Four Tips to Style an Ascot

What is an Ascot?

An ascot (also known as a “hanker-tie”) is a neckband that has wide-pointed wings. An ascot is a neckband with wide-pointed wings. It can be tied around the neck using a tie clip, pin, or wrapped around the neck. Ascots were traditionally made of silk scarves that are pale in color and have subtle patterns.

A Brief History of Ascot

The ascot was the most popular neckband for menswear Love a Fashion in formal events, before bowties and neckties became commonplace. The Ascot Racecourse was a thoroughbred horse racing track that originated in the 1700s England. It is the place where the ascot’s men’s fashion was displayed. The Royal Ascot was the race’s climactic event. It was as fashion-forward as it was sporting.

Businessmen and politicians wore an ascot tie with morning dresses in the nineteenth century. The accessory is still fashionable today for formal wear at galas, weddings, and other events that require dressy attire for all sexes.

Cravat vs. Ascot – What’s the Difference?

The day cravat, or cravat, is an ancestor of the ascot. The Thirty-Years’ War saw the rise of neck scarves among the mercenaries from Croatia. The French term “Cravat”, which is a generic name for neckwear, includes the ascot, is now commonplace.

Ascots can be worn with a shirt, but they are more formal than traditional cravats. Traditionally, men wore ascots with their morning coats. Traditional cravats, on the other hand are more formal and can be tucked into the shirt. Ascots are more common at daytime weddings and can be seen in more muted colors. However, cravats can add color to business casual outfits.

How to wear an Ascot

These steps will show you how to tie your ascot.

  • Wrap the ascot around you neck. You’ll need to place the longer end of your tie on your dominant hand.
  • Cross and loop. Cross and loop the longer end of your ascot. To make a knot, loop it around and pull through.
  • You can adjust the length. Adjust the length by pulling at one end.
  • Tuck into your shirt. Put the longer flap over the shorter and tie them together in your dress shirt.
  • You can play with the tightness of your knot. You can either tie it tighter or let the fabric show through your shirt collar.
  • Pin it. A bespoke tie pin can be used to hold the ascot fabric Fashion Ensure in place to enhance your outfit.
  • Here are 4 tips for wearing an ascot
  • This elegant necktie is the right way to wear so that your silk ascot looks great.

When to wear paisley. Ascots used to be made in olive and gray hues, but they can now be made in a variety of patterns. Wear a paisley- or patterned ascot to make a bold statement. A solid-colored suit or blazer will complement it.

Respect dress codes. The ascot is not appropriate for tuxedo events, white tie, or black tie. Tuxedos require a black bow tie. For casual business looks, or for wedding invitations that don’t specify a dress code, you can have some fun with an ascot in plain or bright colors.

Your pocket square can be complemented. You don’t have to wear the same as your pocket square if you have an ascot. Different materials and colors can draw attention to your neckerchief’s fabric and the pocket’s section of fabric.

You can try a casual ascot. Ascots don’t have to be reserved for formal events. Ascots are similar to a fashionable bandana and can be worn around the neck with a button-down, tucked into high-waisted, pleated pants.

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