Dogs Benefit From Regular Grooming

The Importance Of Grooming Dogs, And Other Pets

The Importance Of Maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are as important for pets as it is for us. It is necessary for their physical health, and as recent studies show, for their mental well-being too. Pets such as dogs and cats have been domesticated for a very long time. This can explain why they rely on us for their grooming. How often they need the Best Dog Groomers in Dubai depends on their breed. 

Huskies, German Shepherds, Chow Chow, Samoyed, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc. require grooming more often. This is because they have longer fur and multiple levels of it. They have an undercoat and an overcoat. On the other hand, grooming goes deeper than fur. Let us take a look at the various types of grooming and their benefits for a man’s best friend. 

Shedding Season

All animals, and humans alike, go through a shedding season. Pets, unlike us, have fur all over their body. Ungroomed shedding can lead to a variety of disasters. Without regular grooming by Pet Groomers in Dubai, shedding season can wreak havoc. The hair will be all over your home, furniture, clothes and even food. To add to this, a lot of shedding hair will hang on to their fur, consequently causing them discomfort. If left unchecked, this can begin to cause them pain and anxiety. 

Hair Matting

Matting is a serious issue with dogs that, unfortunately, many people underestimate. Matting hair is caused by too many tangles and shedding fur. This will inevitably lead to pain and suffering for the dog. It will hang heavy from their skin and tug at their fur. Over time, this can destroy their skin health as well. While the dog itself may not be aware of matting as an aesthetic issue, it will still be aware of the lack of grooming. This will only result in depression in our beloved pets. 

A Proactive Approach To Health

Grooming your pet will keep you updated about its health without a vet visit. The Best Dog Groomers in Dubai will groom the dog in various ways. They will brush, trim and wash their hair in addition to dental grooming, nail care and more. This gives the groomers ample opportunity to assess the dog’s health. They will give you a heads-up as soon as they notice something is off. This is a great way to ensure the dog is in good health as well as well-being.

Improved Dental Health

While we may provide our dogs with chew toys and other useful toys to improve their dental health, it is nowhere near enough. Brushing is highly important to maintain their teeth. It is not all about the breath, dental grooming goes beyond that. Dental grooming will protect the dog’s teeth from plaque, bacteria and rotting. While the Pet Groomers in Dubai are grooming their teeth, they will also be able to note any abnormalities. With this, you can fix any abnormality before they become a health issue. 

Nail Health – Nails, Feet, Joints, And More

Outdoor dogs naturally have their nails buffed as they stomp through varying terrains. Indoor dogs are much protected from these. As such, their nails often grow overlong. This is highly harmful as the pressure is added to their nail bed in addition to their paws. The result is painful arthritis. Moreover, they can injure themselves, your other pets, and yourself during play. 

The Skin Beneath The Fur

Skincare is not just for us. It is important for the skin underneath the dog’s fur. They can face issues such as dry skin, flakey skin, fur falling off in patches, and more. To avoid these problems, groom them regularly. The shampoos, conditioners and various sprays used in their grooming can improve their skin health. If your dog has particular issues, you should speak to the Best Dog Groomers In Dubai. They can guide you as to the best methods of grooming. 

Keeping Away The Parasites

Pet furs are thick and make the perfect hiding spot for fleas, ticks and other mites. These parasites live on their fur and drink their blood. In consequence, the dogs will scratch themselves excessively to get rid of them. This ultimately leads to the spread of these parasites in your home. Although they can only survive on the pets and will go right back into their fur. This is terrible for their health and should be rid of as soon as possible. 

Many types of parasites climb onto pet furs as they are on their walk. Grooming is the best way to get rid of them before they become an issue. If your pet has been in the wild recently, be sure to inform the Best Dog Groomers in Dubai. They will, as a result, take special care during grooming to remove these parasites. 

Their Mental Health

Grooming, though a scary process for dogs, will result in their good mental health. It is important to keep their coat smooth and fresh and their health optimal. In the long run, this can contribute immensely to their positive mental health. 

For The Hot Summer Months

Grooming is especially important in the summer in hot climates like Dubai. Pet Groomers in Dubai will be aware of this and will treat the dog’s right. A shower and cleaning off excess fur can contribute immensely to cooling down their body. Along with cooling foods and plenty of water, good grooming and water time are essential for dogs. 

Hear, Hear! For Ear Health!

Jokes aside, cleaning their ears is important. If you notice your dog scratching its ears a bit too often, it is time for a grooming session. Dogs opt for scratching to relieve themselves from the bites of small insects that live on their bodies. A healthy dog will not scratch all that often. Moreover, a lot of the hair they shed can get lodged in their ears. This can be removed effectively, and without pain, by their groomers. This is the best way to avoid ear infections in pets.

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