Escape Room Tips

Escape rooms are the newest thrilling game in town. Several escape rooms are cropping up each day to cater to the demand for escape games. Escape games require you to use reasoning and practical skills to escape a themed locked room within a set time limit. You achieve victory only when you make it out of the escape room along with your group members. 

The escape room craze has reached almost everywhere in the world. If you look up escape rooms near me, chances are, you will get multiple relevant results. It goes out to show how popular these games have become. Now, it is okay to just have fun and experience the live-action escape game, but there is no harm in winning the game, right? 

9 Escape Room Tips  to Survive Any Escape Room 

Take on this fantastic experience of an escape room experience armed with some good escape room tips. 

  1. Form a good team 

Escape room games are team games. You need to form an excellent team to win the game. This has to be the starting point of your game strategy. Choose an appropriate number of players.  Go according to the particular game’s rule. Not less or more. Ensure you understand how your teammates work to build a better team rapport. Avoid chaos and arguments.  

  1. Listen to the game host 

The game host will explain the room scenario and the rules about the game. Understand the rules and listen to the instructions well. Accept that if they tell you a particular location or prop is unimportant. Escape games are not filled with dramatic twists, and your creative and cognitive skills are enough to solve the puzzles. 

  1. Learn the room layout 

Memorize the layout of the game room. See if you can find a map or room plan. Since everything you need will be inside the room itself, familiarize yourself with the room. Look at locations that seem important to you and connect them with the storyline. Specific props could have more value if you understand their placement and relevance in the storyline. 

  1. Identify the mission 

The next step is to identify the mission. You have one primary mission- escape the room. You can achieve that by figuring out clues and solving the puzzles. But other than this, you might have to accomplish some special missions related to the theme or the room scenario. Completing that is also important in order to survive the game. So, don’t miss out on the missions as well. 

  1. Divide the tasks 

Since escape room nyc are meant to be played with a team, the games are designed accordingly. Divide the tasks among yourself. Each member is suited for a particular task, so divide the tasks accordingly. Divide the team into seekers and solvers. This way, you can find clues and solve them faster. 

  1. Execute the actions well 

Organize the tasks and arrange them into categories so that you get a clear idea of what to focus on and which ones are out of the way. Make an inventory of the items you have collected, the puzzles that were solved, and the ones which were unsolved. This way, there will be less chaos when the time comes. A famous escape room principle to follow is the Occam’sOccam’s Razor. This principle suggests that the most obvious answer is often the correct answer.  The games are meant to be thrilling and exciting, not so tricky and mindboggling that you forget to have fun. Always remember that. 

  1. Avoid miscommunications 

It is crucial that your team has good chemistry. Cooperate with each other to avoid miscommunications. You can select a captain to make the process more organized. Delegate a location for occasional meetups during the game to discuss issues and to give updates. This will help avoid double-tasking. If someone is in a tough spot with their assigned tasks, they can get help from the other members. This will create a healthy team environment. 

  1. Ask for hints  

The game hist will let you know about the hints function. In case the game gets difficult for you, you can always ask for hints. Usually, you can give the game host a sign through the surveillance camera, and they will provide you with the hints.  

  1. Manage your time well 

Escape room games are only a success if you escape the room within the stipulated time limit. All the strategies you attempt will be in vain if you don’t consider the time limit. Delegate the tasks according to strength and manage your timings well. Communicate well in order to work faster. Set a time limit on each mission according to your capabilities, and don’t forget to look at the clock. 


Escape room games are appropriate for all ages and all events. It doesn’t matter if you have played them before or not. It will be enjoyable if you give the games a chance. So, don’t forget to check out an escape room near you and book an experience soon! 

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