basmati rice

Basmati rice has a soft spot in every Indian’s heart. A good meal feels incomplete without a serving of hot fragrant basmati rice. It’s super easy to cook, and absolutely delicious to have with lentils and vegetables.

How to cook Basmati Rice?

There are two basic ways of cooking Basmati rice, and both are simple. Before cooking, always ensure that you are first rinsing the rice with water. Next, soak the grains in a bowl of water for 15-20 minutes. Follow the below basmati rice cooking instructions for a perfect hassle free cooking.

Method 1: 

  • Take rice and water in 1:2 ratio and add to pressure cooker. For each cup of rice, add two cups of water.
  • Add salt as per taste.
  • Cook it on a medium for 1-2 whistles depending on your pressure cooker.
  • Serve hot.

Method 2: 

  • Add the rice and sufficient amount of water to a pot along with salt (as per taste) and let it cook.
  • Remove the excess water once the rice is cooked. Serve hot.

Cooking brown basmati rice is just as simple as cooking regular basmati rice. Health conscious people, and people with high sugars are more inclined towards consuming brown basmati. Learning how to cook brown basmati rice is a very simple task and doesn’t require high cooking knowledge. Brown basmati is considered to be whole grain, and is therefore considered to be a healthier option, but the taste is just as delicious as regular basmati.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the best version of cooked brown basmati rice for your meal:

  • Rinse the rice with water
  • Soak the grains for 15-20 minutes (you can reduce this period if you have any time constraints)
  • In a pot add water and rice (for each cup of rice, add two cups of water)
  • Add salt as per taste
  • Put the pot on medium heat and cook till the grains become fluffy. This will take around 30-50 minutes 

And voila! You’ve got the perfect hot bowl of rice.

At times, you may end up with broken grains of rice. You should know that the basmati rice break due to over mixing while cooking. Once you have put the pot/pressure cooker on the stove, do not stir the rice with a spoon. Let it cook on its own. The grains and delicate, hence meddling with them while they are cooking will end up breaking them.

These recipes are super easy to follow and can be perfected even by novices who do not have deep knowledge or experience of cooking. Just keep in mind how long you need to cook your basmati rice for. Timing is the most important thing while cooking rice. Do not overcook your rice, otherwise you may end up with sticky overcooked rice. 

The mark of a well cooked bowl of rice is how fluffy and separate the grains are. One or two times of practice is the most you need to get a hang of the recipe.

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