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Digital business cards are the new-age thing for building your empire. It is one of the best ways to get the work on track. A digital business card is a new way to get into the business world. It has now started replacing the traditional printed or paper business or visiting cards. There are a lot of solutions that are available in the market for people looking out for such options. You too can make your choice accordingly. 

If you are confused or clueless about which will be the best digital business card for your business. We suggest you should have a look at the options. We have a list of the 10 best digital cards that have the capability to turn your business around. You can pick any of these once checking which amongst them will be the best. So, have a look at these!

Designhill Digital Cards

    Designhill is well-known and one of the best creative marketplaces in the world and has more than 5 million designs created to date. Design and offers a world-class designing platform and experts to help you.

    Features of  Designhill

    • Apart from the free offerings, there are different packages with multiple features. And the range of options varies significantly.
    • You get multiple design options which are even more than 80 designs. 
    • The range of features included in their paid packages has highlights like blog promotion, newsletter promotion, social media promotion, and more.


    • The personal plan is $23.99 per month.
    • The Lite plan is $21.99 per month.
    • The professional plan is $21.49 per month.
    • The startup plan is $20.99 per month.
    1. Linq

    Linq is the best fully customized profile containing links, photos, contact information, and much more which other electronic business cards offer. It shares details straight with someone’s devices. It offers a variety of product designs whatever you like.

     Features of Linq:

    • It offers a variety of customization free of charge, including colors and logos.
    • The platform is easy to maintain using Linq’s technology. Team leaders can easily manage the whole team using this tech.
    • Linq also offers products like Cards, Badges, Taps, Bracelets, and much more. This takes the transfer of information to a new level of creativity and leaves a good impression on the customers.


    Linq is a paid program and it has a wide variety of costs due to the products its offers. It also has a pro version that can be added after the installation of the free app.

    Price of some products:

    • LInq Bracelet: $19.99 
    • Custom cards: $36.99
    • Custom badges: $34.99
    1. Canva

    Canva is well known for its art and design features. This software is widely used for making logos, templates, and card designing features. It is also a great choice for building a Digital Business Card.

    Features of Canva:

    • Canva offers a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with a highly intuitive interface.
    • It also offers thousands of pre-designed templates that are created by many professionals.
    • It provides many customizing formats, which can be used to make their card unique and special.
    • Canva also gives you the option to print your design, which allows you to make your card digitally and physically the same.


    Canva is a free-to-use platform. But for more features and different customization options, it also has a pro version.

    Pro Version Cost: $12.99/month.

    1. Knowee

    Knowee is one of the best choices to create your virtual business card. Knowee’s technology allows you to digitize business cards using OCR, and integrate with CRMs.

    Features of Knowee:

    • Knowee offers you to know the environmental benefits you contributed using its business card.
    • Adding your details, and contacts with Knowee is much faster and easier.
    • It also has an analytical tab, where a user can get real-time details about the clicks and sharing details.


    There is no cost for individual use although it is a paid program. It has multiple price plan

    Team pack: $243.99

    1. QRD

    QRD is a great platform where you can create your one-time dynamic business card and be able to share it using QR code. Looking for business cards online? We suggest that QRD should be your next pick. 

    Features of QRD:

    • It provides several features like Navigate to your address with this you can easily locate in a map the address of the business card.
    • By the use of its dynamic QR code, you can have your business card link directly to multimedia content.
    • QRD ensures the highest level of safety for its user information and promises not to release any personal information of the user.
    • QRD offers you to create an interactive digital business card that attracts the customer and draws attention to your product.


    QRD offers both free and paid plans. There are a variety of paid plans for companies.

    Free plan: 1-QR and 100 scans per day

    Paid plans: offer 3 different types as per the business need.

    1. Beaconstac

    Beaconstac is the leading company in the creation of digital business cards. It is known for its unique QR code creation to help in sharing business cards. This happens to be an amazing digital card that has been there in the market for business owners. 

    Features of Beaconstac:

    • Beaconstac gives high priority to the security of the data and personal information of the user.
    • QR code provided by Beaconstac can be attached to a website, email, or physical card which can increase the productivity of the business.
    • Beaconstac also has a feature in which you can share thousand of your business cards within minutes.
    • The company also offers a variety of information on its card including business details, contact information, over 20 social media links, images, and much more. 


    • Beaconstac gives both free and paid plans. In the paid plan there is a 14 days trial.
    • Free plan: 1-QR code where it has static information which cannot be changed.
    • Paid plan: Lite- $15 per month, Pro-$49 per month, Plus-$99 per month.
    1. HIHello

    HiHello is the most popular platform for the creation of digital business cards. It provides a variety of features for the creation of the cards which it stands out among the other competing apps and platforms. It is free to use and has an intuitive interface.

    Feature of HiHello

    • The dashboard is very easy to understand due to which the creation of the card is completed in a few minutes
    • It gives various ways to share your business card including URL, QR, and much more.
    • There are many great templates created by professionals which make work a lot easier.


    HiHello is a free platform but users can upgrade to the pro version for the larger business.

    1. Dibiz

    Dibiz is one of the most user’s friendly platforms. It is well known for its interface and dashboard. It also has an analytical option to track activity.

    Feature of Dibiz:

    • Dibiz has a feature to track the number of clicks, sharing of card details, and much more.
    • Dibiz paid plans are more useful for the larger business due it more intuitive and accessible.


    Dibiz has a free plan but it is not as useful as its paid plans.

    Paid plan- $60 per year

    1. Camcard

    Camcard has no feature to create a business card but it creates a list of the information that feeds on it.

    Features of CamCard:

    • CamCard is used to make a digital copy of the physical card and share through it.
    • Scanning a physical card is quick and easy.


    Free of cost

    1. Kado

    Kado is also a digital business card-creating software. Rather than creating a business card it also gives a networking platform after the creation of the cards.

    Feature of Kado:

    • Kado is not only a card-creating platform it also gives freedom to share your card with the network potential client via its networking feature.
    • Kado app has a variety of functions that are included in the app.
    • Kado has many templates which help users to design its card entirely on the app.


    • Kado has a free-to-use platform but some features cannot be accessed by the user. The paid version of the Kado gives entire access to the platform
    • Paid version: $4 per month


    Based on the logo design there are a lot of other factors that can bring these business cards one of the best in the market. You can check the websites of these solutions to understand what they are offering.

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