Backwards On Whatsapp

One of your friends on WhatsApp sent you a message written backwards: intrigued by what happened, you too tried to try and do constant factor however while not reaching any positive result, therefore you’re speculative however he did it.

The answer is simple: he in all probability used some on-line service or app to format the text and switch it backwards. WhatsApp, in fact, doesn’t integrate a piece of writing mode that enables you to send messages in reverse.If you want to know more about 3plus2five I leave you my dedicated tutorial therefore you need to essentially contact external solutions.

How to write the other way up on WhatsApp from a smartphone

As mentioned on top of, to write down backwards on WhatsApp it’s necessary to show to third-party solutions, since the illustrious instant electronic communication app of the Meta cluster (the same as Facebook and Instagram ) doesn’t integrate a commercial hoc writing mode that enables you to perform this operation. During this case, if you wish to act as a smartphone , you’ll be able to benefit from some free apps for humanoid and iPhone just like the ones listed below.

Flip FF (Android / iOS)

An app that you just will use on an associate degree droid and iPhone to write down text backwards is Flip FF , obtainable for gratis transfer through the Play Store and different humanoid stores and through the iOS App Store. Once putting in Flip FF on your smartphone per the standard procedure , begin the app, faucet the Write one thing text field and sort the text you wish to flip, which is able to be instantly shown within the box below. Now, press the share button , so as to repeat and paste the text wherever you like, that is, during a WhatsApp chat.

Text electrical converter (Android)

If you have got associate degree humanoid smartphone , I recommend you furthermore may attempt Text electrical converter , a free app that’s extremely straightforward to use: once putting in it on your smartphone or pill, simply begin it, kind the text you wish to format backwards, copy it then paste it into a WhatsApp chat.

If you have got already downloaded the app (which is additionally obtainable on different stores ), begin it and sort within the text field Enter the text to invert here then click on “INVERT” the message you wish to write down backwards; then presses the REVERSE button settled on the left, instantly once the line.

As if by “magic”, the text you wrote at the highest of the screen is going to be reversed: you only ought to copy and paste it into WhatsApp.

How to write backwards on WhatsApp from a computer

Do you wish to send a message written backwards on WhatsApp on the computer ? No problem: you’ll be able to benefit from the web tools listed below, so as to send the message to your contact, exploiting the WhatsApp internet service or the WhatsApp Desktop consumer for Windows and macOS .

Upside Down Text (Online)

One of the primary solutions i like to recommend you switch to to write down the text to be sent on WhatsApp chats in reverse is the other way up Text : it’s a free on-line service that’s extremely straightforward to use and that, as will be simply understood from its name permits you to flip the text of your messages.

To use it, connected to its main page , kind the text you wish to overturn within the box settled below the heading kind text, words, letters, or symbols here and place the tick on the the other way up result (Flips text) item to flip the text and / or on the item Backwards result (Reverses text) , to reverse it.

Now you only ought to copy the text within the box settled once the words Copy this text to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, MSN, AIM, Gmail, Word, etc: and paste it within the WhatsApp chat.

Flip Your Text (Online)

Flip Your Text is another on-line service that you just will use to reverse the texts of the messages you wish to send to your contacts on WhatsApp. Its operation is simply as straightforward, since you do not need to check any choice to format the text: simply opt for the fashion you like to use by repetition the text from one amongst the projected boxes and pasting it directly on the WhatsApp chat during which you wish it. to send.

To use Flip Your Text for the goal you have got projected,If you want to know more in detail 9pmnews you can read the tutorial that I just linked to you and which explains it in detail. 1st hook up with its home page and sort the message you wish to format within the Enter Your Text Here text field , settled at the highest of the page.

Now, all you have got to try and do is choose the info vogue you like by repetition the text from one amongst the four text fields on the page: within the 1st box the text is the other way up ; within the second the text is formatted with the mirror result ; within the third box the text is each the other way up and reflected and within the fourth and last box the text is inverted .

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