Best Funny Games For Kids

Games are the best way for kids’ physical and mental growth. If you play with your kids it is a good opportunity to create their funniest environment. Keep kids away from the childhood games and engage them with a new game.

these days parents give their kids mobile too early in their age. And kids love to watch cartoon types streaming platforms on their sites. However, they forgot its consequence. It can be very dangerous in long run. Therefore games are very important in the life of every kid. It not only keeps engaging them but also makes them happy without any harm.

All parents keep their children healthy. There are many non-predicative indoor games to keep from getting sick in winter. You don’t need many things to play these games. Everything you can need can be taken from home . So let’s know about the best funny games for kids.

Shape game:

You need chalk to draw a straight line on the end of your floor. Ask the kids to stand there, and draw lots of numbers or shapes at the other end. Then ask to go to the shapes or numbers in different styles. Like as jump as frog, go by crawling, etc. As a result the kids became happy and also gain knowledge about shapes and number.

Target game:

All the kids saw the plane flying in the sky and thought, if I can fly the plane. So you made a paper plane and  also made a target on the wall. When your kids hit the target then your kids became happy. The kids also know how to achieve a target.

Potato race:

Potato race is a very funny game for kids. First you need some potatoes and some papers.   You keep the potatoes on a straight line , also draw another straight line 10 meters away from this line. The kids stand up the line opposite the potato line. You need a stopwatch to see the time. When you say ready and go, then they run and take the potato and come bake the same line. Here who takes a short time the kid will win the game.

Math race: 

Math race is also similar to a potato race. This game is mainly played by kids above 7 years old. Here you need paper, pencil, and chalk. You give math in the paper. You say ready and go, the kids go there and solve the math and come back. The boy who came first and also solved the math in a short time , the kid will win the game. The kids also grew their knowledge about math. 

The Rope Climb:

It is the best way to stay healthy by playing funny games. This game is also played by kids above 7 years old. First you need a long, thick and soft rope. You will hang the rope on the medium tree brunch, nearly 7 ft. The kids hang the rope and touch the branch and come back on the ground. The kids will enjoy the funny game because it is so interesting.


 Drawing is the best fun for the kids because they draw anything in their mind. You will give their color, pencil, and drawing notebook. In the present you have many drawing and coloring apps on the play store that you download on your phone, so you also give the phone a color for drawing. This is the best funny game for kids.


If you have little kids at home , They entertain themselves with the above games  .Here are some best funny games for kids. You can help your kids to enjoy and learn at the same time. I think you are helpful for the advice given above.

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