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To make cervical disease screening quicker and more accurate, Aidot Inc. developed Cerviray A.I., a man-made consciousness-based demonstrative system that combines conventional cervical enlargement photography and computerised reasoning. In fact, we achieved 90% exactness in a guaranteed test report in 2019. This contrasts with the half-misleading negative rate that is typical for testing for cervical illness.

The answer from Aidot Inc. is mobile and tablet-based. For computer-based intelligence evaluation, it enables all medical professionals to detect cervical dysplasia and malignant growth with only a single tick in no more than 10 seconds, whereas cytology tests require an investment of more than seven days.

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Application for Aidot Inc.

You and your family are provided with a practical, clever, and simple solution for lighting, security, and control thanks to the Aidot Inc. application and AiDot clever gadgets. innovative technologies like computer-based intelligence, cloud computing, sensors, and so forth. The Aidot Inc. application makes life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. When enhanced with our optional simulated intelligence Insurance subscription, cams are noticeably more impressive.

Aidot Inc.-Related Organizations

Aidot Inc. and Rokit Medical Services:

Information on ROKIT Medical Care, Inc. Using its constrained 3D bio-creation technologies, ROKIT Medical Care is a global regenerative arrangements organisation dedicated to providing an effective autologous organ recovery stage. We provide clean-seat 3D bioprinters called “INVIVO” as lab tools to further research in tissue designing, material science, and regenerative medicine in the current market for sciences research. The development of 3D printing-based clinical stages that provide individualised treatment in the areas of skin, ligament, retina, and heart repair healing is currently taking place.

Briefly stated, the goal of ROKIT Medical services is to expedite the translation of bioprinting technology from the seat to the centre for work on quiet contemplation. Rokit Medical services are located in Seoul, Korea, with research bases in Boston, USA, and Saarland, Germany, due to the fact that it is an application of Aidot Inc. About INVIVO is a double module expulsion printer with built-in sanitization frameworks that was developed to let scientists produce intricate 3D structures using cells, proteins, and polymers for life sciences research. It supports three different types of printing advances, including fibre extruders (RT 250C), hot-dissolve pneumatic containers (RT 350C), and needle devices (- 5 80C).

Clinical meeting with JK

pioneer of the medical travel sector in Korea. The primary commercial activity of the JK Clinical Gathering is in the field of health, excellence, and friendliness administrations. JK makes an effort to provide our visitors with genuine celebrity services while also providing the greatest pharmaceuticals available. The JK Clinical group has expanded its brands since its founding in 1998 to include The JK Plastic Surgery Community, The JK Wellness Center, JK Undeveloped cell, JK Spa, and Stylish, Dr.

JK Clinical Spa, JK Enterprise (Development), JK New Face New Dream, and JK Beauty care items (Noble cause). As of June 25, 2014, Aidot Inc.’s portfolio includes five international facilities and three delegate workplaces in Korea, China, the USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UAE. The JK Ramada Inn will open in 2015. Awards: Korean Service of Wellness, “Best Clinical Establishment for Worldwide Patients,” 2011, 2012, and 2014 Greater Clinical Excellence in 2013 The tourism sector, thus, State Head of Korea ‘Client Focused Administration Grant’ for Korean Buyer Organization in 2013 and 2014 Branches: JK Plastic Surgery Neighborhood (Korea) JK Medical Center (Korea) JK – Harbin Plastic Surgery Facility (China) JK – Gansu Cosmetic Surgery Community (China) JK – Hanh Phuc Plastic Surgery Facility (Vietnam) JK – Abu Dhabi Plastic Surgery Community (UAE) *End of 2014 Local Places of Work: Aidot Inc.

Drug Boditech Boditech Inc.

For more than 20 years, Bowditch Drug Aidot Inc. has produced in-vitro diagnostic products and demonstration reagents by adhering to the principles of the “Regard forever” organisation.

In particular, almost 60,000 units of chroma TM readers are introduced and used globally, and ichroma TM CRP (C-Receptive Protein) has received the largest share in China, demonstrating an exceptionally high level of seriousness.

Through the computerization of on-site assessed immunodiagnostic devices and the development of new very delicate demonstrative reagents, Boditech Prescription Inc. is leading the way in examining new commercial fields.

Juvaka Care Aidot Inc.

Jivaka Care Aidot Inc. is a patient encounter organisation that improves access to healthcare for all people. As a result, it was founded in 2018, and Seoul, Korea serves as our headquarters. Seoul is the best city on Earth if you enjoy K-pop, grandeur, style, Korean cuisine, or high-quality, affordable medical care.

Our young, small 10-person team is operating in our own office in the Gangnam district, and is currently focused on removing obstacles for out-of-neighborhood patients who seek corrective solutions from clinical professionals beyond K-excellence skincare products. Our featured product is Jivaka Magnificence. Therefore, the group is financed by primary Korean money and was founded by Harvard, Google, and Seoul Public College alums. It is Aidot Inc.’s application that is useful.

Medical services that never end

With strong R&D capabilities and more than 20 years of experience providing clinical imaging and data systems (PACS, RIS, radiation portion the board arrangement, etc.), INFINITT brings the most recent developments in information research and artificial intelligence to the routine clinical work process.

Infinitt arrangements and administrations are regularly used by over 6,300 clinical offices and imaging facilities worldwide to provide top-notch patient care. The enterprise imaging stage from INFINITT enables healthcare offices to fully utilise the information at hand. It brings together multiple offices under the focused administrative structure of Aidot Inc. So that they can gather, record, access, and provide all patient images and data in a coordinated manner. Currently, the comprehensive dataset of all patient records is available for extensive data analysis, interdisciplinary treatment, and precise medication.

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Clinic at Seoul Public College

The Seoul Public College Medical clinic (SNUH), the designated clinical focus of Korea, has been proclaimed as a public improvement motor raising the nation’s medical services framework to top-notch principles in the clinical sciences, as well as clinical schooling, exploration, and patient consideration, thanks to the verifiable tradition of Jejungwon and Daehan Emergency clinic. Currently, SNUH consists of a number of branches that have grown throughout the years as an extension of the main branch located in Daehak-to:

SNUH Medical Care Framework Gangnam Center, SMG-SNU Boramae Clinical Center, SNU Bundang Clinic, SNU Children’s Medical Clinic, and SNU Disease Emergency Clinic. Additionally, by creating offices abroad, such as in the United States and the Middle East, it signalled the reporting of Korea’s excellence in the medical field. This motivated Korean medical services to lead the way in achieving the goal of popularising “Clinical Korea” on a global scale. It is yet another Aidot Inc. application.

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