7 Exciting Makeup Looks for Winter

As the winter approaches, girls get busy rearranging their wardrobes and gathering those long coats and laced-up sweaters from their winter stocks. But it is not only your wardrobe that needs a change this winter-trying on some new makeup looks will add to the glamour this season brings.

Makeup is an art for the unskilled, and watching YouTube makeup tutorials on hours to end is enough to strengthen your makeup muscles. The frigid season of winter brings along with it glamorous and shimmering makeup trends, that you cannot help but try.

In this season, social media gets flooded with smokey eyes, heavy blush, and sugar plum lips makeup trends, and you too, don’t want to lag behind in recreating those glam winter makeup looks in your own style.

In spite of the winter makeup looking extremely alluring, and too glittery for you to follow, their application is quite easy. These makeup looks do not require that much skill as you think it does, and you can easily get accustomed to crafting your face with enchanting art.

Also, since the winter season steals away moisture, you have to avoid makeup tools like face powder to prevent an over-dried makeup look. To help you create your own flawless winter makeup looks this season, look no further, as here in this article mentioned are the seven prettiest winter makeup looks that are sure to trend this season.

Here are the trending and best winter makeup looks to try this year.

Neon Green Makeup

Neon green looks are one of the topmost makeup looks sensationalizing the internet these days. If looking extraordinary is what you aim for through your makeup and looks, then one shiny look is sure to help you stand out. It is not just the winter, neon green looks perfectly blends with all outfits and in all seasons. The look will help you dazzle from the surface, and will make you feel supernatural on the inside. You can experiment a lot with neon green makeup styles such as the zesty eyeliner design, neon pink eyes, etc. There are various makeup tutorials available on YouTube to help you ace your Neon Green Makeup look.

Abstract Eyes Makeup Look

Makeup artists around the world do not shy away from experimenting and conceiving creative eyeshadows designs. Eyeshadows are no longer plain coloring work but now have become abstract pieces of art. This daring makeup look with slapdash eyeshadows is not for everyone, creating it right and pulling it off takes a whole lot of courage. With this eye makeup becoming a major trend on the runways, you too can also have fun with your makeup tools and set a trend. A finely crafted abstract eye is sure to turn heads and help glorify those striking winter outfits.

Dewy Skin Makeup Look

The frosty winds of winters siphon off our skin of its natural moisture and make it look lifeless. So opting for makeup that adds more luster is what you need to rock your winter outfits. Dewy skin makeup is a look that helps showcase your best features and make you appear natural. With the bold-shade makeup photos swamping Instagram, going for a natural dewy look will help you make a statement. Moreover, the heavy-blush looks take more time than the natural ones, so when you are short time, knowing these makeup looks will save you.

Dewy makeup looks makes your skin extremely glowy like glass skin, and yet makes it look simply attractive. For acquiring this look, neutral eye shades such as beige, peach, and tan are the best picks. A light foundation, subtle blushing on cheeks, and a lip gloss face mist, and you are done with your dewy makeup look.

Shining Brownzey Look

Another easy-to-achieve makeup look is the shining bronze look. This look does not require many tools as a highlighter, contour palette, eyeshadows, and a blusher are enough to get the work done. The perfection lies in how you use those tools to pull off a perfect shining bronzey look. You can use dark shades on your brows, for contouring, and for the lipstick, you can take your petroleum-based lip gloss and mix it with one of the nude or brown shades from the palette. And at last, applying the highlighter is the final touch required to complete this look and get you ready for a cold day outside. The look takes a few minutes and goes well with light-winter outfits such as the laced-up sweater or sweatshirts.

Pink Smokey Eye Look

To gracefully outshine the crowd, match the pink smokey eye look with one of those cute winter outfits. The color pink comes in various shades, and based on the occasion or the glamor quotient of the winter outfit you are wearing, you can choose the shade of pink. It is the shade that will determine whether the pink smokey eye look will turn out to be a soft look or a dramatic look. The makeup look can further be improvised using the different eyeshadow color palettes. You can watch makeup guides and tutorials if you have no idea how to go about doing this look. Pink smokey eye look, when done accurately and gracefully is sure to make some jaws drop.

Dramatic Lips and Eyes Look

If you do mind appearing bold, then trying this intimidating look will make you distinctively attractive. Winter outfits are quite dramatic, and accentuating their glamour with a dramatic look will give you an ethereal feeling. In spite of it being a dramatic look, the look is quite achievable given you employ the right tricks. Moreover, it is a fun makeup to try if you don’t mind stepping into your dark side, just for your own entertainment. The look can be paired with different shades of eyeshadows and lipstick. And a great dramatic look to go for is the black lips paired with smokey black eyes.

Galaxy Makeup Look

Another great look to add to the winter makeup drama is this galaxy makeup look. Nowadays, we see a lot of fun make-up videos experimenting with these audacious makeup looks. Galaxy is one such fun, dramatic, and elegantly aesthetic makeup to put on this winter. This makeup comprises otherwordly designs in the literal sense. The best color combinations to opt for this look are dark blue or dark shades of purple, with lighter shades of pink. And add some glitter to these galaxy looks. To dramatize it, even more, black eyeliner is perfect. Get a perfect galaxy makeup look, and appear like you are to get featured in a Vogue magazine cover.

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