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The people with alignment and crookedness issue may dread with the terror that they have to put on those ugly wires and braces and deal with tremendous pain. But no more! Thanks to the greatest technological innovation which lead to the creation of Invisalign- a clear, plastic and custom-made aligner to restore your beautiful smile! 

However, you can’t deny the efficiency of the traditional braces in fixing dental problems at the same time. This leads to never-ending comparison battle between these in terms of costs, efficiency and personal preference. So, here, we will discuss which one is much worthy- Invisalign or Traditional Braces? Let’s see…. 

Less number of orthodontic visits with Invisalign

The orthodontic clinic is really expensive especially for those who don’t have the dental insurance policy. Metal brackets and wires require tightening much often on the basis of the expected treatment tenure. However, Invisalign minimises the number of visits to orthodontist clinic as new aligner can be replaced from the comfort of your home. 

No essentiality of repairing with Invisalign

While undergoing the teeth straightening treatment using traditional braces, you become accustomed to too many repairs as wires and brackets often get loose. Invisalign eradicates its necessity completely as it is custom-made aligner that fits you snugly. But you need to change the aligner in the course of every 2 week to continue with the treatment.  

Invisalign promotes easy practise of oral hygiene 

Practising oral care regime is really daunting while metal braces are there. As a result, plaque and food debris which remain stuck in-between your teeth start emerging gum diseases and cavities. In the meantime, you end up with degrading your overall oral health while undergoing teeth straightening treatment. 

Sometimes even after flossing and brushing food particles can escape from it leading to swollen gums and cavities. As Invisalign can be removed, oral care regime is only a matter of time. Simply pop out the aligner, floss and brush the teeth and clean your aligner and place it back over to your teeth again.  

Invisalign is less visible to eyes

The biggest USP of Invisalign is its transparency! It is made from clear plastic which makes it less noticeable by any casual observer. Moreover, with Invisalign, you don’t need to be conscious while smiling and speaking in public again as there is no situation of embarrassment. Also, it is quite gentle on the mouth and hence no gum irritation will be experienced by you anymore.   

No restrictions on foods and beverages with Invisalign

As metal wires and braces are attached to the teeth permanently, you have to abstain from consuming certain drinks and foods during the entire treatment period. Otherwise, it will degrade your overall oral health making cleaning a troublesome and damage the wires and brackets as well. 

But Invisalign is removable and so you don’t have to limit your eating and drinking habits. All you need is to consider the total time you can keep the aligner into your mouth for steady progress. 

Invisalign possesses fast treatment period

Irrespective of varied treatment period, typically it involves fast treatment period relatively than other available orthodontic solutions. It is so, because in this treatment sets of new aligner are provided to the patient once in every 2 weeks to possess more control on the exerted pressure to teeth for straightening and re-positioning them. 

But in teenagers the treatment is similar to that of the traditional braces as their teeth undergo more growth and shifting. 3D technology is used by the orthodontist for mapping every stage of the treatment. By this way you can come to know what will be the end result of each stage and you feel much more confidence regarding making your choice for teeth straightening. 

Invisalign fixes complex conditions efficiently

Apart from minute issues of misalignment it can fix a wide range of complex conditions like under bites, overbites and malocclusion as well. 

Invisalign makes use of innovative technology

If you are really excited to know what true innovation refers to then just check the number of options of Invisalign. Only its creator can define it in a justified manner. It is not surprising that Invisalign and its options are meticulously designed for serving various orthodontic needs of every-aged patient. 

If you have only a couple of crooked teeth then Invisalign i7 is the best option for fixing them. This aligner is dedicated to fix a few number of misaligned teeth and for multiple alignment issue you should go for Invisalign full as well. It offers a set of aligner for restoring much more complex alignment conditions. 

For moderate crookedness and misalignment Invisalign Lite is there ready to assist you in obtaining the lost beautiful smile by offering more than i7 yet not full.  

Special teens’ features by Invisalign

Invisalign doesn’t disappoint teenagers and youngsters as well. But to keep the treatment effective it has to be worn for long 22 hours on a daily basis. There is nothing exceptional to that in case of teens also. The Invisalign teen comes with a compliance indicator which becomes clear from blue to indicate the patients if it has been worn enough for a day! 

Although there isn’t any specific restriction with this treatment but the time period should be maintained throughout the treatment period otherwise the desire result can’t be achieved in the end. Moreover, it will prolong the expected treatment window at the same time. Also, the patients have to be diligent in ensuring proper care of the Invisalign. 

Every morning it has to be popped out of the mouth to clean the aligner along with brushing and flossing your teeth. This step needs to be done every time you are eating something or having any beverage. 

It will not only keep the aligner free from staining but also free from releasing any odour as well. The aligner needs to be rinsed off well firstly followed by gentle brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush. To obtain fresh and plaque-free start every day, soak the aligner in Invisalign cleaning crystals or denture cleaning solution. 

If Invisalign is correct for you?

To undergo Invisalign treatment at first you have to check whether you are eligible for it or not! For this, you must consult a dentist for Invisalign in London to ensure the suitability. Remember that ‘one size never fits all’ and considering the severity of your oral problem the most appropriate solution will be offered to you. 

But if you are eligible then the orthodontist will discuss about the entire treatment plan with you along with the cost and insurance coverage. In fact flexible payment options will be also shared with you for the sake of your help. So, visit your orthodontist today by making an appointment.  

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