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We’ve bought and tested the most reliable hangers in the last few years. The current review reviews 7 of the most sought-after models on the market. We bought all of these hangers, and our climbers thoroughly tested them side-by-side. A hangboard – also referred to as a fingerboard is a must for every climber’s training regimen.

Let’s look at seven of the best hangboards for professional climbers.

Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center

To create this hangboard, Trango teamed up with the Anderson brothers, the authors of the famous training book the Rock Climber’s Manual for Training.

The book provides many details about designing a robust training program, and the RPTC illustrates the systematic approach.

These main lines vary, becoming smaller towards the edge of the boards. The small dots in the rear of the board offer tactile references.

On the one hand, this can be confusing because the index finger has more work to do than the pinkie.

Notorious Contact

While it was beaten in scoring by the Trango RPTC, the Metolius Contact produced an impressive performance for an all-round board. Particularly at this cost, it’s an excellent choice for climbers of all levels.

The most appealing aspect of contact Contact is its sheer quantity and variety of hold options.

It features edges with varying dimensions and angles. Some pockets matched the pockets, and even two graduated pinches. There are only one pair of slopers, but they’re plenty to last.

The Contact is most likely targeted at more experienced climbers, but it’s so welcoming that nearly anyone can get onto it.

Moon Fingerboard

Nowadays, the term “Moon Board” calls to your mind a bouldering wall powered by LEDs more than a hanging board; however, this extremely hard-wearing fingerboard has been a favorite of cult collectors for a long time.

Its Moon board can be described as a straightforward hangboard. With just 15 holds, It’s slim and narrow.

The table-curving forms are ergonomic and enjoyable to work with. Although they are scarce, they offer an array of sizes and depths. The jugs have just enough to be warm on, and the slopes and pockets are great additions.

Metolious Simulator 3D

The hangboard is a common spot in gyms, and it’s easy to see the reason. It’s a comfortable and user-friendly board that is suitable for every person.

In lieu of flat bottom, The design of the Simulator is slightly curved. It is hung beneath the board. You can pull it in slightly instead of straight down.

It’s more comfortable than the majority of hang boards. With the Simulator’s size, it provides an easy hanging.

The range of hold options is impressive (despite the absence of pinches); however, holds tend to be geared toward an intermediate crowd. The three jugs are massive, as are the vast majority of pockets and edges deep.

SO ILL iron Palm

The style of this board may appear straightforward, yet it still became a popular choice in training. Veteran professional Jason Kehl designed the Iron Palm, and the Iron Palm has some unique advantages.

The first can be called the slopers. Most climbers don’t consider hangboarding to help improve their sloper skills; however, Iron Palm is the best choice for those who do. Iron Palm has our favorite pair.

Instead of the standard vertical slope, The Iron Palm features two large and well-spaced half-spheres that you can use however you would like. They’re more comfortable and enjoyable to hang on to than other slopers we’ve tested.

Metolious Project

The Metolius Project is pleasant, but it is ultimately a bit it could be better.

The board appears and feels like an abbreviated version of its counterpart, Simulator 3D. It’s got the same soft curve, and the hold shapes are as comfortable. It’s ergonomic, intuitive and accessible to nearly every climber.

The hold selection could be clearer. The smallest edges on the Project aren’t as deep, and there’s not enough variety to allow for steady progress. For advanced climbers, the board is too narrow for serious ClimbingClimbing.

The main drawback to the Project is its price. It’s the most affordable complete hangboard we tested. It’s also tiny together it with the Moon board. This one can be the easiest to set up in tight spaces.

Metolius rock rings 3D.

For fairness, those who own the Rock Rings were not equal in this exercise. Instead of a board, The Rock Rings are two independently suspended holds with different grips.

With their apparent limitations their limitations were obvious. Rock Rings would never be able to put up an impressive score against fully-fledged boards.

The hold selection is restricted to four pairs of Jugs and three sizes of pockets. It’s possible to simulate the progression using finger movements. However, it’s more hassle than it’s worth. 

If you’re a beginner, you may be uncomfortable using a hang board. In this case, a hand grip strengthener ball could be your best option.

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