle the laptop in many different ways. Experts say that when around 1 million laptops get recycled, it saves a lot of energy, which is enough to power 3657 homes each year.

But how exactly can you recycle your used laptop without throwing it away? Let’s find out from this article!

Transforming It into Network Attached Storage System

NAS or Network-Attached Storage is one of the best ways to share files and store data with all the computers connected to your business or home network. These storage systems are pretty helpful, especially when you need extra storage. You can easily set up a NAS system on your used computer by installing a NAS application on the laptop. After the installation work is completed, you will have a server icon on the laptop screen.

Utilizing It as a Digital Photo Frame

You can turn your used laptop into a digital photo frame quickly. You just have to disassemble the laptop completely first. Remove all the additional parts and the plastic casing to properly fit the LCD and laptop circuitry right into the shadow box. This is an advanced project, and even though it might take a bit of time, it will be pretty valuable.

Utilizing It as an External Monitor

Another unique way to recycle your used laptop is by using it in the form of an external monitor for a new desktop or laptop. Having an external monitor can be pretty useful, especially when you’re writing an essay or a report, and you constantly need to look for information and references on another screen. This is possible through a virtual network computing solution, which will let you control another laptop or computer remotely.

Media Streaming Device

Laptops can stream various contents from HBO Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and various other services to the TV. But it can also take care of specialty websites that are not supported by the streaming devices, such as foreign language content. For a stable and reliable connection, you can use a cable that will connect the laptop to the television. To do so, you might use Mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI or DVI-to-HDMI cable for older/used laptops.

Minecraft Server

With a used or old laptop, you can easily create a safe gaming environment for young family members and buddies. Minecraft is a popular game played by hundreds and thousands of individuals across the globe. So, with the old or used laptop, you can change it into a Minecraft server. Here, you can easily control who can access it. It’s mainly because this is not an intensive game, and many used laptops can handle it without issues.

Use It as a Plex or Kodi Server

Individuals who want an excellent view of live television can transform their used laptops into Plex or Kodi servers. Which server you wish to install will depend heavily on your choice of content. Kodi has an add-on feature that offers an outstanding personalized experience. Plex provides many unique features that you can check out.

For Retro Gaming

Do you like retro games? You can use your old laptop to run your favorite retro games emulators. You just have to download and then install the emulation software on your system and pair it up with a controller, such as 8BitDo Pro 2. You can also purchase a controller that matches with the original console, which you’re emulating, such as SN30, M30 or N30

Utilize the Laptop Parts

In the majority of the cases, people can use the parts of their used or old laptop. You can save the hard drive to utilize it in the form of an external driver through an external hard drive enclosure. You can transform it into a plug-and-play system, which you can utilize as removable storage.

Donate It

When you do not wish to keep the used/old laptop, you can donate it to a local library, school, or other places. You can also inquire with the local organizations to check out the things they need. When it comes to PCWorld’s office, many community-oriented programs exist. These programs will let you help those who do not have much access to technology.

Sell or Trade-in

You might get a trade-in credit or an outright sell for your used laptop. The entire process is pretty simple, especially when you conduct a sell or a trade-in to a buyback solution. But if you wish to maximize the returns, you must consider the condition and age of the laptop.


There are many things which a person can do with their used or old laptop instead of discarding them right away. You can transform it into a safe gaming server, use it as a digital photo frame, give it to someone who needs a laptop and do various other things. Hopefully, this article will help you adopt the right measure in this regard. 

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