Revolution into Healthcare

While you can order anything through your smartphone, have you ever believed you could order healthcare as well? It doesn’t make any sense yet, is it? 

Well, we’re living the days of new cutting-edge technologies that prompt daily out of nowhere, making it hard to believe how far we’ve come so far. Accordingly, you could find that it’s getting easier to reach your needs every day, and that’s a bright side of modern technology. So we aim to add another layer to this side by offering a whole healthcare service reachable through a mobile application; 7keema for home nursing is now providing an integrated healthcare service at home. 

Out of this point, we dedicated this article to showing our case, current situation, and what we plan for the home nursing future in general. 

Moreover, you’re going to have a glance at what healthcare could reach within the next few years using brand new technologies and how we could develop home nursing and medicine. 

So follow the next few lines to know how 7keema has digitalized home nursing. 

Your Nurse Is On Its Way! 

When you have a way to go, you just get your phone, order a ride, and that’s it. We took the same concept and customized it to fit home nursing aspects. 

7keema aims to give the customer a plan for healthcare that’s ready all the time and meets the customer’s expectations. Therefore, you can find many home nursing services on 7keema’s application that are able to offer you the integrated healthcare you want at home. 

We indeed aim to offer integrated healthcare through a mobile application. In fact, our slogan is: we bring the hospital to your doorstep. 

For instance, if you need a specialist to install a cannula or have a shot, you can simply open 7keema’s application and order one. 

As simple as it would be, as complicated as it could serve. 7keema’s services are wide and various, and the main services that we can recite for you right now are as follows: 

– Elderly care: you can get a nurse’s aid to care for your parents at home, covering any health state. 

– Nursing home shifts: you can request a home-staying nurse as long as you need. 

– Quick services: including injections and cannula installation. 

– Medical Transportation: you can request a medical ride wherever you want.

– Wound care: serving each wound type to guarantee a speedy recovery. 

– Child care: measuring newborn babies’ development and helping the mother with time management. 

Much further, 7keema provides what’s beyond home nursing services. To stick to our slogan, we can literally bring all hospital equipment to your home. Many medical devices that you can order through our application, even an ICU bed is available. 

Freelance Nursing 

7keema home nursing application actually has two benefits sides. The one of the consumer, and yet the one concerning nurses. 

7keema couldn’t be possible to happen if there weren’t enough nurses ready to apply for a different job model. This application offers nurses a major opportunity to practice their careers on a freelance basis. 

However, we make sure to pick experienced and efficient people, offering them the privilege of picking their working hours according to their daily schedule and increasing their income. 

Through the 7keema home nursing application, a nurse would feel freer, less stressed, and much richer than before. 

A nurse would receive the request on their smartphones with all details (patient details, service needed, address, contact info.) and accordingly head directly to the job location. 

What ensures service high quality is the rating system that allows the patient to put a review and give the nurse a rate according to the quality received and efficiency, which makes the nurse make all the efforts to receive a good review in order to go up and receive more requests. 

Symptoms Checker Chatbot 

Taking a step forward through our way of development, 7keema is developing a digital symptoms checker. 

A simple process that can guide you into the right diagnosis path. You would answer a few questions, telling exactly what you feel and how severe the symptoms are, and get a result within seconds. 

In fact, this is a minor step within a wider new healthcare perspective, which aims to provide integrated remote healthcare. 

The symptoms checker chatbot is going to offer you the opportunity of having personalized healthcare.   

Upcoming Goals To Reach 

Staying still is like shutting down our dreams. That’s why 7keema is developing a new 100% remote medicine system. 

This system will connect thousands of doctors and specialists from all around the globe, to millions of patients, without flight tickets or even leaving your town. 

Technology has yet more to offer, and healthcare would be massively involved in many ways. 

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