Bathroom Automation

In this fast-paced world, we all want our work time to be reduced as much as we can, so you can use that time for luxury. We value our time the most, so we prioritize the work accordingly. 

We need helping hands to fasten up our work, but not always humans. With the latest technology and exploration of things, many machines have been invented to make human life easy. 

Every human is dependent on machines to lessen their manual work. Be it washing your clothes in the washing machine or heating your food in the microwave. Automation has become a great part of human life.  When this automation met comfort, it was nothing less than a luxury. 

Anything which has a machine integrated into the bathroom is known as an automated bathroom system. For those who seek luxury even in their bathroom, go for an automated bathroom. To get these luxurious comforts, all you need is to replace your traditional bathroom accessories with automated ones. 

Automation is nothing but a technological advancement in products. You’ll find hundreds of ways to make your bathroom more modern. Installing sensor-based LED, heated flooring, exhaust fans, digital showers, window systems, and entertainment systems. 

You can customize your needs in these listed areas

The tub

When you install Auto-fillers in your bathroom, they’ll help in increasing your bathroom experience. These auto fillers let you set the amount of water you want and the temperature you want for yourself. Which will lead to less water wastage and a great bathroom experience. Another great feature is, it comes with auto emptying which saves your manual work and time.

The hand dryer

 Hand dryer is one of the essential and most efficient bathroom automation. They let you maintain your bathroom hygiene. Hand dryers come in many varieties, high speed, traditional, and even automated. You can choose one according to your budget and needs.


The biggest thing one needs in the bathroom is Privacy. But you can’t block every natural light entering inside the bathroom, as sometimes enjoying the natural soothing lights can be a great leisure time too. Installing drapes and blinds which are controlled by a remote or time, can be a great investment. 

The shower

One of the most popular bathroom automation is the digital shower. these showers let you personalize your bath experience. You can set your water temperature, and timing, and even control the pressure. 

Shower-tub combination 

A shower and a tub combination have been installed in bathrooms for decades. The faucets are designed in a way that they can control both the lower tub and the above shower. 

Waterfall shower 

A waterfall shower head is installed above a normal shower. The water flows in a very soft rainfall manner.  This is not for those who prefer water pressure on themselves while bathing. This shower promotes luxurious bathing which lets water waste a lot. 

Curved enclosed shower 

These showers are built in the corner of the bathroom in an enclosed manner. The doors are made in a graceful curve. These are very space convenient showers. 


Warm, heated water soothes our bodies. Imagine having a warm soothing bathroom? Getting Installed heated floorings in your bathroom brings a whole different vibe in winters. They help you save lots of money and energy by offering warmth.


Manier times we forget to turn off the lights and end up wasting electricity. Getting sensory lights can easily save lots of energy for you, they turn off as soon as you leave the bathroom door. 

Pendant lights 

Pendant lights are also known as drop lights. These lights are mounted right at the ceiling.  You’ll find them hanging with the support of a cord, chain, or metal rod. They are known as pendant lighting because they handle just the way a necklace has a pendant. 

Wall sconces

As the name states, wall sconces are light fixtures, fixed on the wall. Sconce lighting is what has been in use for centuries. There is a great variety of wall cones available which makes you overwhelmed while choosing one. The most popular and commonly used wall cone is known as the “Half moon”. 

Vanity lighting 

The most overlooked area of the bathroom is the vanity area. This is the most used area in many households as they do their nightly routine, and even grooming right here. Any task which includes your face work needs a well-lighted space. 


Mirror lighting

Mirror lights are special fixture lights that are made of mirrors in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Mirror lights make the space look more bright and attractive. They let you uplift the whole look of the bathroom.


Chandeliers are light fixtures that are made to hang. You’ll find chandeliers usually mounted on ceilings and walls. Chandeliers come in three different types: modern, classic, and contemporary. 

Smart Led mirror 

Smart mirrors are like superpowers. When they are charged, they answer questions like what is the weather and what is scheduled for your day. 

Bluetooth mirror

Listening to music is a great way of taking a bath. It makes your bath more enriching. But adjusting your phone and speaker in a dry place while having a shower is a real task. These mirrors have a built-in speaker, which lets your phone safely out in a room and you can enjoy the music while bathing. 

Shaving socket mirror

Mirrors these days have a socket, which lets you use a shaver or an electric toothbrush. They let in a good amount of lighting and even let you avoid getting any socket near the mirror. 

Vanity bathroom mirror 

These vanity bathroom mirrors are the most flexible form of mirrors you can get for your bathroom. They have a scissor arm attached to them, which lets you adjust it accordingly. 

Mirrored bathroom cabinet 

This mirror cabinet will not only bring you a modern touch but even help you get great functionality by it. The storage space a mirror cabinet provides saves a lot of space and even helps you make your bathroom look spacious.

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