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Have you seen people at your home, in your circle, or around you having coffee mugs with customized company names, unique artwork, sweet sayings, or catchy messages? They seem to catch your attention. Do they not? According to the survey results given by Heinz Cup Soup, it is seen that over 65% of the population develops an emotional attachment to their favorite coffee mugs. This is where businesses see a sparkling chance to be a part of that attachment by taking the time to choose custom-made coffee mugs for them. 

Your custom-made coffee mugs can serve as a staple in people’s boardrooms, kitchens, and offices. And it is a trend that will not expire in this century, given its enduring popularity. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why custom coffee mugs help your business in standing out from others.

Why Give Custom Coffee Mugs?

Businesses give custom coffee mugs because they are one of the most useful, versatile, and memorable ways to brighten someone’s day while delivering your message to them. Let’s take a look at some of the ways businesses use coffee mugs for:

  • Brand Awareness and Advertising

We all know how crucial it is for our businesses to create brand awareness in people regardless of whatever our industry is. Whether you own a salon, or coffee shop, run a bakery, or even offer services such as accounting, or finance, you must want your customers to be aware of your company’s name and brand. You want them to know that they can approach you if they need the services that you provide. 

Coffee mugs serve as a great canvas for your brand’s name, logo, or message that you want to display to the audience. People do not discard coffee mugs because that is something they can use on a regular basis. So, through custom-made coffee mugs, your business will get exposure every time someone takes a coffee sip from it. 

  • Great Gift-Giving

You must have seen how people use specially designed things and gifts to give to their loved ones on special occasions. In the same way, you can give custom coffee mugs to your people to make them feel valued and deliver that perfect sentiment to them. You personalize your coffee mugs with the specific employee’s name, inspirational and sweet sayings, or attractive artwork. 

  • Home Decor

Do you know that your custom-made coffee mug can be the perfect addition to someone’s office or kitchen? They look great. Get your coffee mug designed the way you want such as a coffee mug with a set of motivational sayings, or with photographs, artwork, etc. You can also go for monogrammed custom coffee mugs. You can add a touch of personality to your custom-made coffee mugs

  • Create Loyal Customers

Previous studies and research have shown that over 66% of the population remembers a brand’s name if memorable and useful products like coffee mugs are given to them. Most businesses even showed interest in doing business with the company again. A well-thought promotional product like a coffee mug not only helps your company in retaining customers but also attracts new ones at the same time. According to a British study, a customer can most likely and happily switch from one brand to another if a gift with purchase is given to them. 

Tips to Make Your Business’s Coffee Mugs Stand Out

It is better to create the design of your custom coffee mugs to make them uniquely attractive to your customers. Let’s discuss the top 5 tips to make your coffee mugs stand out to your customers. 

Tip 1: Plan the Design Out

Before designing or getting your coffee mug designed, plan out the kind of design you want from start to end. The things that you might focus on include choosing a design that fits the mug space, deciding the number of colors to use for the design, etc. You must see if the design will cover just one side of the mug or the whole mug. Moreover, you also need to decide whether your design will be microwaveable, washable, or permanent. 

Tip 2: Decide Your Base Mug For Strong Durability

Of course, as a reputable business, you want to make sure that your coffee mug is durable and lasts for a long time. You need to make sure that they are easy to take care of. We suggest you go for custom coffee mugs that are dishwasher-safe and microwavable. 

Tip 3: Choose the Colors Wisely

Color can prove to have a real impact on your coffee mug design. It is better to be color-wise because if the color combination is too dull, the mug will not look appealing. And if there are too many bright colors, the design will end up looking like a mess. Before finalizing your coffee mug, choose the right combination of colors for it. Getting a raw stretch before finalizing the product saves you from the mess. Many people get their products like t-shirts and caps printed from t-shirt and cap printing companies they approach online. 

Tip 4: Portray Inspiration

Who does not love to be inspired right? Everyone likes to keep things that have popular or inspirational sayings on them. You can find a soothing quote from a popular actor, public figure, or author. You can even go for trending memes that you see on social media. This will give a spark of motivation to all the people who use your coffee mug. 

Tip 5: Get an Appealing Packaging

Do we, not all agree that the first thing that catches our eyes is the appealing packaging? It is how people form impressions of a company. Packing your coffee mugs nicely can lead to your company’s advertisement. You can use colored tissue paper to wrap your coffee mug and then put it in a sturdy box. This way you can make an impact on your customers. Also, do not forget to secure the box so it can be safely carried. In addition to that, you can also attach a business card at the top of the box. Or you can even put it in the box for a reminder

Apart from the coffee mugs, you can also go for portable travel mugs. Because no matter what, people use mugs and cups all the time. Whether for hot cocoa with their kids, hot coffee for breakfast or even tea in the evening. Businesses usually go for trendy and unique-styled mugs to stand out from other businesses. 

People are genuinely very happy and excited when receiving gifts or promotional products. One more important point to keep in mind before giving away custom coffee mugs is to make sure they are eco-friendly. Do you not think that reusable mugs are better than disposable cups? This way, people will be more supportive and loyal to you, because who does not support sustainability? We hope this blog helps with designing your custom-made coffee mugs and making your company get that edge in the industry. For examples of designs and ideas, you can always go on the Internet.

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