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Lassi is a very simple and tasty drink that is found worldwide. All types of people love lassi, because of its simple taste and flavor. But there are some varieties in this lassi in some countries. They have made this recipe something different so that, it becomes totally different things from others. In some of the regiment, this different types of lassi are more popular and falous than the traditional types of lassi. Here I am trying to describe this type of some items which is popular worldwide for its taste and variety. Also, try to explain shortly how it can be made and served very easily.

Slated lassi or Leben

Basically, Leben is one kind of lassi, which comes from the Arabian and African dessert countries. This is also known as Laban in the Indian regiment country. Normally, pure Leben is made from the milk of camel. 

First of all, fresh camel milk is collected. Then they boil this milk on the stove for some while. By some continuative process, they make sour yogurt. Then, using this sour yogurt, they make Leben which is tasted salted. They do not use any kind of additional salt to make this Leben. But the recipe is something salted because of camel milk. Though camel milk is salted in taste, that’s why Leben is also salted naturally. And the taste of this natural salt flavor is totally different from the taste of our regular sugar. 

But, in the Indian regiment country including Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. this Leben is called Laban. And people use cow milk to make this recipe instead of camel milk. The making process is similar to Leben. But some additional salt is used to make this recipe to give the salty taste. This Laban is also too much popular worldwide because of its unique taste. 

Spicy mint lassi knew as Borhani 

Borhani is also another kind of Lassi that comes from Bangladesh. It is a mixture of two nations’ tastes. Arabian likes masala and Indian people like sweetness. This mixture of two kinds of taste makes a completely new kind of drink named Borhani. The naming history of “Borhani” is unknown. But most people say that this name comes from the Arabic word Borhan, which means proof. There is no drought, and the origin of this drink comes from Bangladesh. 

This Borhani is tasted sweet and spicy. That’s why most of the people who like to eat sweet and spicy, drink this, Borhani. This drink has a mixed and another type of taste, which is different from any other drink. Especially, people drink these drinks after eating rich food including mutton, rice, kabab, and so on. It also includes many of the masala and Rock salt into it. That’s why, it helps to digest food fast. 

Though it is very tasty to drink but includes a lot of Masala and ingredients into it. And the making process is also something different from other regular drink recipes. But I have found the simplest recipe in Foodsfinding. They described the whole Borhani Making Process very easily and perfectly. You can see the whole process there.

Kesar Lassi of Jafran Lassi

Kesar lassi is one kind of lassi, in which a different kind of masala Kesar is used. This Kesar is also known as Jafran and Saffron in other countries. Basically, Jafran is world’s most expensive masala which is produced from a flower named ‘Saffron Crocus’. This Kesar gives a unique taste, bloody color, and a mind-blowing smell to the drinks and foods. That’s why this Kesar has a big demand worldwide. 

Most people say that this Kesar Lassi comes to form Panjab, India. Panjabi people like to eat dry fruit too much. That’s why they put some dry fruit and Kesar into the lassi and this lassi. And this Lassi become popular worldwide for its taste and great flavor. 

Masala Lassi of Masala Chaas

Masala Lassi is also an invention of spice lovers. This is also known as Masala Chaas in the local area. 

The main ingredient of this lassi is paste ginger or powder ginger. This ginger is the main difference and added to this lassi. But some of the people also include some red chili powder, green chili paste, pepper powder, etc. Some people also input black salt powder to enhance its taste. 

Rose Lassi or Pink Lassi

Rose lassi is also a different kind of lassi. This is one kind of pink color lassi.  This lassi is not too popular, but its unique taste attracts people. It is not eaten all over the year. But in some special cases and some people eat this unique lassi in outside interest. Specially, this Rose Lassi is mostly deinked during Valentine’s Day. A couple like to eat this lassi on this day. 

The main ingredient of this Rose Lassi is yogurt, sugar, and Rose syrup. The rose syrup is the main different ingredient which makes it different from all kinds of lassi. 

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