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Most students have a habit of misplacing their valuable supplies while at school. Sometimes they either forget about their belongings or become absent-minded and lose stuff. But, there are methods to avoid losing your useful school supplies.

This post will discuss some of the best ways you can follow to help your child avoid losing their stuff. Are you ready? Then let’s read along.

18 Ways to keep your child from losing things

  1. Teach them about responsibility – Responsibility is the fundamental skill that helps your child become structured and organized. But, the learning process can take many years for a child to adapt.
  • Be patient and persistent – The learning capability and maturity level of a child vary from one another. Therefore, parents should be patient and persistent if their kid fails to meet their expectations.
  • Beware of bullying – Sometimes, your child might forget if they’re abused or bullied at school. Thus, there may be a chance that the other children enjoy mocking your child or snatching away their things. Make your child aware of such negative behaviours. Encourage them to share if they face the same back at school. Their habit of forgetting will stop once the bullying stops.
  • Teach the value of hard work – Kids do not understand that everything they receive from their parents comes at a price. To them, their belongings are available in stores. So, teach the value of hard-earned money to your kids from an early age.
  • Give responsibilities – When your child is in elementary school, they can take up small responsibilities. But, you better be prepared for several failures in the process.
  • Begin at home – Discipline always starts at home. If you expect your child to become responsible, engage them in basic and simple responsibilities at home. For example, you can begin by instructing your child to keep their belongings in their place.
  • Establish routines – If your child builds a habit of repeating their activities in a regular pattern, it’ll help them remember better. You can assist your child and instruct them to keep their belongings at their specified place. Help them to arrange their books for the upcoming day.
  • Provide vocal guidance and pointers – You can converse with your child about their activities for the day. Guide them on what to do after each activity, like returning their supplies to their rightful place or placing their clothes where they belong.
  • Make your child recheck their activities –You can instruct them to recheck their activities. Always maintain some level of consistency over their actions. It’ll help them adapt to these processes better and faster. In addition, they can implement them while you’re not around.
  1. Create and maintain a checklist – Make a colourful checklist and keep it inside their school bag. Then, when your child prepares to leave for school, they can refer to the list and verify if they have packed everything they need.
  1. Stick labels on your child’s belongings – Although you might lose certain things, you can often get them back again. Once you place labels on your child’s belongings, there is a better chance you’ll get them back. In addition, you might include a phone number so people can contact you.
  1. Use a smart finder – Smart finders are devices that run on batteries and connect with your phone. It helps you track the belongings of your child. Preferably, you can use the virtual sharing feature to connect your child’s phone over a phone app. It helps them look for things they’ve lost when they lose them.
  1. Regular reflection – If your child loses anything, you can ask them to recall where the last place was they saw the item. Ask them about the time they lost that item or the people with them. Involve your child in the search process. It’ll help them create the skill that allows them to retrieve their lost items.
  1. Communicate with your child – You can ask your child about their next steps to get what they’ve lost. Involve them in the search process and let them use their tactics. It’ll help them to become self-reliant and independent.
  1. Avoid useless alternatives – Sometimes, parents tend to replace lost items with new ones. However, the child does not learn from their mistakes in this process. Instead, they’re likely to repeat the mistake later in their life.
  1. Identify symptoms of ADHD – While all children tend to forget, some of them can struggle with recollection. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD can hinder a child from processing information in the correct order. These children also lose their concentration sooner than others. Consult with a professional if you notice the early symptoms of ADHD.
  1. Maintain your calm –When your child loses their belongings, always remember to stay calm. Do not lose your cool. Instead, discuss with your child why they’re losing their belongings.
  1. Do not be judgmental – It’s nice to ask your child questions or reason about their problems. But, it’s pointless to become critical of them over such petty issues. You’ll only scare them off.   

When children grow up, they can keep better track of lost items. But, they might still lose their items in the process. In such cases, do not lose your cool rather, accept things the way they are.

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It’s natural for your kid to lose their belongings when they’re young. So, do not overstrain yourself; instead, stay calm and teach them with patience. It can help both of you in the long run.

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